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3 Best Ultra Lightweight Cabin Luggage in UK

We all want the best for our much-awaited trip and want it to be a fun and relaxing one. But you can’t have a calm and breezy travelling experience with all the luggage weight draining your energy. Today we are reviewing some of best ultra lightweight cabin luggage uk.

It’s no easy task to find the all-rounder, all-encompassing, far-ranging luggage which is also lightweight and reliable. We did the heavy-lifting, so you don’t have to sift through the myriad of information about every lovely luggage out there.

Our top picks combine a lot of storage and dependability while also keeping the weight minimal.

ultra lightweight cabin luggage uk

We recently write on hand luggage suitcase for easy check-in and also review cheap cabin size suitcases that make your travelling experience more good and affordable.

1. Cabin Max Metz 20L Underseat Ryanair Cabin Bags

Key Features

Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 25 CM
Weight: 0.5 KG
Capacity: 20 Liters
Laptop Size: 15 Inches but not padding support
Colours Available: Black, Orange, and 8 Others 

Take Note

Best For — trips involve walking, vocations as well as ideal for kids, Excellent choice to keep easy to access things close to you.

Get this one if you want a luggage bag that will live through rough and heavy usage. Thanks to the 600D polyester fabric, you get a durable and dependable build that will not deteriorate in quality anytime soon.
The Cabin Max backpack is ultra-lightweight and ideal for people who travel frequently and are always on the go. It is built with intensive and long-term usage in mind, you get very detailed and thorough stitching. The stitching keeps all the fabric tightly knit together so you won’t be facing any ripping or tearing on the sides.

You can easily rely on it to carry all the weight and pressure, no matter how pointy or spikey your contents are. Its multifunctional features, such as the multiple carry options let you wear it on your back as well as handhold it. In addition, you get two fully padded rear straps that are super comfy to wear regardless of how long you’ll be wearing them.

Even better, it has fully cushioned, breathable panels at the rear, which offer support and relief to your back and make you feel lightweight throughout the carrying period. This makes it excellent for individuals who need to carry their luggage along for a long period and want to minimize their burden.

With padded handles, you won’t feel any stress or burden on your shoulders. It also features two heavy-duty, lockable zippers that can be opened and closed effortlessly.  

With their smooth and reliable build, you can remain assured that they will be as swift and functional tomorrow as they are today. In addition, you get a full 180-degree suitcase-like opening to sort and organize your packing as you want fully.

You no longer need to cram in all your belongings from the top down (which also means a crumpled up pile of materials when unpacking). The wide, rectangular compartment lets you keep your clothes nicely folded and separated and facilitates quicker and stress-free unpacking.

Coming to the visuals, you get a relatively modern and updated design as it incorporates subtly-placed zippers that don’t show to give an unsightly look. Even better, it comes in many lively and vibrant colours that are guaranteed to satisfy any tastes and preferences.

When holding it, the material feels very tough and gives you a sense of dependability and reliability. In addition, the surface is impressively smooth, given the firm and sturdy fabric used. In conclusion, it will make an excellent choice for anyone who wants enhanced mobility and comfort. 

Go for it if you need something you can depend on, as this one will offer the ultimate travel experience with all the sought-after features packed in it. We recommend it most as ultra lightweight cabin luggage uk.

2. Lekesky Backpack

Lekesky Laptop Rucksack 15.6 Inch Computer Backpack School Bag for Travel/Business/College/Women/Men- Grey

Key Features

Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 42 CM
Weight: 0.8 KG
Capacity: Small 
Laptop Size: 15.6 Inches
Colours Available: Grey, Black, and Light Grey

Take Note

Best For — Students and business trips requiring a safe and protected laptop placement and wish to carry other small items. 

Compact, modern, and multifunctional, the Lekesky Laptop Rucksack packs in many useful features that you need for a relaxed and carefree trip. In addition, it incorporates a sturdy and robust build of polyester fabric which will go a long way.

While the fabric is relatively resistant to damage and tearing, it is not the best choice for frequent flyers. However, if you plan on using the luggage frequently, you will enjoy the more durable, 600D polyester build of our first pick (within the same price point).

The bag features multiple compartments for the storage of laptops, notebooks, and documents. However, unlike our first pick, its usability is quite limited when packing for longer trips as it is a relatively compact design.

