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3 Best Medium Sized Suitcases in the UK

With so many suitcase sizes on the market, it is sometimes a daunting task to comprehend the best luggage collection, lightweight luggage, or best travel backpack to suit your requirements. A medium-sized suitcase measures 68 cm or 24 inches in height and has a capacity of up to 75 litres. It is an excellent choice to check on short-haul flights along with your carry-on. Today we are discussing medium sized suitcase UK.

medium sized suitcase uk

Medium Size Suitcases are also ideal for brief multi-city stays as they are comparatively lightweight and small enough to be sensible to carry around with you. It usually fits smoothly into a cab, and it is not too much hassle to carry it to the metro or a bus.

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Benefits of Medium-Sized Suitcases

Suppose you want to check in your luggage but need small enough luggage to move around during your travels freely. Check out the four-wheel, spinner suitcases for extra convenience. All these are simple to roll around and won’t fall over while you wait. You’ll need a medium check-in suitcase to maintain your entire must-haves, plus a few extras. To avoid mix-ups at the baggage claim, you’ll want to get a medium suitcase with a bold color or print. 

A medium-sized suitcase can help you pack for days

Are you out for about a couple of weeks? Lucky you! We suggest you pack your things in a medium-sized suitcase. You’ll need lots of choices for day and nighttime activities, plus workout gear. To prevent hefty fees, totally receive a bag scale to weigh your medium suitcase before your trip. Bear in mind: most airlines have a 50-pound limit for checked luggage.

Pack whatever you want

One of the main benefits is that medium-sized suitcases could be packed with many things; there is no need to pack lightly when traveling together with medium suitcases.

On the flip side, the medium bag can be somewhat hard to handle, a tiny bit thicker to take, and might incur additional luggage fees when assessed on a plane. However, the pros make medium-sized suitcases a viable option for travel.

1. Kono Unisex-Adult’s Carry On Suitcase

Kono is somewhat a new company in the luggage industry; however, there are several reasons why we have included this collection in our review. First and foremost, it is a somewhat palatable choice that offers even a little more than you would anticipate from its retail price. The matter is, Kono is just hoping to receive its title on the market, and so, the brand provides top-notch suitcases for over average cost tags.

What we especially liked is that each bag has eight wheels. Four pairs of double multi-directional spinner wheels may make your journeys around the world more accessible. The wheels are tested in different road conditions focusing on endurance, so you can be sure that you’re getting an excellent product.

Another fantastic thing is that the deal offers three levels of adjustment to be accessible for everybody.

The suitcase is made from polypropylene, somewhere in the middle between ABS and PC, concerning durability. But this is a sturdy suitcase that’s excellent for checked luggage. Suitcase wheels hold up fairly nicely. And there’s also the extensive wheel handle, making the luggage feel lighter than it is. This is a convenient feature, considering how thick this suitcase is — that the carry-on weighs almost 10 lbs, while the more significant case almost strikes 20 lbs.

Its three choice sizes are designed to offer travelers comfort, performance, reliability, and peace of mind; it’s the perfect choice for your trip.

It’s constructed from lightweight and durable ABS material that provides long-lasting use and security. Fully lined inside, as well as multi-use organizational pockets, creates packaging clothes simple.

2. Aerolite Medium ABS Hard Shell Travel Suitcase

Transporting as many necessities as possible together with as little inconvenience as possible is the match’s title for any flight.

Getting to and from the destination can be frustrating – your bag should not add to this stress. The stylish suitcase features four spinner wheels, offering a complete 360 degrees of maneuverability. The maneuverability permits the bag to roll up comfortably along with you, removing the strain of towing or pushing.

With a push-button retractable handle, there is no need to strain your spine, and you may even place modest bags and essentials at the top.

Either way, you’re on a business trip, or you’re going away on vacation, we are aware that your bag is valuable to you. The bag’s shell is constructed from strong and durable ABS plastic to withstand modern transport rigors. Additionally, it comprises a 3-digit mix hose padlock to lock the zips together for extra security. Aerolite dignifies themselves in top quality and endurance in these hard-shell cabin bag cases; so much. This alone is the reason why you can trust this brand.

The very best check-in bag has to be effective. This means that it must offer lots of space for the trip essentials while remaining shallow to move. This is the best suitcase because it is strong enough to handle anything that is thrown at it.

The suitcase is pleasing to look at and can contrast with your traveling clothes. Also, it has a mature feel, making it a viable option for men or business persons.

3. Best Medium-Sized Suitcase of UK

In case you are looking for a suitcase that can accommodate you for longer trips, then the flight knight is for you.

An adjustable push-button 3-step telescoping handle system provides effortless motion during travel. Fully lined inside and multi-use organizational pockets make packaging clothes simple. The four-wheel layout for full 360 degrees maneuverability tested widely on unique surfaces and requirements to guarantee strength and endurance.

Offered in many different colors and size combinations so that you can make the ideal purchase on the next trip by airplane, train, boat, trainer, or automobile. Whenever and wherever you travel, we understand your bag and its contents are all valuable to you. The rocky anti-scratch water-resistant outer shell of the bag is made of strong and durable ABS. This helps resist the rigors of new transportation. Also, this suitcase possesses a secure three-digit combination lock. This lock is handy if you want to protect your valuables like laptops or MacBooks from theft.

Built from lightweight yet durable 100 percent Makrolon polycarbonate, it finishes with an expandable design. It has the best-in-class Hinomoto wheels and handles that make the travel simple. Also, the YKK zippers and TSA lock reassure you that you will have a beautiful journey.

The suitcase uses magnetic compression straps, packing cubes, and an advanced folding compression board to simplify all of your packing issues. Outfitted with four 360° spinning wheels and robust, thoughtful handles all over the casing, the tote is quite simple to move. It retains contents neatly arranged with two roomy outdoor compartments, a full-size inside lid pocket, plus a convenient side accessory pocket.

Its four dual wheels deal with all sorts of terrain, although the telescopic handle feels somewhat shaky. Also, it is sufficient to handle all that gear indoors.

Secured using a TSA-compatible mixed lock, this multi-functional bag is pretty simple but also pretty amazing if you are after something for extended excursions that require a lot of gear.

Coming to the aesthetic part, its curvy design is not only for looks. It uses an enlarged ability of 83L that makes it amazingly practical, too, with lots of space to get a fortnight’s worth of travel. The feel of this suitcase is a little rough, but it is very productive for extended sojourns.

Overall it is a complete package that is likely to stay with you for years.


Medium-sized suitcases save you from the trouble of taking too much luggage. They can accommodate users with a lot of space, and that’s why they are amazing travelling partners. Kono hard shell suitcase is our first recommendations.

We came up with the three best medium-sized suitcases available in the market. Pick the one that best suits your needs. Hopefully, our resource can help you to find the best medium sized suitcase UK.

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