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10+ Best Laptop Backpacks of 2021 for Women

We are living in the digital nomad’s era where your laptop is your office, they are highly portable, and you can easily carry a laptop with you either you are travelling by air, train, bus or car and even when you prefer to reach by foot. Working online becoming a popular way to earn, and women’s also need to take their office with them all the time. So, backpacks are invented to carry laptops safely and without tiring. Here I believe that women’s need them most because they have to carry more personal belongings as compared to men. This is the reason today laptop backpack for women are in focus.

laptop backpack for women

A laptop is a costly device, and its security is a concern; therefore, a backpack provides an easier way of lugging around all your work and school gear. It is an ideal solution to eliminate all of your on-the-go storage woes.

For women, a good laptop backpack not only fit the laptop but also accommodate other items.

Unlike tote bags and single side shoulder hanging purses a laptop, backpack distribute weight on shoulders evenly. That makes it easy to lugging your laptop from home to work and back again all the time.

Whatever your reason is! If you want to travel with the laptop, a laptop backpack for women is one that caters the security of your expensive travel companion.

Here we review 10+ best available laptop backpack for women that are designed and made while keeping in view the requirements of women.

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We recently published a post on small bags and also reviewed the travel luggage cabin bags available on the separate page.

Below you can find best laptop backpack for women reviews, initially we consider 80+ products but after evaluating each at our criteria we only find below listed product. These all products are equipped with the features that a women needs.

1. Miss Lulu Backpack for Women

laptop backpack for women

Capacity: 20L | Laptop size: 13.3-inch | Weight: Nill | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Suitable for solo travel — It’s designed to pack more stuff.
  • Easy to clean Taking care of this backpack is fairly easy. 
  • Stylish and trendy Stylish and trendy appearance makes it perfect.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Designed for the less wide torso.
  • Laptop placement is fairly easy in this one.
  • Keeps the laptop protected from water.

If you’re ever wondering, what kind of backpack would you want to take for a quick adventure trip then this one is for you. This bag has the potential to take care of all your travel requirements.

Miss Lulu backpack is a trendy bag, and it comes in different designs and colours, ranging from polka dots to beautiful flowers. This could also be the perfect gift for your little girl when she goes camping. But this bag is not only for girls, but it’s also for all those young ladies who want to go on adventure trips or go hiking in the north.

The backpack has multiple compartments to suit your needs. If you want to put your laptop, books and mobile in different compartments, then this backpack has got you covered. It also has an insulated compartment for your food as well as a sunglass compartment for secure storage.

An easy to clean feature is a plus in this as it’s made of waterproof canvas material so it works best for trips which might be in an Amazonian jungle or on a coastal beach.

The padded straps of the bag are adjustable, so if you want to let lose the gear on a long hike trip, then you need not worry. Moreover, this is a brad which has a speciality in making laptop backpack for women, and product in the spot light is their perfect product.

Take Note: Nothing found not to love.

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2. Dakine Women’s Prom Backpack

womens laptop backpack

Capacity: 25L | Laptop size: 14-inch | Weight: Nill | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Padded sleeves   Makes it comfortable to walk quickly for a more extended period
  • Different compartments — It has multiple storage compartments.
  • An extra pocket for your lunch Insulting cooler pocket for keeping your lunch hot.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Ideal for travelling and backpack carrying.
  • You can keep your food separate from the laptop.
  • The design makes it a girly thing, yes bright colours.

Chic and sturdy, there could be no better combination to describe this Dakine bag. This multifunctional bag might look a bit small from the outside; however, this bag’s multiple storage capacity allows it to store more than one can imagine.

It has a big 14 inches protected compartment from storing your laptop, specially designed for people who want an all in one kind of bag. Hence you won’t need a separate laptop bag for it, and you also do not need to hold your water bottle in your hands because this bag has a separate water bottle compartment.

From its colours to durability as well as padded sleeves everything convinces us well to give it a spot on best laptop backpack for women list.

Do you want to carry lunch? No problem, this bag has got you covered with its distinct lunch/ food compartment. Are you worried that your lunch will become cold in the bag? This is usually the case with most pockets, but you don’t have to worry about this since this bag’s food storage is insulated so your food will remain hot by the time you’ll want to eat it.

This is a plus feature in this bag since it also becomes the right choice for people who travel a lot or for people who go hiking.

