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25 Best Laptop Backpack for Men in 2021

Laptops have been deemed pivotal for executing business and academic tasks. In this digital nomads era, students or business persons never imagine travelling without a laptop. However, carrying a laptop while ensuring its safety is still a concern for many people, specifically men who always prefer carrying limited baggage. So, if you are in a quest to know about the best laptop backpack for men, these are the few best options to consider.

laptop backpack for men

A backpack is an essential everyday carry piece; Yes, it goes with you wherever you go. Either daily commute or from work to travelling you have always got it with you. This is the reason we advise to invest in a good laptop back that can protect your laptop and also can accommodate other belongings.

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1. Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 15.6 inch | Weight: 0.8kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: 30 L

Key Features

  • Anti-theft locking keeps the sticky fingers a mile away because of the anti-theft locking system.
  • USB port Provides you quick access to recharge whenever your gadget is low on battery.
  • Handfree hole You can place your cell phone or music player safely inside the backpack.

Sosoon has launched a quality black-coloured backpack for men. This backpack is the best option for tech gigs owing to a USB port and a handset hole. However, you will have to insert your power bank into the bag.

Sosoon is the best option for frequent air travellers as the backpack is TSA compliant and you do not face any problems at the counters.

Furthermore, the organizational pockets are ergonomically designed to give a spacious berth to the laptop. Other bags bestow optimal usability to the user. Sosoon backpack for men is a durable product and does not get affected by early fraying.

Besides, The decent black color of Sosoon matches with all the roles of life. You may equally pick a statistically built backpack for travel, work, or study. In fact, the backpack is a reliable and value for money product.

It is our top recommended laptop backpack for men.

Take Note Exactly made to fulfil the men’s need, nothing found not to love.

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2. Anti-Theft Business Travel Laptop Backpack

Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack,15.6-17.3 Inch Business Travel Backpack Bag with Lock with USB Charging & Headphone Port, Water Resistant College School Computer Rucksack Work Backpack for Mens Womens

Laptop size: 15.6 inch | Weight: 0.8kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: Medium

Key Features

  • Airflow back panel prevents the sleeping of sweat in the backpack.
  • Password locking makes it the most secure way to thwart the chance of pilferage.
  • Luggage strap allows luggage to pass through the luggage tube of airport and subway stations.

Theft from backpacks is a common occurrence, and Ambor has halted the chances of any theft by installing a password locking mechanism in a simple backpack.

Ambor backpacks possess the organizational advantage; the built is ergonomically designed to include a luggage strap, side pocket for the bottle, USB charging port, and a hidden inner pocket for keeping the most valuable items.

Not only are Ambor backpacks waterproof, but also the special sewing soaks up the surrounding water. This feature helps Ambor improve the usability rate manifold.

The aesthetic design is fetching for the onlookers. The grey and black combination provided a classy look to the backpack. From its anti-theft mechanism to its durability, everything is amazing; this is the reason we give it a spot on our laptop backpack for men list.

Take Note You have to remember the lock combination/password.

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3. Business Travel Backpack

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 15.6 inch | Weight: 0.75kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: Medium

Key Features

  • Multi compartments Ten different compartments are provided to segregate additional files and gadgets.
  • Durable metal zippers are smooth and durable and have the potential to stand the test of time.
  • S-shaped curved shoulder straps The unique S-shaped shoulder straps are embedded to provide extra room for glass placement.

Wenig backpack is a first-rate product for gifting to your loved ones. An intelligent anti-theft lock secures the product.

S-shaped shoulder straps are viable to place the nifty items into the nooks. Additionally, the USB port and hand-free holes maximize comfort.

The Wenig backpack’s usability is excellent, as a quality backpack always has a separate organization for placing the different items. This feature helps in scrolling through nifty things, just like ID browsing. Wenig backpack has more than ten compartments to cater to the organizational needs optimally.

The Wenig backpack has a separate corner for laptop placement.

The bag is available in different colors, and every theme is a perfect match to lighten up the aesthetic shadow of the product.

Take Note The zipper hardware is not strong and durable enough.

