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3+ Best Women’s Hand Luggage Bags of 2021

womens hand luggage bag

Hand luggage bags refers to the luggage that a passenger carries with herself inside the plane instead of putting that in cargo. Women’s hand luggage bag can have precious personal belongings. These bags are not like the standard bags that hold clothes and other stuff. They are small and smart and can hold a specific amount of things.

You can put jewellery, mobile phones, makeup, and other things that you might need during the journey as you cannot access your main bag while travelling.

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Why Do Women’s Luggage Bags never get out of Style?

Women hand luggage bag will never get old because it is an essential item when a woman travels to any other city, country, or maybe inside the country. A woman is incomplete without her bag because she likes certain things to carry.

  • Convenience – A hand luggage bag is a convenient choice for women because she can carry all the necessary stuff in one go. These kinds of bags are great for carrying mobile phones and makeup essentials.
  • An ideal choice for sanitary pads – bodily functions do not wait for a vacation to end. It is quite natural for a woman to get her period even when she is on a plane. Hand luggage bags can safely carry sanitary pads.
  • Essentials for a kid – kids are unpredictable and can get nauseous while on a plane. Women’s hand luggage bags can carry the kids essential like medicines, diapers for feeders.

1. Ryanair Compliant New Hand Baggage

Members Essential On-Board Ryanair Compliant New Hand Baggage in Black Polka Dot- 40 x 25 x 20cm

Key Features

Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 20 CM
Weight: 0.5 KG
Capacity: 18 Liters
Laptop Size: No Support
Colors Available: Back and white polka dots, 5 More

Take Note

Best For — Suitable for frequent and light-travelers and best used in combination with a larger suitcase/travel bag in case of heavy luggage

Women and style go hand in hand. We understand the need for women to be picky about the hand luggage they like to carry around.

The member’s essential onboard Ryanair compliant hand luggage is a light navy blue colour which dons white polka dots all over, thus fulfilling the absolute condition of being a gender-neutral tone. It is not too flashy such that it attracts the attention of bystanders.

Also, the member’s essential handbag is perfect to be used by those women who are bored with signature one tone travel bags. It’s ideal for businesswomen who do not want to carry a purse too glamorous for their character.

Coming onto the need-based buying, the hand luggage proves magical by allowing more than it shows and by incorporating maximum luggage within a confined space. Furthermore, the comfort criteria are attained due to the handbag’s double strapped handle. The handle provides utmost security and blows out any chance of discomfort while being carried.

Travelling the extra mile, the member’s essential hand luggage also has a single shoulder strap for the sake of choice in carrying style.

Capacity-wise, this product has 18 litres worth of space, which comprises one large central compartment with high-quality zippers to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Besides, it also has a minute pocket up front to put in quick-grab items like boarding passes, mobile phones, snacks, etc. This relieves the buyer/user from the pain of sifting through the larger compartment every single time.

The interior is designed such that the luggage does not move an inch irrespective of the chaotic circumstances the bag is exposed to. So the women are relieved of the fear of things spilling over or getting messed up despite proper arrangements.

The bag itself is almost weightless (0.50 kg). But there is no compromise on quality and endurance as it can undergo a hell of a lot of strain despite being lightweight. The material is an excellent quality polyester known for its durability, which protects the luggage inside against weather extremities and other disasters like water spillage.

In other words, this women’s hand luggage bag intensifies one’s grace and glorifies elegance while keeping comfort its priority.

We have two other bright products to compare and contrast with our first choice items based on features, performance, other vital aspects, etc.

2. 5 Cities Ryanair Maximum Sized 2020 Under Seat Cabin Holdall Travel Flight Bag

womens hand luggage bag

Key Features

Dimensions: 40x25x20 CM
Weight: 0.4 KG
Capacity: 20 Liters
Laptop Size: No Support
Colors Available: Wine, Floral Black and, 5 Others

Take Note

Best For — Frequent travelers and businesswomen, it’s capacity and material make it a great and elegant choice.

The five cities’ luggage bag gives members essential tough competition but fails to surpass. This woman’s luggage bag has light colours such as blue, pink, green, etc. Whereas members essential is made using more solid colours.

Though it is slightly cheaper than the essential member, yet its durability is not as impressive. A member’s essential luggage bag ensures high quality and durability.

The bag has more capacity with extra side pockets to fit in small items. It also has a big compartment which is lockable to keep your expensive possessions such as important documents and money safe. This luggage bag is also convenient to carry because it can be kept under the seats while travelling and easily accessed whenever needed to take out or keep stuff.

The lightweight structure maximizes the feasibility of the customers. Still, at the same time, adjustable straps might rip or snap due to overweight, unlike members essential. It is not gender-neutral, so it is more suitable for girls or women to travel to places. This has more capacity than a member’s essential handbag, which is best suited for women who like to stuff their bags with more things.

The feel of both the women’s hand luggage bags is warm and splendid. But the first pick resonates with most women on a deeper level.

3. Aerolite Holdall Cabin Luggage

Aerolite 40x20x25 New and Improved 2020 Ryanair Maximum Size Holdall Cabin Luggage Under Seat Flight Bag, (Navy)

Key Features

Dimensions: 40×20×25 CM
Weight: 0.45 KG
Capacity: 20 Liters
Laptop Size: No Support 
Colors Available: Black, Wine and 2 others

Take Note

Best For — Best for travellers who always wish to mount the small luggage over the large briefcases while checking in or checking out.

Aerolite handbag luggage comes in an eye-catching ruby red colour, which gives the user an ooze of confidence. It does not compromise on comfort, quality, and endurance in any way.
It is cheaper than a Member’s Essential handbag and is a perfect fit as an under-seat flight bag.

It includes a shoulder long strap as well as a double strapped handle. The zipper on top is a unique U-shaped for easy access and zipping/unzipping. Aerolite has a 3-year warranty and refund policy if the user suspects any compromise on durability/quality.

It feels is a little rougher than our first pick, but overall it’s the right choice for women who love going on short vacations or adventures.


Comparing Member’s Essential handbag with some popular local brands proves that it has the upper hand. Though the other mentioned products have their specialities and audience-attracting features, nothing beats the first product in terms of quality, value for money, features, product specifications, outlook, and durability.

Member’s essential is reliable, gender-neutral, and the best choice to carry for any holiday, occasion, vocation, formal events, etc. We hope this review proves fruitful in the conquest of what’s best. So think wisely and select the right women to hand luggage bag for your next travel.

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