The backpack also provides an inbuilt organizer pocket which will be very suitable for people who have loads of documents and files. They will be able to easily put their records in the respective compartments any way they want without those files getting mixed up or in general piling up and creating a haphazard environment inside the bag.

You can quickly put your things inside the bag and take them out quite efficiently as well; this is because this bag has a wide mouth opening.

All in all, the bag has a unique colour design which makes it look very cool and chic as you can see in the picture. But as much as the load is stylish, it’s also useful in the sturdy department.

With good polyester quality and being lightweight, this backpack will go with you miles away.

You will also be thankful for its padded sleeves since they will make your journey anywhere quite comfortable without giving you the shoulder ache most bags tend to give.

This bag is the epitome of comfort, quality and spaciousness.

Take Note: The design slops it little lower on the back side that may cause a problem for you in sitting.

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3. Floral Backpack for Women

laptop backpack for women

Capacity: 20L | Laptop size: 11.4-inch, 15inches | Weight: nill | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Modern and stylish — Modern and stylish touch and looks good everywhere.
  • Multiple compartments Comes with more compartments to accommodate more storage.
  • Lightweight Easy to carry due to its ultra-lightweight feature.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Flower printing design and bright colour combination.
  • A multipurpose backpack for women.
  • Padded sleeves are comfortable during long travelling.

Modern and multifunctional are the two words which efficiently describe this Vaschy backpack. It comes in trendy designs and chic colours which are the latest fashion these days.

This backpack is made up of very high-quality polyester, which makes it durable and ensures the most satisfactory experience for the consumer for an optimal time. With SBS zippers, the bag will work smoothly. Being lightweight gives the consumer an added advantage when taking this bag on long adventure trips.

Made with multiple compartments, you can store your laptop in the bag’s secure laptop pocket and other essentials in the bag’s external pocket. You can also organise your things the way you want to inside the pack as the bag is very spacious and has small pockets inside it.

Its high-quality polyester ensures that this bag is very sturdy and whether you want to use it as a school bag or for your groceries, it will not fail you. Since it hangs smoothly on your back and does not put pressure on your shoulders due to its compact design, this bag will never give you any backache.

All in all, the bag’s multi-purpose nature is the best thing in it; you can use it for anything you want.

Women like the combination of flower and flowers on this laptop backpack for women make it aesthetic and reason for selection.

Take Note: Top handle is a simple strap, its not padded so your hand may tire while holding it for a longer time.

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4. Hethrone Laptop Backpack 

Hethrone Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Water Resistant School Backpack Wide Open Travel Work Rucksack Bag Casual Daypack for Women Men (Navy -2)

Capacity: Null| Laptop size: 15.6-inches | Weight: Null| Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Water-Resistant Leakage proof, and there is no danger of spillage.
  • Thick, sturdy build — Has a strong built that is likely to last for ages.
  • Fully Padded Interior Padded Interior keeps the things intact.

Reasons to Recommend

  • A single solution that can be used for various purposes.
  • Shell type making to keep inner stuff safe.
  • A trusted brand that people love.

The Hawthorne Backpack is built with high-quality polyester fabric that makes it scratch-resistant and water-resistant. The dense and firm material ensures that you can pack in your contents reliably without putting a strain on the stitching or the edges. Having bags rip from the edges and the stitches coming off is a common occurrence.

You wouldn’t be needing to worry about facing those issues with this one as it has a severe and enduring build that can live through the most massive use.

Moreover, it’s excellent for individuals who want something multifunctional. it can be used for travelling as well as a college backpack. You get multiple pockets and compartments that let you place your laptop of any size up to 15.6 inches and also your books or documents. A wide-open mouth let you place your stuff quickly and also keeps them easily accessible throughout storage.

Even better, the front compartment opens up completely so you can organize and sort your packing as needed without taking up too much time.

Coming to the visuals, the bag incorporates thick, highlighted stitching which is on-trend. The stitching gives the bag an overall modern and updated look. The golden zippers on the front and back offer a great contrast to all the vibrant colours.

You also get a stylish zipper at the end that let’s you slide into your laptop effortlessly. Its sturdy fabric gives it a very solidified and concrete structure, and you get a sense of luxury and dependability.

The brand has a history of making backpacks that’s we we are recommend the above listed laptop backpack for women.

Take Note: Engineered exactly every feature is perfect nothing found not to love.