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4. Samsonite Laptop Backpack

Samsonite Guardit 2.0 - 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack, 44 cm, 22.5 Litre, Black

Laptop size: 15.6 inch | Weight: 0.7kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: 22.5L

Key Features

  • The amalgam of polyesters Ten different polyesters combine up to provide top-notch knitting to Samsonite backpacks.
  • Smart sleeve function extends the agility of the luggage belt.
  • Embedded service pocket is stitched to place the little but scattered belongings.

The name of Samsonite is self-explanatory. The backpack for men by Samsonite is a quality addition to the world of packs. The backpack is a perfect holder of the belongings for performing the different roles of life.

Be it travel or work, Samsonite suits and facilitates you everywhere. Samsonite backpack is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the digital era.

Another useful aspect of the Samsonite is organization; the inclusion of several pockets has made things easier to manage and understand; furthermore, separate padded pockets for tablet or laptop is given.

Design is the forte of Samsonite; this high-end backpack is built by a perfect mixture of polyesters to provide extra resilience and stability. So we give it a spot on laptop backpack for men.

This virility, when it comes up with aesthetic designing, furnishes a sparkling product for the onlookers.

Take Note Mesh pockets are small, they cannot hold water bottles in a right way.

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5. Wenger Laptop Backpack

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 16 inch | Weight: 1.1 kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: 25L

Key Features

  • Airflow back paddling Wenger’s airflow back paddles prevent the body sweat from rushing into the backpack, which keeps the back cool.
  • MP3 placement pocket A separate space is allocated to nestle the iPod or MP3 player securely.
  • Ergonomic design helps in the best organization of a variety of items.

One of the worst problems a rucksack carrier faces is the heat traps on the back; this problem is common and mainly a designing fault. Wenger’s backpacks have concluded the problem with a sound note and added airflow back paddling to ensure proper ventilation.

The usability of Wenger’s backpack is a glittering aspect.

The backpack is organized by infusing a variety of pockets and zippers. At the same time, the double stitch extends durability to Wenger’s backpack.

The laptop can easily be placed into the deep pockets of Wenger’s backpack.

Wenger backpack is up for sale in a single black color, while the design is mediocre at best. A little compromise in aesthetics is maintained by durability. Wenger could be a good choice in an affordable price range.

 Take Note It’s a heavy backpack for regular use especially for office work and for students.

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6. KROSER Large Computer Backpack

KROSER Laptop Backpack Large Computer Backpack Fits up to 17.3 Inch Laptop with USB Charging Port Water-Repellent School Travel Backpack Casual Daypack for Business/College/Women/Men-Dark Blue

Laptop size: 17.3 inch | Weight: 1.03 kg | Waterproof: Yes | Capacity: Large

Key Features

  • Glass hook A separate hook for glass hanging is provided in the Kroser backpack for men.
  • Roomy compartments The compartments can accommodate larger than everyday items. 
  • Well-knitted and has been passed through rigorous quality checks.

Mostly the backpacks are organized to cater to the nifty small items, but in the same rucksack, more often, you have to place the clothes and something more significant than usual. Kroser is providing backpacks for men with extra roomy compartments. This is an elegant backpack on our laptop backpack for men list.

The Kroser backpack is breathable and provides a constant flow of air to the wearer. You can easily accommodate the cell phone and other electronic gadgets. Additionally, separate portals are also offered to charge the dying battery.

The inclusion of a slippery luggage paddle helps you clear the luggage at airport entry/exit points.

Kroser backpack has a separate place for placing your laptop up to 17 inches, while the contemporary brands in the market usually offer 15 inches of space.

The looks of Kroser remind of the sequels of James Bond 007; the upscale residents were seen carrying Kroser-like fashionable backpacks. The Kroser bag wearing man would look like a gentleman.

Take Note Nothing found not to love.

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7. Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack

Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging & Headphone Port, Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack with Breathable Padded Shoulder Strap, Water Resistant 15.6'' Computer Rucksack for School/Work/Travel

Laptop size: 15.6 inch | Weight: 1.07 kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: Large

Key Features

  • Mesh back elastic pad prevents spilling and heat-trapping menace.
  • Adjustable strap fits in the bag to the body.
  • Reflective effect is a scintillating feature that this backpack has.

