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30 Best Laptop Bags for Women in 2021

The fourth revolution – the digital one – has stepped into its heyday. Of late, life without technology cannot be imagined. This is why travellers need to carry gadgets, especially laptops, anywhere and everywhere. Carrying a laptop is not a chic choice but concomitant to the zeitgeist of the time. This must also bear in mind that the woman’s preference is a pole apart from the man at the spear side.

Laptop travel bags for women require a unique flavour owing to a different flare. This buyer guide is written after rigorous research to select a laptop bag super comfy and valuable to the busy lady.

laptop bags for women

The buyer guide is simple and straightforward; the lady needs to check or cross check the sheet after comparing the product with the below mentioned must-have features. So let’s delve into the essential facets that must be incorporated into an apex laptop bag for women.

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What Women Should Consider?

Here are features and qualities that a women should consider:

Durable Material

No matter how much the laptop bag is built aesthetically, the laptop bag’s actual goodness lies in the build and design. If the bag frays up early the entire investment goes in the drain, and you are left with a dunce item. The viable and trendy materials used in quality laptop bags are nylon, polyester, leather, neoprene, and canvas.

If the material is durable, the bag can resist minor shocks and bumps solely because of the material’s durability. The lady, before buying, must take into account the product’s material.

Ergonomic Design

The second major factor one must consider is the ergonomic design. The design should be accommodative to the laptop of available size and its concomitant gadgets such as adapter, mouse, and webcam.

Organizational support is a prerequisite as it is the gist of the whole laptop bag. Ergonomics makes the laptop bag usable and comfy.


As you know, water is anathema for computerized gadgets; the laptop is not an exclusion. A few little drops of water could render your device dud in a jiffy. While quality laptop bag brands always try to incorporate waterproofness into their products.

However, a downpour is typical in Great Britain, European, and North American regions, so the lady buyers from the specific terrains must consider the aspect of waterproofness on a priority basis.

Laptop size

Before buying the laptop, the lady must match the laptop with the laptop size of the bag. The laptop size may vary slightly from brand to brand. There is no universal size that fits all.

If one buys a mismatched laptop bag, then the problem will keep lingering. The lady must measure the laptop size beforehand and then make a decisive choice.

Strong zippers and soft pads

Laptop bags are a unique combination of hardness and softness as the zippers must be firmly placed while the handles, pads, and dividers must be soft enough to cater to the user’s handling needs.

Before buying laptop bags, the lady should look into the quality of sewing, pockets, and internal organization. 


Looks do matter but enormously matters when considering a lady-specific item. A laptop bag for women must not be shabbily built. Simultaneously, a sufficient color quality range should be extended to select according to the lady’s choice.

Aesthetics include color choice, scintillation, and glittering vibes – all these collectively make the lady proud.

Accommodation and padding

For a laptop specific bag, the lady must look into the well-padded features of the laptop. The soft padded layers prevent accidental scratching and scraping.

Some laptop bags are not very good at this genre, and overlooking this vital aspect could prove disastrous for the working lady en route.


The laptop bag is not a use-and-throw product. It snuggles the user all day long; this is why the bag must be biosecure. Many ladies overlook this vital feature and then bemoan arising health issues.

After deep, thorough research, the design-specialists have developed four principles to fall a laptop back into the criterion of being biosecure. The criteria includes;

  • Curved lining to support the back of the body.
  • Weight balance, even distribution to bolster the posture.
  • Soft and wide shoulder straps to relieve strain from the upper torso.
  • Mesh back panel for air circulation and constant breathability.

Security-Check Friendly

Travel right now is not as secure as it was a decade ago. Owing to the recurring waves of terrorism, the traveler, especially the air traveler, has to go through the security checks repeatedly. To cater to this incessant hassle, the traveling lady must consider TSA approved bags.

TSA approved bags might be a bit too expensive but saves time and energy in the long run. This is a must feature if the lady wants to travel abroad.

Inclusion of Technology and Anti-Theft

Last but not least, the buyer lady should also gauge the laptop bag on the technological balance. This includes some cutting-edge features such as USB, headphones, charging port, installed logo, and nifty printing.

On the flip side, to ensure that the laptop bag is theft-proof, the lady must check the below security checklist.

  • Strong material to thwart the piercing outside effect.
  • Slash resistant, sturdy shoulder straps.
  • Durable metal lock zippers.
  • Detachable straps to loop around during dining and commuting.
  • Hidden pockets for the most precious items.
  • RFID blocking is also available in most high-end products to prevent the threat of skimming or data loss.