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5. Vaschy Classic Lightweight Backpack for Girls

Vaschy Classic Lightweight School Bag Water Resistant Backpack for Girls, Ladies Travel Daypack fits 15-Inch Laptop (Yellow)

Capacity: 21 L | Laptop size: 15.6-inches | Weight: 0.75 | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Lightweight High-quality material makes it lightweight.
  • Trendy Look Design, material and colours make stylish.
  • Durable stitching Stitching is mind-blowing that makes it durable as well.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Priced reasonably so everyone can afford.
  • Easy on the back and do not tire a user during long travel.
  • Available in multiple colours so you can choose your style.

The bag is built with lightweight yet rigid polyester fabric that is durable and dependable. It allows you to pack 21 litres of weight effortlessly. Moreover, it has a water-proof surface, and you get a full-size internal mesh zipper for placing your phones and passport.

Features heavy-duty zippers that offer a smooth and quick opening and closure. These zippers can be expected to go a long way without breaking anytime soon.

Its fairly simple yet trendy design makes it perfect for carrying along on any occasion. Will function as a great travel bag and also as a college or school backpack. The back-carry options make it especially great for travellers and flyers who use public transport and need to walk long distances when travelling. The back-carry straps are lightweight and comfy.

You can keep them on for long periods and feel no stress or burden on your shoulders. All these features make it an excellent choice for students and people who travel frequently.

Coming to the visuals, the bag’s design is very hot right now. Its minimalist design makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want something fashionable and trendy but not too odd out there.

The bag has a suede detailing at the bottom, which makes a great contrast with the plain colours and thick fabric of the pack.

Availability of colours will definitely convince you to select one bright colour laptop backpack for women that matches your style.

Take Note: Baggage handle is not padded and outer compartment is not large enough.

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6. Estarer Women Leather Laptop Backpack

laptop backpack for women

Capacity: Null | Laptop size:  | Weight: Null| Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Elegant and weighted look  Sharp colours and front zips make it worthwhile.
  • Multiple Compartments — Comes with multiple compartments with more storage space.
  • Quick Placement Provide easy access to compartments.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Ideal to carry a laptop on business trips.
  • Attractive and compact design.
  • Handle allow to carry it like hand bag.

Compact, comfy and elegant, this backpack does not disappoint in any aspect. It packs an elegant and weighted look along with multiple features. The bag features multiple compartments in the front pocket, allowing you to keep your passport, cards and notepads in your reach.

The interior is impressively spacious for its compact design. It will enable you to store your laptop, tablet, books and documents at once.

The thick, sturdy leather keeps your belongings safe from any shock and from getting crumpled-up while travelling. Because of its rectangular and stable structure, you can keep your clothes nicely packed and separated, which also facilitates a quicker and hassle-free packing.

Overall, the bag is an excellent choice for people who want something low-maintenance and undemanding. This one does not absorb any dust or grease, and the leather is quick and easy to clean with just a wet wipe.

It’s ideal for people who want a multifunctional and casual bag as its design makes it suitable for use in daily life as well. There are multiple features and reason to call it a perfect laptop backpack for women.

Thin straps are on-trend and fashionable right now, and this is only further enhanced with black detailing on the edges. The thick stitches give the bag an exquisite and weighted look which means you can take it out for a high-end event as well.

Its leather fabric is impressively glossy and lustrous and will give off a very fresh look to the bag even after years of use.

Take Note: It’s hard to accommodate other stuff in this womens laptop backpack.

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7. Best Laptop Backpack for Women

womens laptop backpack

Capacity: Null| Laptop size: 16-inch | Weight: Null | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Fully Padded — Fully padded interior allows you to keep things safe.
  • Very Spacious The backpack is very accommodative for different things.
  • Compact Design Designed beautifully to caters to the aesthetic sense.

Reasons to Recommend

  • It’s padded from all side for added protection.
  • Re-inforced stitching and straps to secure.
  • Can be used for casual trips, collage and universitieses.

Compact, stylish and very roomy, this backpack holds an impressively functional design that can facilitate all your storage and travel needs. It features multiple pockets and compartments that allow you to secure the smallest of things quickly and keep them accessible and easy to locate later on.

Coming to the interior, the main compartment has a wide-mouth opening that let you slide into your belongings relatively easily. You get a fully-padded interior which acts as an extra layer of protection for your delicate belongings.