Selecting a backpack for business endeavors is not an easy deal. You have to take extra consideration as a lousy choice would leave a bad impression. On the other hand, during business tours, you have to carry some essential dossiers and files with you, a laptop is a must-have.

Among business-grade backpacks, BonClare is a prominent name.

The BonClare backpack is made up of quality material with ergonomic design and state-of-the-art resilience.

BonClare is handy to use owing to the additional charging and USB ports. Nonetheless, you will have to carry your power bank. The laptop can easily be placed and charged into the BonClare laptop backpack for men.

The best portion of this backpack is the exciting design. The design is alluring, thanks to metal zippers and foam straps. In brick-and-mortar marketplaces, BonClare typically serves as a model business rucksack for potential buyers.

Take Note It catches dust easily and cleaning can become a challenge.

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8. Water Resistant College School Computer Rucksack Bag

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 17-inch | Weight: 0.7kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: 45 L

Key Features

  • Extra safety Reflective case saves you from road accidents in darkness.
  • Variety — Della Gao backpacks are available in a range of colour choices.
  • Spacious accommodation — The lighter bag has a super space to accommodate items up to 45 litres.

A time-proven formula of backpack manufacturing goes by that the men-specific backpacks have few pockets compared to the backpacks for women. Women tend to have a hell of small items. On the other hand, men have to carry attire and other bulky material.

Della Gao is a tech-savvy brand with the inclusion of a luggage belt. The luggage belt helps in clearing the baggage on a priority basis. Della Gao is installed with the reflective to mirror the traffic lights at night.

Della Gao has a spacious space to accommodate luggage. The bag is durable and user compatible. Meanwhile, charging ports for gadgets are firmly installed to cater to the needs of the digital era.

The soft pads and metal zippers enhance longevity. It water-resistant capability convince us to give it a spot on laptop backpack for men list.

Della Goa has a simple appearance, and the aesthetics are so-so. If it’s not alluring, the contours are not displeasing at all. The product is a viable choice with an economical price tag.

Take Note It is a simple backpack, and fashionistas are less likely to take a fancy, while on another side it’s a large one for regular use, as it has a huge capacity.

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9. Large Backpack for Men

Large Backpack for Men,17 Inch Business Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port,Anti-Theft Laptop Bag,Water Resistant School Computer Rucksack Bag for Work Office,Gifts for Men/Women 45L,Black

Laptop size: 17-inches | Weight: NA | Waterproof: No | Capacity: 45 L

Key Features

  • Large Capacity to store many more things than just your laptop.
  • Multiple Sections and pockets to organize everything.
  • Tough Surface — padded surface keeps your laptop safe from collisions.

Durable, comfy, and stylish, the LIWAG laptop bag is great for a myriad of uses. If you want something that can facilitate you with more than just a laptop carriage then this bag is an all-rounder.

You get a fully secure, tough surface laptop sleeve that can keep your laptop of any size up to 17 inches. Whether you have a really ultra-lightweight slim laptop or a heavy-duty gaming one, this bag can tightly hold your laptop in place with its Velcro strap closing.

Because it is built with traveling needs in mind, the bag has multiple sections and pockets to keep your packing nicely separated. You can easily store-in clothing, textbooks, and any other gear you need without making the bag look bulky.

This is because you get 45 liters of capacity with this one. The bag is excellent for frequent travelers and heavy-packers as it incorporates a tough-quality build that is perfect for long-term use.

Take Note The backpack is delicate and only a viable option for business people.

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10. Kono Travel Laptop Backpack

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 15.6 inches | Weight: 0.82 | Waterproof: Water-resistant | Capacity: 20 L

Key Features

  • Compact and Lightweight Does not add bulk and weight to your body and feels light on the shoulders.
  • Suitcase-like opening You get a full 180-degree opening that makes it easy to place and quickly remove your laptop.
  • Mountable Rear Strap Has a rear strap that lets you hang it over your other luggage.

The bag holds a relatively modern and minimalist look with its compact design. It’s great for people who only want a lightweight backpack and get the job done with minimal efforts. Its main compartment features a full 180-degree opening that let you pack-in quickly and organize your stuff however you want.