The features mentioned above are the major ones that must be looked at in the first place. Besides, the lady must consider some other customized parts according to her whims and wishes her. 

30 Best laptop bags for women

Three of our research specialists spend more then 100 hours to figure out what is best for women? And what is working at this time when it comes to present trend. Finally we come up with the products which are listed above.

1. TUMI Alpha 3 Compact Laptop Bag for Women

laptop bags for women

Laptop size: 15-inch | Weight: 1.8 kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • FXT ballistic nylon – FXT ballistic nylon is a super resilient material against fraying.
  • Multi-pockets – The different types of pockets boost up organizational support.
  • Removable file divider – The removable file divider that allows files to place separately.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Tumi fits up the 15-inch laptop conveniently.
  • A separate waterproof pocket neatly nestles the water bottle.
  • Tumi easily caters to the tidbits, thanks to zipping, media, card pockets, and pen loops, as well as a key leash.

A lingering predicament for the laptop lugging women is to place the other accessories with the laptop as the laptop is not an isolated gadget. The laptop requires an adaptor, mouse, and other tidbits too. Nonetheless, almost all laptop bags for women may allow you to nestle the laptop, but very few go the extra mile to ensure the accommodation of other secondary accessories.

The reason for choosing Tumi as a reputable brand here is the same proposition. We took deep stock of the customer reviews, journals, and some in-field surveys to jot down a comprehensive review. This struggle helped us to identify the ever-compassing problem of organization.

Tumi strikes a balanced chord between organization and aesthetics. Besides, the Tumi women laptop bag is durable and can be used for a very long time. Additionally, every traveling woman fears the wet bag because of leakage from the water bottle. This fear is so awful that quite a few ladies have abandoned the water bottles; this drop-out, forsooth, adversely affects the wholesome health of the working lady.

In sum, Tumi is a viable and supportive laptop bag for women from all spheres of life. The only caution is Tumi’s availability as a high-end product, which might be somewhat exorbitant for the lower economic segments.

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2. Top Rated Laptop Bag for Women

best laptop bags for women

Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 1.29 kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Saffiano eco-leather – Saffiano eco-leather is a biosecure and eco-conscious material.
  • Roomy structured interior – The roomy, structured interior of EaseGave enhances the spacious space to the belongings.
  • Elegant color variety – More than eleven exciting colors adorn the laptop bag with the utmost aesthetic looks.

Reasons to Recommend

  • The elegant EaseGave laptop bag is for tech-savvy female travelers.
  • EaseGave bags are versatile and could be used in a variety of situations.
  • The optimal usability makes EaseGave the best gifting option.

Before writing the detailed review, we looked into various existing ones and found a persisting lacuna. Many laptop bag brands for women accommodate the laptop specifications but more than often overlook the women’s inner self. Yes! Women in search of apex beauty.

Empirical data corroborates that a woman is always a woman regardless of stature and societal role. The women’s requirements are not satiated by lugging around in a durable and comfortable laptop bag. Nevertheless, the actual happiness arises when the onlookers praise and envy the bag’s aesthetic design and beautiful contours. This fills up the lady with optimal satisfaction.

EaseGave has introduced a laptop bag with an ultra-plush design. The nifty bag charms up the vibes of the lady en route. However, the goodness of EaseGave does not end here. Usage of eco-leather and organizational support are the forte of the EaseGave brand. Eco-friendly and biosecure of EaseGave relieves the lady in-charge of any environmental guilt. Last but not least, EaseGave nifty laptop bag nestles up to 15.6 inches of the laptop under the beautiful ambit of more than eleven exciting colors.

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3. AUPET Laptop Shoulder Bag for Women

AUPET 16 16.5 17-17.3-Inch Water Resistant Neoprene Sleeve Notebook Neoprene Messenger Case Tote Bag with Outside Handle and Adjustable Shoulder Strap & Extra Pocket(Nice High-heeled Shoes)

Laptop size: 17.3-inch | Weight: 0.23 Kg | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Neoprene material – The nifty neoprene material is the epic edition in designing the material of lug-bags.
  • High-end printing – Aupet bag is printed with aesthetically designed refined images on both sides.
  • The soft outside handle – The soft outer handles of Aupet bring comfort to the handler.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Double zippers allow convenient access to the laptop placed herein.
  • Accessories such as mouse and adapter could be placed safely inside external pockets.
  • The waterproof and breathable surface saves the laptop from scratches, scraping, and extrusion.