It also ensures that your packing remains as orderly and folded while unpacking as it was before.

The spacious yet compact design makes it especially useful for individuals who only want to pack for a short trip and want to keep their luggage burden minimal. The bag is lightweight, and you store a lot of weight without putting a strain on your body.

The straps on it are very comfy and supportive, so you can carry the bag along a long walking distance without draining your energy.

The bag comes in eye-catching and captivating pastels. Soft colours make it an excellent choice for students and teenagers who want to keep up-to-date with the trends. The dense and solid fabric offers a very weighted and luxurious feel.

Also, the dark-coloured detailing on the pockets, zippers and bottoms give a more sophisticated look to it.

Take Note: The padded material may be challenging to wash and clean.

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8. Bekahizar Lightweight Backpack

laptop backpack for women

Capacity: 20L | Laptop size: 14-inch | Weight: 0.23 kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Comfortable This one is the most comfortable backpack available on the market.
  • Heavy-duty zippers — Offer an extra layer of protection.
  • Ultra-light material Having this backpack means not feeling it on your shoulders.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Available in bright colours, all that women like.
  • Equipped with high-quality zippers.
  • Comes with side pockets to carry water bottles and other stuff.

It incorporates a simple yet accommodating design that allows you to organize your belongings in different compartments. Built with heavy and rough-usage in mind, the anti-rip nylon fabric is guaranteed to live-through frequent usage over many years. The thick and sturdy material will not rip or tear form any places upon weight or pressure exertion.

Its anti-rip properties make it an especially great choice for storing non-uniform and irregularly shaped belongings such as shoes and toys.

Moreover, it features heavy-duty zippers that are frictionless and dependable. If you are a frequent flyer or heavy-packer, you can remain assured that the zippers will remain as functional and swift tomorrow as they are today.

Overall, you get a backpack that is up for any rough and bumpy travel experience and will not be needing a replacement anytime soon.

It can be used daily, and you can also keep your laptop and tablet safe in the laptop sleeve. Packed with all these features, it’s a great choice for individuals who want something for the long-term and dependable. Its durable and sturdy build makes it suitable for camping, long flights, public transport and also for college use.

The bag holds a relatively simple and plain look, making it suitable for both men and women. The vibrant, high-spirited colours give it a very sporty feel, and its narrow, subtly placed zippers offer a great contrast to the overall attractive design.

Its dense and padded body is an excellent choice for people who want something serious and do not want to tag any fancy prints along. This laptop backpack for women become first choice for many because of colours availability.

Take Note: Only suitable for minimal storage needs, and mesh pockets are not safe to keep small belongings.

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9. Top Rated Womens Laptop Backpack

Backpack for Teens, Fashion Geometric Pattern Laptop Backpack College Bags Women Shoulder Bag Daypack Bookbags Travel Bag by Mygreen (Blue&Green&Orange)

Capacity: Null | Laptop size: 14-inch | Weight: 0.48 | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Easily washable It is relatively easy to wash this backpack.
  • Sleek and modern look — Trendy and goes very well with the contemporary looks.
  • Storage capacity Excellent storage capacity and large compartments.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Stylish and ideal for those who love to carry trendy bags.
  • Women like it because of its comfortable sleeves.
  • Comfy for long carrying periods due to padded back.

Well, this one is an impressive backpack. The polyester fabric is easy to wash and impressively lightweight. It has a full-size zipper for storing-in your smaller and delicate belongings, so they are easy to locate later on. Also, you get a secure compartment for placing any laptop up to 14 inches.

The compartment restricts any movement and keeps your laptop shock-resistant and safe from any damage with the supportive Velcro strap. Coming into the build, it has a trustworthy and robust design. It incorporates detailed and thorough stitching that will not be coming off anytime soon. The zippers are also soft and smooth, offering a frictionless and noiseless opening and closure.

The backpack is great for teenagers as well as adults who want a fashionable yet dependable bag. It comes in many captivating and contemporary prints that are up-to-date with the trends right now. People who want something that will not only offer functionality but also looks great in pictures will find this one useful.

Other than that, it’s also great for individuals who do not have a lot of storage needs and want something compact and lightweight as this bag is impressively light.

The bag comes in many colourful prints. You can easily find one that compliments your taste and preference as it covers everything, whether you are looking for a bohemian or a tropical, summer vibe.