Coming to the laptop placement, its laptop sleeve is highly supportive and contours around your laptop with the Velcro strap. You can store any laptop for up to 15.6 inches with minimal worries about any damage from collisions when traveling.

This thoughtful design keeps your laptop, and other belongings safe from malicious intrusions as its main compartment can only be accessed from the extreme back only this is the reason we select it as one of the best laptop backpacks for men.

While it is a lightweight, compact backpack, you can still store multiple pairs of clothes, textbooks, and a tablet as it offers 20 Liters of capacity.

Overall, it has a very durable and heavy-duty build and will remain dependable over many years.

Take Note Having just one compartment is its limitation and it’s really smart that can hold fewer belongings.

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11. Laptop Backpack with 10 Pockets

Laptop Backpack 10 Pockets Waterproof 23L Anti Theft Bag Men Women Travel School Work Hiking College Black

Laptop size: 17 inches | Weight: 0.58 Kg | Waterproof: Yes | Capacity: 23L

Key Features

  • Anti-theft design the main compartment is only accessible at the end, keeping it safe from thieves.
  • High-density exterior is callous and has anti-tearing properties.
  • Padded shoulder straps with breathable foam cushions that are comfy and relieve stress.

Built with heavy-duty, dense fabric, this bag is the perfect all-rounder for individuals that are always on the go. Its exterior is made of 1080D polyester that is water-proof and also holds anti-rip properties. The thick and sturdy fabric should not rip upon any weight and pressure exerted so you can store your belongings on a daily basis without any worries.

It has a fully padded laptop sleeve for storage of laptops up to 17 inches and also has a Velcro strap. Built with mobility and easy access in mind, the bag incorporates a half-open mouth on its main compartment to prevent your stuff from falling.

With this bag, you can access your laptop or any other gear quickly without having to take it off your back. It’s excellent for uncertain weather conditions as it can be carried along on any rainy day, and the water will not seep through even after hours. Along with laptop this laptop backpack for men allow to carry a lot of small belongings.

Its all-black exterior makes it an excellent choice for men who want something simple yet modern.

Take Note It’s material is not thick this is the reason it look flimsy.

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12. Ultra-Thin Laptop Backpacks

Ultra-Thin Laptop Backpacks, Cartinoe Canvas Lightweight Backpack for Girls School Rucksack Women Men College Bookbag, 15 15.6 inch Laptop Bag for Lenovo Acer ASUS Chromebook 15 Sleeve Case, Grey

Laptop size: 15.6-inches | Weight: 0.44 Kg | Waterproof: Water-resistant | Capacity: NA

Key Features

  • Water-proof Canvas keeps your laptop and belongings safe from rain and spillage.
  • Shock-proof the interior is lined with thick fluff that keeps it shock-proof.
  • Minimalist, compact Design great for people who only want something light for their laptop and do not want the added bulk of other features.

The Cartinoe laptop backpack is a simple and straightforward bag that gets the job done without the weight’s added bulk. You don’t always need extra chunky compartments and additional storage capacity. And this is where this backpack comes into play. The bag has only one main compartment for storing your laptop (safely and securely).

The fully padded, supportive interior can hold any laptop up to 15.6 inches, and the half-open zipper let you access your laptop quickly. Its compact size helps you store the bag within your more oversized luggage without adding too much weight to it.

Moreover, the bag is water-proof, anti-shock, and anti-crease, making it great for long-term and heavy usage.

Overall, with all these features and properties, you get a relatively low-maintenance and undemanding bag that is great for any rough or intensive travels.

Take Note It is not a suitable choice to carry other stuff along with laptop.

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13. Norsens Lightweight Laptop Backpacks

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 15.6-inches | Weight: 0.89 Kg | Waterproof: No | Capacity: 26 L

Key Features

  • Anti-shock plate thick anti-shock internal lining keeps your laptop and tablet safe from any mishandling.
  • Strong Stitching will not tear or rip apart from any places with heavy-duty stitching.
  • Suitable for long-term use Because of the addition of various compartments.

Compact yet functional, the Norsens laptop bag is great for people who want something lightweight and compact but do not want to compromise functionality. The bag has a dense and protective layer of anti-shock plate that keeps your laptops and tablets safe from any mishandlings for the laptop placement. You can store any laptop of up to 15.6 inches of sizes.