It is ideal for the people who mostly want something for business trips and want secure and protected placement for their laptops and devices. However, heavy-packers and frequent flyers will be better off with our first pick’s spacious, rectangular compartment. The first one lets you pack in days’ worth of materials without adding any burden as it also weighs 300 grams less than this.

Moreover, this one has a well-stitched and dependable exterior. The exterior will impressively last for many years but is not at par with the tough and tight stitching on the Cabin Max Backpack. Our first pick can endure any rough, pointy, and irregular storage.
Compared to our first pick, you will have to be careful when storing irregular and rough stuff in it, such as shoes, hairdryers, or toys.

If you want an impressively resilient backpack and won’t be acting up no matter what you put in, then our first pick is an all-rounder purchase. It is a top rated option in ultra lightweight cabin luggage uk.

Similar to our first choice, this one also offers multiple carry options with the smaller handle and the back carry. However, it is worth noting that the handhold strap is not padded like in our first pick. Therefore, if you want to painlessly hold your luggage in your palm for a more extended period, go with the Cabin Max Bag, as it does not feel very burdensome with the padded strap.

With Lekesky, you get a hassle-free and quick opening with the open-mouth zipper that lets you slide things in and also take them out relatively quickly. But if you have a lot of clothing and materials to accommodate within single luggage, you will find the full suitcase-like opening on the Cabin Max Luggage more useful.

Our first pick will let you place your belongings, folded, rolled up, or stacked on each other as you want.

3. Karabar Berwyn Leather Style Travel Carry On Cabin Hand Luggage

Key Features

Dimensions: 25 X 40 X 53 CM
Weight: 1.6 KG
Capacity: 16 Liters
Laptop Size: 15 Inches
Colors Available: Red, Green, 4 Others

Take Note

Best For — Students who also travel domestically and for moms who always need to keep the infant cloth among them

With one main, relatively roomy yet lightweight compartment and a shock-resistant build, the Karabar Berwin Cabin Luggage is an excellent choice for families who need a lot of storage. This 0.8 Kg luggage case let you pack in up to 44 litres of packing, which is quite impressive for its size and weight. 

You also get a sleek-looking, shiny build with dense polyester fabric. But, while incredible for a lot of storage, you don’t get the facility of many compartments or sections, which means all your belongings may get mixed and crumpled up during the journey.

If you like things properly sectioned and in their separate compartments, the Cabin Max Luggage incorporates three mesh compartments that you might enjoy. Moreover, it features two thoroughly stitched straps that let you carry the bag on your shoulder as well as handhold it.

However, it lacks the padding on the straps present on our first pick, making it less suitable for trips where you need to hold your luggage for long periods.

It is outstanding in storage capacity but lacking in handling support and comfort compared to our First Pick. Like our second pick, this one also has a wide-mouth opening at the top, which means quick and easy packing and unpacking. However, a 180-degree space like the one included in the Cabin Max Luggage can make a difference when organization and orderly storage are essential.

While it features an overall sturdy and dependable build, the fabric density is not on par with the 600D polyester used on our first pick. But, overall, it has a relatively simple design. A cost-effective and elegant solution, that’s why we give it a spot on ultra lightweight cabin luggage UK.

However, you don’t get a very solidified and concrete-looking structure compared to the Cabin max Luggage, which has a challenging build that doesn’t deteriorate in shape or mould inward. Hence, it looks visually pleasant when carrying.

It also lags behind the expressive and detailed design elements on the Cabin Max that give a luggage bag a more weighted and luxurious look. Unfortunately, compared to our first pick, it also does not offer padded sleeves or compartments for placing your laptop and other devices.

For this reason, its functionality may be limited to packing freeform materials such as shoes, toys, and baby items. But while extra protection and security are needed, it lags behind our first pick, which can accommodate your laptops and other devices as well.


The lightweight and compact design of the Cabin Max luggage put it on the first rank as it doesn’t let the multiple compartments and heavy polyester fabric add up to the weight. Our second pick may be an excellent choice for light-packers and occasional flyers. 

While our third pick, the Karabar cabin luggage, offers more storage capacity than the other two preferences, it is not as lightweight. Still, it is imposing if you focus on the accommodation provided per gram. The ultra lightweight cabin luggage uk list helps you to choose the right one.

Overall the first one emerges as a winner owing to its quality built and accommodative nature.

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