Even better, the zippers are relatively narrow and placed subtly, so they don’t show off conspicuously, and their contrasting colours only further compliment the designs. It is the most appealing laptop backpack for women on our list.

Take Note: Everything of this womens laptop backpack is perfectly designed.

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10. Stylish Laptop Backpack for Women

Backpack Woman School Backpack for Girls Backpack with 15.6" Laptop Compartment Bookbag Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

Capacity: 30L | Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 0.5 kg | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Minimalist design Ideal choice for those who are into a minimalistic design.
  • Durable stitching The stitching factor makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • Pleasing appearance It looks pleasing to the eyes due to black and red combination.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Allow carrying books along with the laptop.
  • Equipped with the mobile charging port.
  • Two sturdy handles on the top side.

The bag features a captivating minimalist style while also being impressively spacious. It offers 30 litres of capacity while being very lightweight at only 0.5 Kg. This dense and sturdy nylon build, along with a detailed and supportive lining to the interior, ensures long-term use. It can endure through many years regardless of how frequently you’ll be carrying it along.

This one facilitates a lot of organization and sorting as it has many pockets and sleeves in the front as well as the main compartment.

You get a padded laptop sleeve that allows you to store any laptop size up to 15.6 inches and the Velcro strap ensures that it stays safe from any shock or damage.

With all these features, it makes a great choice for people who go heavy on gear and carry along many devices. You can keep a power bank, charger, tablet, laptop and passport all at the same time and in their individual compartments.

Other than storing devices, it’s also spacious enough for storing multiple pairs of clothing and shoes as well.

It comes in contrast and colours that will match the tastes and vibes of both men and women. If you like to walk and travel the long ways then this laptop backpack for women can be the ideal choice because of its phone charging support.

While it is a feature-packed all-rounder backpack, its visual appeal should not be discounted. You get thoughtfully placed chunky zippers and handles that give it a very sophisticated look.

Overall, its minimalist yet weighted design makes it suitable for both teenagers and adults.

Take Note: The padded body is heavy and adds on weight and burden, the design put more pressure on the shoulders.

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11. ECOSUSI Satchel Backpack for Women

laptop backpack for women

Capacity: Null | Laptop size: 14-inch | Weight: 0.7 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Small design Perfect mix of minimalism and trend.
  • Easy to manage Easy to maintain and priced reasonably.
  • Lightweight on the shoulders It will not hurt your shoulders because of its minimal weight.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Asethetic leather colour that women like most.
  • Ideal for students and working women.
  • Stylish handle on the top and two front straps.

The bag is built with synthetic leather that is thick and sturdy. It holds a very compact design and is excellent for individuals who want to store just a few things for their day. Also, It has a protective laptop sleeve that allows you to keep a small laptop secure and safe throughout the day.

It’s a relatively low-maintenance and casual backpack that doesn’t need much storage space or cleaning efforts.

The smooth, PU fabric can be cleaned easily with a wet wipe and doesn’t scratch easily. You can own this one with long-running durability in mind as it incorporates heavy-duty, detailed stitching on the edges and pockets.

While it’s not the most functional or spacious bag out there, it is still accommodating and gets the job done. If you want something minimal and lightweight, this might be the right choice for you. Its main compartment is spacious enough for storing in clothes, gifts, books and makeup. With all these features, it makes an excellent backpack for students as well as occasional travellers with minimal needs.

Not only that, but it also stands out as a work backpack as finding a fashionable and trendy backpack that is roomy and reliable enough for work can be very challenging.

The bag has narrow, slim straps with highlighted stitching and black detailing on the sides. The highlighted stitching gives the bag a very sophisticated and appealing look. PU leather looks luxurious, and its smooth and glossy surface offers a lively and vibrant look. It’s only leather colour laptop backpack for women listed here.

Because of this, you can carry it along on any fancy or high-end event as its dark colours and shiny surface complement nicely with everything.

Take Note: Sleeves and handle are not padded that is a big problem with this womens laptop backpack.

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12. ONKING Premium Casual Backpack

womens laptop backpack

Capacity: 24L | Laptop size: 17-inch | Weight: 0.65 kg | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Large capacity — Best backpack to store things that are larger.
  • Multiple pockets and zippers Allow you to stuff various things, make it easy to keep the things organized.
  • Safe Laptop Placement The laptop can be safely placed in this backpack due to padded laptop sleeves.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Excellent colour combination
  • Thick padding in shoulder sleeves.
  • Large capacity to accommodate other stuff.