Not only does the bag protect your laptop from outside collisions. It also has a pearl-cotton lining between the laptop sleeve that keeps it safe from bumping into other stuff in the bag, such as your tablet. .

If you wear your laptop around for long periods of time, you will especially love the breathable cushion padding at the rear.

The padding keeps you comfortable and lightweight throughout your carrying period and ensures that you do not feel any strain on your shoulders.

Ultra light weight features of this laptop backpack for men is a reason that buyers are discussing around.

Take Note It may be too simple for some users.

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14. Laptop Backpack 18.4 Inch Waterproof Extra Large

Laptop Backpack 18.4 Inch Waterproof Extra Large TSA Travel Backpack Rucksack College School Business Mens Backpacks with USB Charging Port 17.3 Gaming Computer Backpack for Women Men Red

Laptop size: 18.4 inches | Weight: 1.49 Kg | Waterproof: Yes | Capacity: 55 L

Key Features

  • Multifunctional great for people with a variety of needs as it is suitable for college use, camping, and traveling.
  • Breathable surface to make your journey hassle-free
  • Extra-large laptop sleeve can store-in laptops as big as 18.4 inches.

With all the vast compartments and pockets, the NUBILY backpack is excellent for people who go heavy on gear. This backpack is not only great for a massive gaming laptop but can also house your other equipment, such as cameras. An extra-large laptop sleeve lets you place a laptop of any size up to 18.4 inches.

The bag has another spacious compartment at the front that can store multiple clothing and hold-in shoes.

For more organization and sorting, you get a front organizational pocket that keeps your smaller belongings easier to locate later on.

Moreover, it has a fully padded, breathable surface that ensures a comfortable and stress-free carrying experience. Because of the durable build and detailed stitching, the bag is perfect for individuals who want something that can be used frequently or daily.

It’s also great for trips that are longer than 3-5 days and demand a lot of packing and storage space.

Take Note It is too heavy for light travelers, it can be a exact day backpack.

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15. Eastpak Provider Backpack

Eastpak Provider Backpack, 44 cm, 33 L, Black Denim

Laptop size: 15.6 inch | Weight: 0.93 Kg | Capacity: 33L | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Pleasing to the eyes because of the beautiful black color.
  • Unisex approach because both men and women can use this.
  • Suitable choice to use it as a laptop bag and a regular traveling bag.

This Eastpak laptop backpack comes in black denim color. Its compact design with this color gives it a very modern look. The best thing about this backpack is that it can be used by both men and women of all ages.

Everyone knows the hassle of carrying two separate bags, the main gear and a laptop bag; well, this backpack solves that problem since it has adequate space for a 15.6-inch laptop.

The backpack has two main compartments. One is the main pocket, while the other is the front pocket for all your other small accessories or for keeping your small notepads. It also has a small organizer compartment so that your things do not get mixed up and topple over one another.

Its excellent zip system assures smooth input and removal of your items. Lastly, this laptop backpack for men will last with you for a long time since it comprises very high-quality nylon.

You can take this backpack for an official trip or a business trip across another country without worries since its sturdiness will not fail you.

Take Note Covered zippers are not easy to operate; sometimes it stucks and create a challenge.

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16. Wenger 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 17-inch | Weight: 1.52 Kg | Tablet size: 10-inch | Capacity: 23L | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Spacious due to the addition of multiple compartments for different things.
  • Separate compartment for laptop makes it a viable option for frequent travelers.
  • Heavenly padded compartments to ensure the safety of your laptop and tablet.

This Wegner Ibex backpack is all the rage nowadays. The most important thing for you to know about this backpack is that it has many compartments for your stuff, whether it be your laptop or tablet, or both. Yes, that’s right! It has a separate room for a laptop and a tablet.

You can store a maximum of 17 inches laptop in it while there is a separate 10-inch compartment for your tablet.

The best thing is that both compartments are heavily padded, so it provides the ultimate safe environment for you to store your laptop or tablet in.

It comes in black with a fantastic airflow padding system, which will help your backpack to remain cool if it’s full. The shoulder straps can absorb shock; this is so that your comfort is not compromised.