The laptop is a must-have in today’s digitized world. “Seventy percent of women are employed in white-collar jobs, while half of them are assimilated into the I.T. sector.” (InfoGadget). This study brings forth the need for laptop-specific bags for women, and a variety of brands have thrown the gauntlet. While among the mushroom growth of the laptop brands, a few have come out as winners.

Water as an anathema for electronic gadgets is an open secret. If the bag is waterproof, the women frolic in merry regardless of the downpour of the heavens. Aupet’s laptop bag for women is made up of quality neoprene material that is purely waterproof.

Not only does neoprene is waterproof, but it is also a quality water repellent and observer.

While the fine print of the Aupet is not going to fade any time soon because of the same resilient material.

In summary, Aupet is a value for money, quality brand to transport the laptop with accessories and other belongings. However, the water security and quality feature helped Aupet in breaking the ceiling.

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4. Canvaslife Cactus Laptop Bag for Women

Canvaslife Cactus Laptop Bag …… Size: 13 inch/13.3 inch

Laptop size: 13.3-inch | Weight: 0.54 kg | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • High-quality canvas material – Standard canvas material is durable and chic.
  • Beautiful assembling – Black Chrysanthemum pattern is an elegant and unique edition in the domain of laptop bags.
  • Rebound bubble pattern – The ergonomically built rebound bubble pattern prevents bunching and slashing.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Water and shockproof quality enhance the longevity of the laptop.
  • Separate zippers bestow comfy accommodation on the accessories of the laptop.
  • Thick metal zipper closures nuzzled the gadget with utmost care. 

Laptops carrying women are prone to come across accidents. Whether it be poking into the elbows, bumping, or pocket-picking. Whatever the way, the ramification is the deprivation of the laptop. At the same time, the lack of a laptop instills anxiety and has serious psychological effects. Besides, retrieving the lost data is an uphill task. According to a data-mining firm, WhatKnows.IO, “The e-commerce search engine is slated to have a recurring keyword for a safe laptop.”

Canvaslife laptop bags for women is an unprecedented effort to meet the demands of traveling women. Nevertheless, the Canvaslife women’s laptop bag’s forte is the inclusion of a unique rebounding pattern that prevents the bad from bunching and slashing. This way, the laptop remains safe and secure.

Not only is CanvasLife extends durability to the user, but the bag also portrays a nifty look. A unique black Chrysanthemum pattern is introduced to spur the beauty of CanvasLife to the Zenith. In comparison, the thick metal zipper prevents the fear of en route pocket-picking and slashing.

If a woman is looking for a tech-grade quality laptop bag with an ergonomic design and nifty look, Canvaslife could be a value-for-money and viable pick.

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5. Estarer Women Business Briefcase Handbag

Estarer Women Business Briefcase Handbag PU Leather 15.6 Inch Shoulder Laptop Work Bag

Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 0.95 kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: Nil

Key Features

  • Durable PU leather – PU leather are some of the most sought after materials for laptop bag designing.
  • Women-inclined – The women-specific Estarer bag is designed, keeping in view the staff side’s choice set.
  • Multi-Purpose – The multi-purpose Estarer bag could play a variety of roles besides the women’s laptop portfolio.

Reasons to Recommend

  • The extra light laptop bag is comfy enough to lug around.
  • The soft inner padded compartment places the laptop conveniently.
  • Polyester interior ensures the breathability of the laptop.

Although buying a laptop bag for travel is not a one-time or irreversible decision, a fair amount is invested in purchasing this luggage carrier, and changing costs a significant dent in the pocket. Besides, many laptop-specific bags for women are doing the best in their domain but to a lesser and restricted extent. A few like Estarer take a few steps ahead of contemporary brands.

Estarer is not a simple laptop bag for women. This can be accommodated into a variety of roles owing to the ergonomic designing and underlying R&D support. This feature gives Estarer a one-size-fits-all sensation.

This is why the versatile bag can be used as a business briefcase, shoulder bag, tote bag, fashionable lady bag, bag for work, and college satchel. At the same time, this nifty bag is an excellent fit for travel, office, business, and everyday life. This versatility justifies the investment in the Estarer bag.