In case you are looking for something extraordinary, this backpack is your answer. The main compartment is quite spacious and holds a secure laptop sleeve and four more compartments for storing your smaller belongings such as handsfree or makeup. The laptop sleeve is durable, supportive and large enough for storage of laptop sizes up to 17 inches.

Its immense size also makes it especially useful for individuals who travel with lots of documents and folders and need it in proximity throughout the day.

The bag also incorporates an anti-theft compartment that enables you to store your valuables sneakily as the subtle pocket goes unnoticed by any malicious intruder. Even better, you get a zipper at the extreme back that will allow you access your phone without having to take your bag off your back.

The backpack is suitable for campers, frequent flyers and heavy-packers as it offers a lot of storage capacity and functionalities. Because it is waterproof, you can carry it along on a rainy day without any worries about wetting or damaging your belongings. It’s also great as a student’s backpack as it’s rectangular shape lets you store many large-sized books without having any difficulties in closing the bag afterwards.

Students can hold up to 3 a4 size folders in it, and the bag will not crumple or turn the folders in any way.

It features a beautiful and visually pleasing design. The handle placement is very stylish and trendy. Chunky and highlighted handles and fasteners are popular right now and are especially adored by teenagers for their aesthetics. The 900D oxford fabric gives the bag a very sturdy and tough look and makes it stand tangible and concrete. Huge capacity makes this laptop backpack for women the ultimate choice of working women.

Because of its thick structure, it does not mould inward unsightly which is a significant plus point.

Take Note: Small compartment is hard to open due to strap style closing.

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13. Wowbox Canvas Backpack Vintage Leather

laptop backpack for women

Capacity: 19L | Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 0.86 kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Vintage design — Ideal choice for those looking something different.
  • Easy access to different stuff Different compartments where you can keep your stuff separated.
  • Secure closings Nothing will fell off, every compartment is secure.

Reasons to Recommend

  • Real traditional-looking backpack
  • Multiple pockets make it an ideal choice for travelling.
  • Full of features and style that others will admire.

This vintage-style backpack is great for storing large sized laptops and documents. Its main compartment is quite spacious at 19 Liters of capacity and can hold your belongings for long periods of time. Features detailed and heavy-duty stitching that keeps the thick fabric closely knit together, so it doesn’t rip apart after rough and heavy use. Its padded straps are comfy to wear on, and you can carry the bag along for many hours without feeling any stress on your shoulders.

Individuals who walk long distances and have a lot to take will especially appreciate this one for its strength and comfort levels.

Its minimalist and simple design makes it suitable for both men and women. If you want a backpack that will remain functional outside of your travel needs, then this one might be the perfect choice for you. Its wide and tall size enables you to place any laptop up to 15.6 inches and offers students and business travellers the utility of placing their books and files securely.

The bag can also be taken along a camping or trekking trip as it has side pockets and a chunky front zipper to hold accessories and water bottles. 

The bag features a captivating and visually pleasing vintage design along with complementing detailing on the zippers and fastenings. The uncompromising quality and firm fabric give the bag a more lively and reliable look. The chunky front and side pockets offer a great addition to the already stylish and trendy bag.

Even better, these pockets include metallic zippers that give it a great contrast opposite the relatively straightforward and subtle colours.

It is a guy thing but equally popular in women so we give this laptop backpack for women a spot here.

Take Note: It can accommodate more things that may make your luggage bulky.

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How Backpacks for Women are Different?

Amid all the male dominance and societal inequalities, women have proved that they are not the lesser god’s children.

Mobility is the prerequisite of success. It is also an open secret that backpacks for fair sex are entirely different from the male partner. This is because of the difference in the physique of the spear and distaff side. What are the right significant differences between male and female backpacks?

It’s time to delve into it.

1. High Placed Chest Straps for Womens Laptop Backpack

Women’s bust is differently shaped owing to the extended mammary gland. This is a noticeable difference between the man and the woman’s physique. Backpacks for women are equipped with a striking high-placed chest strap so that the straps do not cut across the breast.

The chest strap accommodates the bust of women comfortably and reduces the backpack’s pressure point up to the minimum level.

2. Hip Belt

The hip belts of the backpacks for women are slightly varying in size and place compared to backpacks for men. Women have different body curves, and only an ergonomic study could help in sewing the right item in the right place. If a woman mistakenly wears a male-oriented backpack, the luggage will not be played firmly.

