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4 Best Matching Suitcase and Hand Luggage

Cramming all belongings in single luggage can be frustrating. This can become a problem when you plan on travelling for many days and want to pack-in days’ worth of stuff in only a few bags. Packing in different luggage that does not match in feel and look with each other can be very unsightly. This is the reason today we are reviewing matching suitcase and hand luggage options.

This is where matching luggage sets come into play. The matching colours and mountable designs allow you to travel in style without having to spend a fortune.

matching suitcase and hand luggage

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1. CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Sets

The captivating vintage style and attractive colors set Co – Z apart from the other products on our list. The stitches on vintage cuts are hand-crafted and offer a unique feel when touched. The matching suitcase with hand luggage is made with high-quality PU leather, which gives it a very smooth and luxurious feel.

Smooth PU leather surface is also relatively easy to clean and require minimal maintenance effort. The luggage does not absorb much dirt, and any spillage or grease can easily be cleaned with just a wet wipe.

The material can live-through frequent and rough usage, and you can expect it to remain in good condition. However, other than being visually pleasing, it also holds a very functional design that can facilitate all of your traveling needs.

The 24-inch case can accommodate 37L of volume, and the smaller 12-inch case offers an additional 5L capacity. You can pack as much as five days’ worth of luggage in these and not have to worry about having to carry multiple bags to the airport. Along with this, the large case also comes with four heavy-duty, multidirectional wheels that offer a swift and hassle-free travel experience.

Smooth wheels allow you to maneuver through the airport without any friction or creating noise. For added utility, the luggage also packs an extra rear strap so you can mount it on your bigger luggage easily. Overall, it packs many great features together, and it is an ideal choice for individuals who want to keep a good balance between style and functionality.

This luggage will be especially useful for heavy-packers or for trips that are longer than 3-4 days as you can fit in quite a lot in this spacious luggage while also keeping everything orderly and well-organized.

It is one of the best matching suitcase and hand luggage.

2. AmazonBasics Premium Expandable Softside Spinner Luggage

If you like all things orderly and in their specific place, then Amazon Basic matching suitcase with hand luggage is for you. It comes with multiple zippers and compartments, and belts to keep your belongings in place and restrict any movement while traveling.

Two full-size mesh zippers on the top side allow you to sort all your smaller and delicate belongings in it and keep it more safe and accessible throughout your journey.

Two adjustable straps inside the main compartments in both cases can be used to lock-in your clothes. These adjustable straps can be very useful during unpacking as you can easily unpack your clothes without folding them again.

Moreover, the luggage has a TSA-approved lock that makes it compatible with airport security checks. The lock ensures that you don’t have to worry about thefts while at the airport or using public transport.

This matching suitcase with hand luggage will allow you to remain carefree and relaxed throughout your journey. It is made with durable, sturdy material that will last many years. It holds a very dense and concrete structure, making it resistant to any molds and indentations because of pressure.

The thick design ensures that its shape does not deteriorate or mold inward after storage in small spaces. It also integrates support stabilizers that allow the luggage to a standstill without any manual support and prevents it from falling again and again.

All these features make it a relatively low-maintenance and undemanding luggage case. Because of these features, it is ideal for individuals who do not want to deal with having to constantly replace their luggage after a few years of use and want something more easygoing and carefree. These reasons make it a top-rated matching suitcase and hand luggage.

While it does not offer the same storage capacity as our first Pick, it is very spacious for its lightweight. It also includes four multidirectional, sturdy wheels made with durable material and will remain functional in the long-term.

3. 2 Pcs/Set Cosmetics Bag Woman Girl Students

Bianbimo is made with a dense and sturdy shell case that offers just the right balance of strength, protection, and lightweight. The shell is strong enough to endure any stress and pressure on it and will not break or crack in any mishandling.

Compared to the other luggage on this list, the polycarbonate surface is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, you can expect the hard case to hold its gloss and shine even after years. The hard shell feels smooth and silky against your hand and gives an overall luxurious experience.

Glossy and textured build adds an extra layer of style to it. Its functionality includes adjustable handles that can be adapted to various heights, which makes it a suitable option for kids and can easily maneuver this luggage.

The wide variety of lively colours makes it a suitable option for individuals who want something vibrant and fun. This matching suitcase and hand luggage are also priced reasonably.

The material is very durable but not as durable as our first and second pick. Similar to our second pick, it also integrates a TSA-approved lock. The smaller case weighs 3.2 kg, and the large case weighs 5.5 kg only, which is an impressive weight for hardshell cases.

The luggage is more lightweight than our first pick and second pick, making it easier to handle. It can be especially useful when you will be using public transport and might need to move luggage frequently.

Overall, the luggage set combines many additional features, such as 360-degree spinner wheels, a TSA-approved lock, and multiple compartments. While its build and capacity are not at par with our top picks, it will be a great choice for light packers or shorter trips.

4. ITACA – 2 pcs Set Cabin Suitcase and Toilet Bag Small Suitcase 

While it lacks many features that may enhance your traveling experiences, such as many capacity and multiple compartments, it does set itself apart with its more differentiated features. There are adjustable straps and a full-size zipper is on the top side. The internal straps offer more coverage and support to your clothes than the two side straps on the second pick.

It also has dual zippers inside, which gives an extra layer of security as the two zips can be locked. Compared to other picks, this one is smaller in size as the larger case is only 20 inches. This makes it a marvelous choice for people who want something lightweight and less space-consuming. However, it’s not as durable, and the build is not as stress-resistant as our third pick. What sets it apart is its design and visually attractive look. While it lags behind our top picks in functionality, it is still a very suitable option because it packs many useful features for a relatively low price tag compared to our other picks.

Matching suitcases with hand luggage integrates a lot of utility with 360-degree wheels, a fully-lined interior, and a retractable handle for more convenience. If you want something that will offer all the necessary utility without a hefty price tag, this luggage might be the best choice for you.

Only price of this matching suitcase and hand luggage is the a reason that people do not like most.


The Co-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Sets are our first choice as they offer a lot of storage capacity along with a widely popular design. The extra storage capacity makes it a safer purchase, as you won’t have to replace your luggage if you need more.

It is also made with superior materials, and the build will live-through rough usage over the years. This durability makes it a good investment in your travelling experiences.

Our second and third picks stand out when it comes to lightweight and minimalist luggage. Their TSA approved locks can be especially useful, and if that is something you want, then these two may be great options for you.

However, our first pick is an overall safer purchase and will last longer than the other products listed. We also live to read about your experience with matching suitcase and hand luggage.

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