Suppose a potential buyer is a busy bee and has too many balls to juggle in one go. Estarer would be a viable option for your extended needs. E

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6. Business Travel Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptop Backpack

laptop bags for women

Laptop size: 15.6 -inch | Weight: Medium | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Spacious Compartments – VOLHAR has equipped this bag with roomy compartments and zipped folders.
  • Luggage Strap – Additional strap incorporated allows the bag-pack to be mounted on other suitcases.
  • Multi-panel padding – Cushioned with thick panels providing maximum back support.

The Volhar women laptop bag is designed specifically keeping in view the genuine concerns of women. So, either you need to carry your laptop, or other values to your university of an office, Volhar’s laptop bag for women has already made this traveling very easy.

Long gone are the days when women were plunged into shoulder pain and necessary stress because they had to carry one bag for a laptop and the other for other valuables. However, Volhar has emancipated women from all such issues. The bag is incorporated with zipped folders and spacious compartments that help women carry laptops and other valuables to their workplaces.

Moreover, women also need not fear the thieves around, particularly in crowded places. The bag comes with a hidden pocket, which is almost impossible to access for a person unknown to you. In short, this bag is likely to become the most suited travel partner for women that guarantees security and peace of mind.

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7. Laptop Tote Bag for Women Teachers

best laptop bags for women

Laptop size: 15.6 Inch | Weight: 0.30 Kg | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Gorgeous in every sense – The nylon fabric is gorgeous to look at.
  • Trendy Look – Looks make it compliant to the latest fashion.
  • External USB port – Comes with a built-in charger port to replenish your battery while travelling.

Ever imagined how bad women can feel when they need to carry laptop bags while skipping their expensive trendy bags unwillingly.

It can also be anticipated that girls are likely to be more reluctant than boys in carrying laptop bags. Therefore, Relavel’s laptop bag design incorporates all the latest women’s handbag features and additional laptops’ capacity.

The bag will enable women to carry laptops and keep them intact in fashion. Furthermore, if you intend to return late at night but your battery is discharged, you don’t need to worry about this at all. The Relavel Laptop tote women’s bag comes with a built-in USB charging port, thereby allowing you to charge your phone so you can update your loved ones about your late-night arrivals.

Thus, women can travel with much more confidence and comfort.

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8. Laptop Bag for Women Cute Laptop Sleeve Case

Computer Bag Laptop Bag for Women Cute Laptop Sleeve Case for Work College, Stripe-Black, 14-Inch

Laptop size: 14 -inch | Weight: 0.72 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Cushioned Laptop folder – Ensures maximum protection of the laptop from accidental damages.
  • Padded Strap – Comes with adjustable padded straps, allowing women to carry them easily without stressing their shoulders.
  •  Durable fabric – The material used in the look’s laptop bag can withstand prolonged use.

Irrefutably, women cannot afford to overburden their handbags by placing the additional weight of laptops into them. However, carrying laptops and other valuables becomes mandatory too. So, Look offers a perfect blend of fashion, comfort, and safety in its women’s laptop bag.

This laptop bag comes in vivid contrast with its design incorporating a trendy look. Moreover, if you land at a party, dinner, or a family gathering after office, you may not need to worry about the bag you are carrying.

The look’s laptop bag for women looks fashionable and trendy. Plus, the bag is compact and lightweight, allowing women to take their laptops on a short trip, office meeting, or some other place.

This bag will make your trip with a laptop less complicated, comfortable, and less stressful in a nutshell.

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9. Lightweight Laptop Bag for Women

Laptop Bag for Women Lightweight Nylon Work Bag Business School Computer Shoulder Bag Large Capacity Briefcase Accommodate 15-15.6 Inch Laptop

Laptop size: 15.6 -inches | Weight: 0.97 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Environment friendly – ZYSUN bags are made with nylon to make it compliant with environmental protocols.
  • Ideal Size – Incorporates the best dimensions to make it user-friendly.
  • Professional Stitching The bag is made compliant with all the protocols of professional stitching, leaving no missed joints.

Have you ever thought about the plight of a woman carrying two bags? One for daily use items and the other for a laptop? The Zysun women’s laptop bag leaves no space for such uncomfortable scenarios.

So, whether you are traveling for a meeting at the office, presentation at site, or some other place where you need to carry a laptop, you can have all your belongings, including laptops, in just this single piece of a laptop bag.