In the worst-case scenario, spinal injuries and chronic back pain are also reported. A lady must wear backpacks designed for the fair sex.

3. Torso length

Men and women are different in height. As per the Centers for Disease Control of America, the female’s average height is 5’4″ while the scale for the male stands at 5’9″. This stark difference elaborates on changing torso size specifically and manufacturing segregated backpack for the women.

A well-sewed backpack for women ranges in torso size from 15.5 to 18 inches, while for men, the measurement is 17 to 19 inches.

4. Carrying Capacity

Women are stronger than men, thanks to the innate warrior nature. She is a dark hole of love, compassion, and resilience. Nevertheless, women are compromised in terms of vitality. This is the underlying cause of restricting the women’s backpacks capacity to 79 liters.

More than that, this would be backbreaking for the petite distaff carrying women.

5. Design Wonder

Women possess top-notch aesthetics than men. The house tendering and babysitting practice instills the innate quality of making things better and better in women. This observation has compiled the backpack manufacturers to flush the market with design wonders.

The backpacks for women are glittering, colorful, and pleasing to the onlookers. On the flip side, backpacks for men are vapid, and the emphasis is given to durability rather than looks.

 6. Different Designs

There is also a slight variation in the placement of the pockets between the men and women backpacks. The pockets are organized after in-depth research. Women tend to cater to several smaller items in the backpack. While men usually carry everyday hard stuff.

This difference in the organization has changed the internal structure of the backpack. If you are a woman, do tally the pocket size and placement with your whims and wishes.

7. Narrow Shoulder Feature

Women are gifted with narrower shoulders than the broader ones of men. The backpacks for the women have curved straps to fit into the body structure. If a woman carries a men-specific backpack, the bag must have been swinging clumsily.

The straps for the women-specific backpacks are also soft and usually embedded with dense material.

This unique feature is to provide soothing relief and keeps the weight strain away from the lady.

Dimensions Do Differ

Similar to capacity, the women-specific backpack dimensions are also changed to bolster the woman’s frail body. Schlepping the poorly designed backpack would land up the daughter of Eve into chronic spinal and joint pain.

A good quality backpack for women never compromises in quality.

What Problems Could Pop up While Overlooking Women’s-Grade Backpacks?

If a woman ignores the women-grade backpack’s intricacies and keeps managing with a general backpack due to a variety of constraints and myopic tunnel thinking. The eight major issues that can be raised while neglecting the eight differences are:

  • Chest strap – If the chest strap is missing, the backpack’s strap will cross over the cleavage. Not only is this displeasing, but it is a travel and health hassle.
  • Hip belt – The longer hip belt for men does not fit into the waistline of the women. A general back would be bumpy and itching.
  • Torso length – A more extended than usual bag would be difficult for the women.
  • Capacity – more than 70 litres of weight would break the delicate back of the women in arms.
  • Interactive nature – A banal backpack does not suit the royal nature of the backpack queens.
  • Pocket organization – The shabby design of pockets will create difficulty for women to organize the items niftily.
  • Loose straps – Loose straps would be clumsy, and the backpack would be swinging like a Merry-go-round.
  • Dimensions – The evil dimension of the backpack would be a hassle rather than a blessing.

What Women Must Consider in Laptop Backpacks?

The laptop is a treasure trove in the 21st century; a vibrant life might not have been imagined sans laptop. The personal laptops need to be carried by women from the workplace to home or university. Whether it be travel or picnic, the laptop is a must-have in this digital era.

According to a study by AAA, the American Association of Allied Technologies, “laptop carrying a tote or strap bag puts extra strain on the shoulders.” (The Technology, 31,2020). Design analysts have understood the problem and developed a unique backpack for laptops. Women are in dire need of this laptop carrier owing to the flexible joints and feeble body type. Backpacks distribute the weight evenly and secure a way of carrying the laptop with you without any hassle.

Nonetheless, many swindlers have jumped into the bandwagon by labeling every backpack as laptop compliant. This deceit leaves many times the loyal customer dejected. A safer way to verify the credibility of a backpack is to go through the features. This effort may take a few minutes, but in turn, the would-be customer would be saved from constant future troubles.

