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3 Best Weekend Case on Wheels

We all know how frustrating it is to work five days a week. Doing the same thing over and over again kills our motivation and willingness to do work. Therefore, in the long run, we lose creativity, inspiration, and the quality of work drops. If you want to keep yourself healthy, motivated, and fresh, weekend trips are the best option.

weekend case on wheels

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Why a Weekend Trip?

We usually have tons of things to do on weekends, such as groceries, car maintenance, other household things, etc. Keeping that in mind, we cannot go out every weekend. However, planning a trip once a month will change everything. You will now feel more motivated because short breaks are compulsory; you will feel positive energy.

Most importantly, your mind will be relaxed, which will give you a feeling of satisfaction.

Science proves that short breaks after constant days of working increase your productivity, and it has multiple other benefits as well. It improves family life because you have time to talk to your family and listen to them.

It generally strengthens your bond with siblings, takes you out of depression. Ultimately, you catch fewer diseases, etc.

What Do You Need for a Weekend Trip?

When you plan your weekend trip, you never want it to be incomplete. Therefore, you pick up everything that is required in your suitcase.

Well, there are different things for every single member of the family.

What do the Females Need for a Good Weekend trip?

Females do a lot of packing because they cater to the needs of several family members as well. Also, females’ personal belongings are more significant in size because of a woman’s productive nature.

  • Some of the everyday items can be.
  • Mobile phone
  • Laptop
  • Makeup box
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Pads
  • Crockery
  • First aid kit
  • Novels

What Do Men Need When Going on a Weekend Trip?

Men are generally precise, and they like to keep everything minimalistic. They have a more subtle yet smarter approach. For instance, they would need a backpack or suitcase to accommodate all their basic stuff such as an office laptop, car documents, shaving kits, some pair of socks, undergarments, and some washed clothes.

They always keep some extra clothes to avoid any emergency.

What Do Kids Carry with Them?

Kids should not be ignored while you are packing for your weekend trip. Something as small and trivial as a toy can make them upset, which means traveling back miles and going back to where you started to grab that’ insignificant’ thing. In better defense of the kids, they want what they want.

For these reasons, it is just as important to consider packing smart for kids for adults.

  • Do not forget toys, so kids remain occupied.
  • Bring some snacks like chocolate chips to keep them happy.
  • A small emergency kit containing band-aids because kids tend to be reckless and clumsy.

The Wonders of a Suitcase

it doesn’t matter if a person is traveling solo or with family luggage is always there. A suitcase is a better option than a backpack or cabin bags because of the capacity factor.

Which type of suitcase is better for a weekend trip? 

If you are looking for the best weekend cases on wheels, you first need to consider which type of suitcase will cater to your needs.

A lightweight suitcase can do wonders

Having a lightweight suitcase does not mean having a small suitcase. Lightweight suitcases can be medium or large-sized, yet they are not heavy to carry. If you are traveling with family, a lightweight suitcase can do wonders.

It is good to carry a water-resistant suitcase

A weekend getaway usually comprises some events taking place outdoors; thus, it is incredibly crucial to take along a weather-resistant suitcase that can withstand nature’s unpredictability. A stain-resistant suitcase will not only keep the luggage inside in place but also avoid liquid seepage from one compartment into the other.

Wheels go a long way

Another critical factor is that nobody wants to get shoulder sprains by carrying heavy travel bags, so wheeled suitcases are preferred. If the weekend trip is solely professional, then a bag with a padded and zippered laptop sleeve can be of great assistance.

Individual needs for a weekend trip

An all-alone trip is not as uneventful as one imagines it to be. A solo trip for a professional businessman may comprise of:

  • Gadgets like laptops, MacBooks, or phones.
  • A change of clothes and travel essentials when one does not want to roam around in suit-pants.
  • Sanitizers, masks, and gloves as preventive measures.
  • Hygiene products and other things that can’t be immediately arranged once needed, like body wash, shampoo, soaps, cologne, shoe polish, etc.