It has many small compartments and organizers so that your stuff doesn’t get mixed up; there is a compartment specially made for your small devices like your MP3.

It is made up of a good quality 90% nylon material, which will last for a long time.

Take Note It is not waterproof, so you need to be careful with anything that can cause spillage, especially when you are using it as a day backpack.

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17. NORSENS Environmental Friendly Laptop Backpack

NORSENS Environmental Friendly 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack with USB Port, Large Capacity School Lightweight Notebook Computer Backpacks for Business, Black

Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 0.87 Kg | Waterproof: Water-resistant | Capacity: 32L

Key Features

  • Beautiful gray color to please your aesthetic senses.
  • Built-in the USB port to charge your belongings on the go.
  • Anti-theft compartments to place your valuables without any fear of theft.

This Matein laptop backpack comes in a beautiful grey color. It has the perfect weight so that you can fit in your laptop plus your belongings and go for official trips without your shoulders aching. It has many compartments, but all together, it has four pockets, including the main bag.

The smallest pockets are for your minimal belongings.

It has a built-in USB port so that you can quickly charge your devices while traveling or walking. The best thing about this laptop backpack is that it has an anti-theft compartment where you can store your most valuable belongings like your cards or money.

It has a perfect zipper system that ensures smooth input and removal of stuff. The shoulder straps are made up of sponge mesh to which are breathable so that your body does heat up, so it is best for summers.

It can be your best fit if you need to travel for company-related trips since it gives you a very modern but professional-looking laptop backpack for men because of its colour and design.

It is made up of high-quality nylon so that it will be durable.

Take Note It is only good for the laptop and few notes nothing else can be carried in this laptop backpack.

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18. Kono Laptop Backpack

Kono Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port Business Notebook Anti-Theft Rucksack 15 Inch Tablets Daypack Water Resistant Bag for Work College (Black)

Laptop size: 15 inches | Weight: 0.74 Kg | Waterproof: Water-resistant | Capacity: 21L

Key Features

  • Suitable to place documents due to multiple compartments.
  • Zipper pockets for laptop accessories make it a viable option for business people and students.
  • Space for water bottles is another feather in this backpack’s hat.

If you travel regularly and need to carry multiple items like documents, laptops, lunch, etc., this Kono Laptop bag-pack is the thing you need. The Kono laptop bag-pack is best suited for carrying laptops with its spacious compartments and additional zipped pockets to keep the laptop accessories safe and sound.

Surprisingly, this laptop bag-pack is made water-resistant so the user can keep the water bottles and other liquid containers with absolute peace of mind.

It guarantees that the laptop and other accessories will remain unaffected if the water spills over the bag accidentally.

Moreover, the bag offers a perfect mix of light-weight and durable material for its users. To be exact, it only weighs about 0.74 kilograms with genuine polyester incorporated into it. So, no matter that you want to carry your laptop to the office, university, or another place.

The bag will look trendy with you, and your laptop is likely to remain safe in its cushioned pocket with Velcro fastening.

Take Note Its water-resistant feature is excellent but still, it’s not waterproof.

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19. Water-resistant Slim Laptop Backpack

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 15.6 inches | Weight: 0.82 Kg | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Password lock prevents the theft of a laptop.
  • Durable exterior makes it a viable choice for rough journeys.
  • USB charging port allows you to charge your laptop.

What can be more stressful than your laptop being stolen from its bag during travel? Well, no need to worry about it. Now you can get an LCNC anti-theft laptop backpack with a password lock. All your valuables, specifically laptops, will be safer than ever with this piece of equipment.

In addition to safety, it also promises its users multiple pockets and compartments to keep the items organized. An LCNC laptop backpack can withstand your regular travel patterns and rough use.

The backpack also features water-resistance, so all your belongings remain dry and undamaged.

Moreover, it is light-weight, durable, and perfectly stitched. What compliments the features of this laptop backpack for men is the USB-charging port. So, long gone are the days when having a low-battery while travelling was the issue.

In brief, it offers men a complete sense of security while traveling to the office, worksite, or some other place for their valuables, especially laptops.