The must-have features for a quality laptop backpack are elaborated below. If your choice found wanting of any of these. Do fickle your mind and jump into another until or unless your checklist gets completed by all the checks with no cross in sight.

1. Dual-Mode Carrying

A quality backpack comes up with the dual carrying mode; first, the original carry-on-shoulder mode with a single or double strap, and second, the carry-on with the help of a strap.

The laptop weighs down the bag, and this feature provides flexibility in the choice up to your fettle.

As the desired features are for a women-specific backpack, this option mainly provides a sigh of relief to the daughter of Eve during the long walking hours. This should be incorporated into any feminine tilting backpack product in the first place. 

2. USB Cable Port

USB cable incorporation is a cutting edge option. A woman needs not to place the laptop out of her backpack during the charge. She can rejuvenate the laptop anywhere and anytime without any fear of theft, exposure to bad weather, and displaying the lady’s laptop.

Before selecting a laptop carrying a backpack, the USB option must be checked.

The port’s functioning and compatibility with the laptop brand you own must be ensured.

3. Anti-Theft Lock

The average price of a laptop is $300-$700 in Northern America. What if this hard-earned money of a woman goes in vain in one go by élan of a sticky finger. Elegant women always think proactively.

Buying a laptop backpack without an anti-theft lock is just like rendering a sheep at the mercy of wolves.

Anti-theft locking is a must feature in worsening law and order conditions.

4. Allow Easy Organization

An organized life is a quality life; in the same vein, an organized laptop backpack is a quality backpack. The organization includes the positioning of pockets, zippers, bottle space, and ergonomic design.

If a laptop backpack for women is a high-end product with all the good qualities, little lacunae of an evil organization will rip the backpack off.

The laptop backpack must have a spacious space for nestling the laptop with other segregated organizational pockets. Separate pockets prevent unnecessary interaction with the gadget and keep the gadget deeply safe.

5. Breathable Back Panel

Women buy expensive laptop backpacks to secure the essential gadget. Do you know that the same protectors sometimes backfires; Amazed enough! Let us elaborate.

As a knowledgeable lady, you must have known that we all sweat approximately 14 liters a day; the amount is more than enough to seep into the delicate panels of your laptop and make your device dud.

This happens when women go for long walks in sweltering weather.

The breathable back panel is the panacea of this sweating problem and is adopted by almost every ranking laptop backpack brand to stay in the customer’s good books.

6. Water-Resistant or Waterproof

Chinese folklore says weather and a lover have no specific time to rage. Sudden showers are common throughout the globe. If you are carrying a laptop in the backpack, then the backpack must be waterproof. General backpacks would bathe your laptop in the little back pond.

Water-resistance saves your other precious belongings with the excellent protection of your laptop.

7. Scalable Side Pockets

If you are carrying precious gadgets with invaluable data, the liquids must be kept outside to ward off any fear of accidental spilling. This can only be done when you are facilitated with a scalable side pocket to place your water bottle.

At face value, this seems like a minor feature, but this is the most important one.

You can save outside threats, but the inner one is precisely hazardous. Always place the water bottle outside.

8. Your Customized Needs

Yes, this is also a key feature. As there are different backpacks for men and women. In the same way, some women also differ from others. Keeping this logic simple, you may say that the requirements must be borne in mind before finalizing the choice.

Straps, torso, belt size, material, zippers, aesthetics, and capacity should be reviewed and matched with your personality and physique. This little comparison would do the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best laptop backpack?

Miss Lulu Backpack for Women is our first recommendation while we also love Hethrone laptop backpack for women because of its features and durability. These two products have features that women look for and required for them.

How to protect laptop in backpack?

At first buy a laptop backpack which comes with padded laptop sleeve/compartment so small jerks cannot damage it and then avoid placing your bag where some other luggage can be placed on it, or any other pressure that can damage laptop inside.

Where to buy a laptop backpack?

In case you are buying from a physical store then you must remember what you write above, but when buying online nothing can be better then the Amazon.

Do laptop backpack for women worth it?

Yes they do, they are similarly made as men backpacks. In fact there are many famous backpack manufacturers which are making these specialized products. Whom you can trust because they engineer products after in depth research.

Final Reminder

You have read about the key-cum-essential features of a good womens laptop backpack. After the bombardment of such inner knowledge, you can easily figure out your requirement and comfort that you need.

You can select any of laptop backpack for women listed above that seems fit to your need all of these backpacks are worthy to invest.

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