If the individual is a free-traveler roaming around for tourism, he/she needs:

  • Covid preventive kit
  • Loose cash on hand
  • A foldable sleeping mat with quilt
  • Phone with chargers      

Family needs for a weekend trip

A family gathering is crucial for every individual. Family trips build memory lane with evergreen, unforgettable moments. A few must-haves for a family getaway include:

  • Sanitizers and masks for proper protection against Covid.
  • First-aid kits and sickness bags
  • Extra duffel bags in case you decide to buy another wardrobe during the trip.
  • Snacks for kids and chocolates to avoid blood pressure hazards
  • Some toys and board games keep the kids occupied if you decide to go on a road trip.
  • Some loose cash
  • These medications keep in view the medical conditions of family members like diabetes, asthma, etc.
  • A camera to capture the moments in your temporary paradise.

1. TPRC 20 Inch Carry-On, Black

TPRC 20 Inch Carry-On, Black

Key Features

  • Expandable: Suitcase can be compressed and expanded for extra storage.
  • Compact design:  Compact, 20” suitcase that will fit under aeroplane seats.
  • 4 Spinner Wheels: You get four multidirectional spinner wheels that make airport navigation a breeze.

Compact, durable, yet highly fashionable, this TPRC suitcase is the perfect all-rounder for frequent flyers. The tough-quality ABS hard shell is something every type of traveler can rely on. Combined with a hard shell exterior, a smooth telescopic handle, and four relatively swift spinner wheels, the suitcase is up for any extensive and exhaustive trip.

Thanks to the swift and impressively noiseless wheels, the suitcase pulls without making any embarrassing sounds at the airport.

What has set this one apart from everything else on the market is its feature-packed design. Its expandable zippers allow you to keep things minimal but also access extra storage capacity whenever needed.

Overall, this one is affordable and perfectly tough and resilient for the frequent jet setter.

View at Amazon

2. American Tourister Moonlight Spinner

American Tourister Moonlight Spinner 21, Rose Gold

Key Features

  • Sturdy Build: Dense ABS exterior and telescopic handles are made of highly dependable quality.
  • X-strap:  A full-coverage X-strap keeps all your rolled-up or folded clothes in place throughout the trip.
  • Spacious Size: The spacious compartment let you pack-in as much as 44 litres of weight.

With its spacious and incredibly accommodating design, American Tourister is perfect for heavy-packers. You get to pack as much as you need for a week-long trip as it let you pack-in up to 44 liters of weight.

If you want something compact yet roomy for your longer trips, this one is a perfect choice. Built with long-term use in mind, this one incorporates a rigid and sturdy build that you can entirely rely on.

The thick, ABS hard shell has the endurance to stand the challenges of a long and demanding journey.

Travelers love this one because of its durability and the capacity it offers. If you are a heavy-packer, pack a lot of gear with you or share a suitcase with your family, then this one might be the perfect all-rounder for you.

View at Amazon

3. AmazonBasics Metallic Spinner

AmazonBasics Metallic Spinner- 20 inch, Silver

Key Features

  • TSA Lock: The TSA-lock keeps any airport security checks relatively hassle-free.
  • Lightweight: It only weighs 3 Kg and keeps your luggage burden minimal.
  • Pocketed Divider: You get a compartment divider that also has a full-size zipper on it.

This lightweight AmazonBasics suitcase does not disappoint in any department. It has a relatively rigid and sturdy build, considering the performance of its wheels and frictionless zippers.

You get a TSA lock to add an extra layer of protection to your valuables without having to monitor them. TSA locks make airport security checks much more effortless and quick compared to traditional locks.

Other than that, you get the freedom to pack-in as much as 35 Liters with its small weight of only 3 Kg. Even though it is impressively lightweight, it does not compromise strength and reliability and will be in an as-new condition after frequent use.

View at Amazon


A weekend trip can be a lot better with weekend cases on wheels. Having the best suitcase for such trips makes everything easy and accommodating. To sum it up, the three best suitcases for weekend trips have been reviewed. Go for the one that touches your heart.

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