Surprisingly, the Zysun laptop bag for women does not look like a traditional laptop bag. Thus, women are less likely to feel reluctant to carry this trendy laptop bag. In addition to its stylish look, the Zysun guarantees this bag of top-notch quality material resistant to wear and tear.

Therefore, if you were the one spending your hard-earned money on laptop bags after every two or three months, this laptop bag is likely to carry your laptop and other essentials for a year or maybe more.

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10. Laptop Tote Bag with Padded Compartment

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Laptop size: 15.6 -inch | Weight: 1.27 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Vital metal accessories Bag consist of a beautiful metal logo, and the inner side is protected by the smooth and robust metal zips.
  • Perfect compartments Laptops and other accessories can be adjusted in each of the bag’s compartments easily.
  • Elastic strap – Easy to carry as the strap is comfortable and user-friendly.

If you are searching for a gift for any woman and you are confused. Your search might end here as this bag is a perfect choice for all the ladies.

The smart and slim design of this bag will look stylish and hold multiple things.

Ladies looking for a bag that can hold multiple things and keep them secure, Umoda multi-pocket laptop bag is an excellent option.

It has numerous pockets combined with four compartments that can mainly be used to keep daily life stuff such as makeup, geometry, etc.

The main thing that should be considered while you are buying this bag is that it can hold a laptop. Most of the women carry the same old school bags that you carry on both shoulders. However, with this bag, you can put a good impression on others, and you can even carry all the compulsory things with you.

As far as comfort is concerned, this bag has an elastic strap that adjusts it on your shoulder correctly without putting pressure on it.

Therefore, it is considered one of the best options if we look into comfort.

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Laptop Bag

laptop bags for women

Laptop size: 16.0 -inch | Weight: 0.90 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Made with cow leather –  It is a perfect gift for all leather lovers. Exterior showcase its refined leather look.
  • Magnetic snap closure – To make it more classy, a magnet is placed to make it more beautiful and easy to use.  
  • Soft and padded interior – To keep all your personal belongings safe.

People nowadays don’t know the feel of real leather, as they are all used to synthetic leather. However, the feeling of genuine leather is always different, and synthetic leather will never compete with it.

This handbag for laptops is the perfect treat for all the cow leather lovers. The aesthetic look of this bag makes it different from all the other packs with similar functions.

Another good thing about this laptop bag for women is its multi-pocket function. It has some extra pockets to keep some stuff like mobile, hands-free, cards, and multiple other items.

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BRINCH Laptop Backpack for Women

best laptop bags for women

Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 0.70 Kg | Waterproof: No

Brinch woman’s laptop bag is functional, and it can look pretty good. Its large capacity, wide-open design, and adjustable features make it much easier to carry.

The wide shoulder strap helps with carrying even the heavier objects that might strain your shoulders otherwise.

Moreover, the fun design of this bag makes it all worth it. The unisex design helps you wear it to school, university, your office, and even use it as a travel bag.

However, what makes this bag better than the others is that it has a USB charging port and can easily facilitate phone charging no matter where you are.

You can connect your phone to the charger without opening the bag at all. This multifunctional bag specializes in inconvenience.

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Estarer Women PU Leather Backpack

Estarer Women PU Leather Backpack 15.6inch Laptop Vintage College School Rucksack Bag(brown)

Laptop size: 14 inches | Weight: 1 Kg | Waterproof: No

If you were to look for one thing that makes ESTARAR better than the others, it would most probably be the bag’s stylish design.

The women laptop bag is made with durable & waterproof leather. Also, it is embellished with stylish tassels and two side zippers. It has a vintage vibe, which goes well with all your outfits; this is bound to earn a few extra points with the ladies!

This bag is very functional with about seven compartments, including a separate one for your laptop or iPad. The laptop bag for women is good for college, school as well as traveling.

Its compact size helps not to strain your shoulders. Also, make sure that you are comfortable and stylish while having the convenience to fit a lot of your stuff in all the different compartments.

From a woman’s perspective, this one ticks all the boxes!

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Vegan Leather Backpack Slim Vintage Laptop Backpack

Vegan Leather Backpack Slim Vintage Laptop Backpack for Men Women,Travel Brown Water Resistant Brown College School Bookbag Weekend Daypack Bag.

Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 0.68 Kg | Waterproof: No

This one wins a few extra points for the quality of the original faux leather that it is made out of. The material also makes the bag extremely durable and functional.