Take Note Top handle is not padded so holding it for long time period may tire your hand.

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20. Upgraded Fashion Laptop Backpack

School Backpack 15.6 Inch Upgraded Fashion Laptop Backpack Water-Repellent Computer Backpack Laptop Bag Nylon Casual Daypack with USB Charging Port for Travel/Business/College/Women/Men-Black

Laptop size: 15.6 inches | Weight: 0.55 Kg | Waterproof: Water-repellent

Key Features

  • The unmatched capacity of 21 liters makes it splendid than the other backpacks.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap helps users to carry it effectively.
  • Perfect contrast the black color can create a perfect contrast with your black laptop.

Organizing many items, such as laptops, power cables, chargers, documents, stationery, etc., can be challenging. Therefore, Kroser presents you with its masterpiece that is upgraded to carry your laptop with other valuables anywhere.

This laptop bag-pack will keep all the enclosed material organized in its spacious compartments with its unmatchable capacity of 21 liters. Additionally, the users are also likely to find this backpack quite user-friendly because it comes with an adjustable shoulder trap, making it easy to carry.

On the contrary to purpose-specific backpacks, Kroser laptop backpacks can be used for multiple purposes. Thus, either you want to take your laptop with its accessories to your office, school, shopping, or vacations, the choice is all yours. Last but not least, this bag-pack comes in black colors, so it may not look indecent with any of your laptop models.

In a nutshell, it makes your travel with a laptop way more comfortable than it was before.

Take Note It’s too simple, organizing different things is quite difficult with this laptop bag for men.

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21. AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 17 inches | Weight: 0.89 Kg | Waterproof: Water-resistant

Key Features

  • Laptop placement up to 17 inches laptop placement is possible in this backpack.
  • Padded Sleeves in the interior makes it a protected space for laptops.
  • Additional zips to pack your smaller belongings

This backpack model has been designed, keeping in view the concerns of men who frequently travel along with their laptops. Contrary to other mainstream models, this bag can accommodate laptops of up to 17 inches in size. Moreover, it guarantees to shield laptop in stationary positions and when you are moving.

Similarly, the Basics Laptop bag-pack comes with a padded sleeve that protects the laptop from accidental damage by minimizing the impact.

The laptop backpack for men also features multiple zipped pockets and folders to keep valuables other than laptops in an organized way. Furthermore, you can also keep your tablets and other electronic devices in additional small pouches.

To be brief, it offers a perfect blend of convenience, space, durability, and all other features that are deemed fundamental to the laptop bag-packs. So, you can get all the scores settled with just a single shop of this amazing bag-pack.

Take Note The zippers are confusing and you can have difficulty finding different things.

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22. School Laptop Backpak

School Backpack, Vaschy Unisex Classic Lightweight Water Resistant Rucksack Travel Backpack Fits 15-Inch Laptop

Laptop size: 15 inches | Weight: 0.6 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • A variety of colors Available to accommodate the visual needs of users.
  • Rough interior Prevent accidental jolts to the laptop.
  • An additional level of comfort Because of the lightweight material.

Suppose you are looking for a piece of traveling equipment that will serve you for years to come with guaranteed safety of your valuables, especially laptops. In that case, the Unisex Classic bag-pack is worth investing time and money in.

What is fascinating about this equipment is that it comes in multiple vivid color contrasts, so the men carrying it can make a difference.

The bag incorporates about 23 Liters of capacity with an adjustable shoulder strap that facilitates the fullest user. In addition to these features, the bag is water-proof and can bear prolonged use. Therefore, you need not be afraid of rain or accidental water spills.

To be specific, this backpack is designed to protect your laptop from accidental jolts while on-board. So, long gone are the days when men traveling in public buses and trains had to be concerned about their laptop’s safety.

Last but not least, it will offer you a maximum level of comfort, quality, and convenience.

Take Note Overstuffing this backpack can damage it.

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23. TUMI – Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack

TUMI - Alpha Bravo Sheppard Deluxe Brief Pack Laptop Backpack - 15 Inch Computer Bag for Men and Women - Graphite

Laptop size: 15-inch | Weight: Above 0.6 KG | Capacity: NA | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Suitable for photographers Because they can put their cameras and laptops easily on this backpack.
  • Dedicated space for the laptop.
  • Carry Handle to hold the laptop backpack comfortably.