Another cool feature that it has is magnetic buttons for opening and closing. This makes it much more convenient, and you do not have to fiddle with zippers to get your stuff inside your bag.

Apart from that, the bag is very spacious and has a separate laptop compartment as well. Despite the amount of space that this bag for laptop offers, it is still very lightweight and convenient to carry.

This bag wins for its durability as well. You can use it for as long as you like, and you will not come home with a broken zipper or a torn strap. Vegan leather helps make the bag for women more durable than most other bags.

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LXY Vegan Leather Backpack for Women

LXY Vegan Leather Backpack Vintage Laptop Bookbag for Women Men, Black Faux Leather Backpack Purse College School Bookbag Weekend Travel Daypack

Laptop size:  14-inch | Weight: 0.96 Kg | Waterproof: No

This vintage leather bag is another good one. Once again, the bag’s stylish look and durable leather won it a place on the list.

There is nothing better than a good-looking bag that also looks good. This bag is kind because of the smooth leather that gives the perfect comfort and design to the bag.

The adjustable and durable shoulder straps help stabilize the bag onto your shoulders. Straps help carry loads very easily without straining your shoulders.

The laptop bag for women is made of Nylon and is very durable in use. You can easily use it for all kinds of purposes, whether it is school, college, travel, or office use.

While it is compact enough to facilitate portability, it is big enough to carry your MacBook and iPad in your backpack easily. This classic looking bag is very convenient and easy to carry wherever you go.

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DACHEE Black Peony Patten Waterproof Laptop Bag

laptop bags for women

Laptop size:  14- 15 inch | Weight: 0.45 Kg | Waterproof: Yes

DACHEE laptop bag for women is one for good looks and functionality. While its good looks might earn a few points, the downside to this bag is that it is merely a laptop bag.

You will never feel like you are carrying one of those dull colored bags to the office and college with this bag. You can look stylish and still look professional in your official environment.

Its thick metal zipper and hard canvas exterior help keep the laptop secure in the bag when you are carrying it around. Unlike most other packs, you will not have to worry about your laptop being damaged.

On each side, the bag facilitates a pocket that can hold your cell phone, purse, or any other important thing that you want to access on the spot.

Despite the small size, this bag for the laptop is very convenient and roomy. It can facilitate a lot of your essential things.

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Kamlui Laptop Bag for Women

best laptop bags for women

Laptop size:  15.6 inches | Weight: 0.54 Kg | Waterproof: Yes

In case you’re looking for a thin and portable women’s laptop bag, then KAMLUI is the one for you.

This functional bag might not be able to carry a lot of things. However, its extra padded adjustable shoulder pads and small compact designs make it perfect for a female office bag.

You can easily carry your laptop and essential things like a pen, mouse, iPad, etc. While it doesn’t look like it will have much space, it has just enough compartments to store all your essential belongings.

The soft padded compartment helps keep your electronic gadget safe and secure all day. If you want to look for a cute and durable bag simultaneously, this is the one for you.

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Voova Laptop Bag

Voova Laptop Bag,17 17.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Carrying Case Slim Computer Messenger Shoulder Briefcase with Strap Compatible with MacBook Pro 17" / New Razer Blade Pro 17 Dell Asus Acer Hp Notebook, Red

Laptop size:  17.3 inches | Weight: 0.52 Kg | Waterproof: No

For the practical design, this VOOVA bag is a winner. It is a lightweight design with protective and comfortable portability features.

The zipper at the top quickly gives you access to your laptop. The detachable straps also offer an option to carry the bag with the top handles or carry them with the straps.

It is compact but has enough space with all the different sides, front and back compartments that it offers.

The beautiful color showcases style and femininity at the same time as looking professional and functional.

Waterproof material provides exceptional internal padding and protection. If you drop your bag, you will be sure that your electronic gadgets won’t suffer the fall.

The laptop bag for women isnot too big and not too tight. Also, it has just enough space to carry all your important files and office gadgets.

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USB Laptop Tote Bag

USB Laptop Tote Bag,Chomeiu Woman 15.6 inch Laptop Organizer Bag Teacher Work Purse (Black)

Laptop size:  15 inches | Weight: 0.95 Kg| Waterproof: No

You might not see a better combination of functionality and feminine design on a bag, but this. The waterproof and durable design of this laptop bag is perfect for keeping your stuff secure at all times.

This stylish handbag comes with a unique feature with an external USB charging port. You will not need to open the bag whenever you want to charge your phone.

The anti-wrinkle material of this handbag makes it very easy to use and stylish at the same time. It gives a high-end feel with its oxford High-quality waterproof material.

It is also pretty functional in that all the different compartments of this bag are very organized and easily accessible. It’s a bag that will hold your daily necessities.

It comes with a purse where you can keep your money and easily access it from your bag. This one is different from the traditional design and is very convenient for women.

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BfB Laptop Totes for Women Designer Handmade Handbag

BfB Laptop Totes for Women - 13 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag - Designer Handmade Handbag - Quality That's Made To Last - Navy

Laptop size:  13 inches | Weight: 1.29Kg | Waterproof: No

If you are looking for a cruelty-free material that offers most of the features that the bags above have, this one is the one for you.

Despite the compact design, this bag can carry a lot in its many compartments. You can fit a laptop of about 13 inches into this one.

The stitched straps make it easy to carry your stuff in a female handbag design instead of having it strain your shoulders with shoulder straps.

Moreover, you can even customize the features to be more suitable to your preference or however you prefer it to be. It is durable and will last you a good few years before it finally gives in.

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Laptop Messenger Bag for Women

Laptop size:  16.5 inches | Weight: Nil | Waterproof: No | Capacity: Nil

If you are looking for durability but not so much the look or design of the bag, then this unisex laptop bag is the one for you.

The versatility of this bag is definitely what makes it stand out among the rest. It can be used for school, business, or travel purposes. The big size and spacious compartments make sure that you can carry many things at the same time.

Highly water-resistant features help keep your things dry at all times. Even if the bag doesn’t do much to enhance the look of your everyday outfit, it is instrumental in that it is durable and easy to use.

High-quality metal zippers help with easy opening and closing. Also, the tight sew makes sure that the zipper doesn’t get stuck. It is designed for long-lasting and multi-purpose usage.

Laptop Tote Bag for Women

laptop bags for women

Laptop size:  15.6 inches | Weight: 1.31 Kg | Waterproof: Yes ( material ) | Capacity: Large

Monstina features an external charging port. The high-end design and durable internal structures are what make this bag very useful.

It is an average-sized bag; however, it features about 15 internal compartments that make sure that you are carrying all your stuff at all times.

It incorporates a leather bottom and a rich water-proof design that gives a sense of luxury when carried. The women’s laptop bag can carry up to 14 inches or less of a laptop or iPad.

The round shoulder strap helps relieve shoulder fatigue. All the different compartments are neatly organized so that you can easily access any of them. With all the space it offers and its durability, it pretty travels friendly and amicable for mothers who have to carry multiple things in their bags at all times.

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Kate Spade Best Laptop Bag for Women

best laptop bags for women

Laptop size:  15.4 inches | Weight: 0.77 Kg | Waterproof: No

A simple design of a laptop bag that will be easy to carry and durable is the Kate spade leather bag.

Its simple design makes it suitable for a casual day at the office. You can also use it for everyday use and on casual outings.

It is spacious, but the compartments are not as many as most others. The spacious design allows for up to 13 inches of laptop or iPad storage.

The durable leather is water-proof, and it helps keep your gadgets secure at all times.

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Taygeer Laptop Bag for Women Men

Taygeer Laptop Bag for Women Men, Travel Water Resistant Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Business Office, Durable Professional 15.6 Inch Laptop Case, Portable Briefcase Attache Bag for 15.6 HP Lenovo,Grey

Laptop size:  15.6 inches | Weight: Lightweight | Waterproof: No

Made out of shockproof and water-resistant material, this one has several compartments and is perfect for its travel-friendly design.

The computer compartment is specially secured with extra padding and a waterproof synthetic nylon layer of clothing on the outside.

The smooth metal zippers help in easy opening and closing to access your stuff in the bag.

Moreover, the extra padding of material is very useful for ensuring that you do not experience fatigue while carrying things around.

This multi-purpose and unisex bag is perfect for keeping your things secure. Its durable and comfortable design is what makes it unique.

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Technology has taken first place beautifully in today’s era. Women in the UK prefer taking their laptops with them while commuting to college, school, or casual meetings.

However, the dilemma of carrying a handbag and a laptop bag is nerve straining. The best thing is to go for a bag that can hold up a laptop along with other female accessories.

For your kind convenience, the best laptop bags for women have been reviewed. Pick anyone you like and make a fashion statement like never before.

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