This Tumi laptop backpack comes in a chic black color. It is especially designed for MacBook owners, so all the people who have a MacBook and cannot find the right backpack, well this is for you. There is also an option of putting your laptop in it but it has to be under 15 inches.

 You will see that it is a very light weight bag being only 1.38 Kg so you can take this backpack on long trips as well. It is equally good for solo travels and long trips.

Tumi is multi-purpose, be it a trip to your office or a hiking journey up north, this backpack will be very useful. Especially those photographers or videographers who travel a lot and need to carry their laptop with them all the time, this is a great backpack for you.

Due to the compact design, many men will see that this laptop backpack for menwill give them the mature look. It is ideal for office people who work in high tech firms and multi-corporations and who really need to make a good mature impression.

The fell of this backpack is a little rough but it is easy to carry. There is also an option of putting your keys and mini documents in specific zippers.

Take Note High cost is the only drawback of this laptop backpack for men.

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24. Kinmac Wine-Bohemian Waterproof Laptop Backpack 

laptop backpack for men

Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: Lightweight | Capacity: NA | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Waterproofing makes it a viable choice for such men who like to carry their water bottle.
  • Option for charging your phone is the convenient one with this one.
  • Multicolor makes it an easy choice for both men and women.

This Kinmac Laptop backpack is very much in fashion these days. It is an amazing edition in the laptop backpack family with an added feature that lets you charge your mobile phone anytime you want since it has a built-in USB port. It has a lot of separate compartments so that your stuff does not get mixed up with each other or topple over one another.

Also, it has a very spacious place inside so that all your necessary belongings fit in easily.

The backpack is made up of very high-quality fabric which is very durable. In addition to that, the fabric is waterproof so that your belongings do not get damaged in rain.

There is  a pocket in the back so that any of your small belongings can be put inside it. It also has an air flow system so that you or your backpack do not get heated up while travelling because usually backpacks tend to do that while being full.

Another greater thing about this backpack is that you can hang it from a trolley. It is made up of very quality lining so if you want to go shopping after work, you would not have to worry about it.

The backpack is available in multiple colors so both men and women can use it. The stitching is not likely to break free while wash and that is another added feature.

Take Note Be gentle while putting your stuff inside it.

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25. Mammut Xeron 20L Daypack

Mammut Xeron 20L Daypack, Business Backpack, Rucksack with integrated laptop compartmen for Women, Men & Kids, Black

Laptop size: 15.6 | Weight: Lightweight | Capacity: 20L | Waterproof: No, Water-repellent

Key Features

  • Integrated laptop compartment to easily place the laptop.
  • Two additional side pockets to conveniently put your water bottles and keys.
  • Easy on the shoulder Because of the addition of comfortable straps.

Travelersoften look for laptops bag that is trendy, convenient to use, and stylish. The Mammut laptop bag-pack can accommodate users looking for such features. This model of laptop bag is best suited for laptops that has the standard size.

It is incorporated with high-quality material, RFID pockets, and is easy to carry. In addition to these unique specifications, this bag-pack encloses roomy compartments with metal zipped pockets.

Moreover, it is recommended for laptop and accessories, but it can also help travelers carrying fragile items, such as sunglasses because of padded pockets.

What makes it convenient to use is the design that enables it to be mounted on trolleys. So, you can take your laptop, other valuables, and fragile items to far-flung areas without any chance of getting them damaged during long journeys. To be precise, this laptop backpack for men can become the best travel partner for men those need to carry their laptops with them regularly.

Take Note Double-check the mini belongings twice because the mini compartments are small, and it’s too simple for may of us.

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In conclusion, we have reviewed all the diverse laptop backpacks available in the mind that keep functionality, durability, and affordability in mind. All our choices have been short-listed after checking all the boxes for a functional and supportive design. You can consider any of our picks without worrying about them, disappointing in the long-term.

Hopefully, our resource helps you to find a suitable laptop backpack for men that will become a travel companion for many of coming years. Our top recommendation has all the features and offers benefits that a man really needs.

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