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3 Best Hard Shell Children’s Suitcases of 2021

Vacation is not just enjoying sightseeing with your family; this pleasant time-span also includes a bumpy ride with the children. Yes, the uncontrollable children are easily found to frolic here and there at terminals. From incessant attention-seeking to throwing tantrums, the children always come up as villains of the party spoiling saga. But if you arrange them hard shell childrens suitcases they can carry all of their stuff happily.

hard shell childrens suitcases

Nevertheless, one better way to tame the minion monsters is to hand separate luggage to them. As backpacks may hurt the feeble backs, the best option is a suitcase. The blog will look into some of the hidden aspects of hardshell suitcases for children, leading to the apex brand finally culminating in top-notch products. Stay tuned in.

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Why Is There a Need for a Separate Children’s Suitcase?

Necessity is the mother of invention. The following points justify throwing money on buying a separate suitcase for your baby traveler.

  • A separate suitcase for children saves space in the leading luggage carriers, Children’s accessories contain a variety of items, from children’s toys to uncountable attire. A separate suitcase for children relieves the burden on the family suitcase. The child enjoys luggage autonomy.
  • Makes the child civic, The child becomes independent and learns the life skills of management in transit.
  • The separate suitcasing brings about an organizational boost, Children’s luggage is different in terms of size and placement. The allocation of small attire, books, and other fun items bring about a big organizational boost for the traveling family.
  • Saves time and cost, Most airlines allow baggage up to 23 kilograms only. If you buy a regular separate suitcase for children, it will dent the budget. This way, the economic children’s bag reduces the cost and allows swift transportation.

Why Do the Children Feel Rejuvenated after Having Suitcase?

According to a psychological assessment by the University of Minnesota, “children always relish the separate luggage holding en route.” (2019 journal). Common sense approves this proposition. How? Let us elaborate.

  • Different aesthetics – happy child

Children’s suitcases come up with unique designing patterns. The child-grade suitcases are specially manufactured according to the child’s method. This change makes the minor exuberant.

  • Pride in leading the way!

The child feels pride when she manages things, settles down the hurdles, and paves her way. The excitement of the journey doubles up with a separate suitcase.

  • Easy access to all the tidbits

The child does not have to plead with the guardian for the often required item. She can access the requisite things anywhere and everywhere. The child flies freely.

  • Safe and sound sojourn with a high sense of acquisition

Last but not least, the luggage remains under the eagle’s eye of the child. The chances of her luggage missing remain a far cry. Besides, the child enjoys every part of the trip with high vibes of being the owner, not an underling.

What Can a Child Carry in Suitcase?

A variety of things can be placed in a child-grade suitcase. However, some of the common things a child can place herein are:

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Attire
  • Sunglasses
  • Pair of shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Backpack
  • Jacket
  • Sandals
  • Hat
  • Toothbrush
  • Hairband
  • Games
  • Gadgets
  • Hairbrush

And a variety of customized personal items.

Ideal Dimensions for a Child’s Suitcase

Well, there is no specific dimension of the child-specific suitcase. The dimensions could vary just like the suitcases for adults. However, the key aspects regarding dimensions that should look into the suitcase for children are:

  • The best linear dimension is 18-20 inches.
  • Hardshell suitcases must be made up of polycarbonate or ABS plastic.
  • The suitcase should be lighter in weight.
  • Wheels must be swift enough to schlep by the midget scout.
  • Overall, the child-grade suitcase should be comfortable enough to be owned by a child en route.

3 Best Brands for Children’s Hardshell Suitcases

1. Disney

Some brands have a nostalgic attachment to children. The children of Generation Z have been drip-fed by Disney amusement services, whether parks or cartoons. Disney is the most sought-after buzz world in the life of a global child. Founded around 33 years ago as an American venture in California, Disney has expanded its operations to 387 destinations.

The suitcases carrying the brand name of Disney are nifty, attractive, entertaining, and durable. Disney knows the child’s brain and produced exactly what the minion hanker is for.

2. Heys

Another famous brand in the children’s world is Heys International. The brand was founded back in 1986 in Canada as a family business. Despite catering to the child’s aesthetics, the brand manufactures top-class children’s suitcases with a top-notch material called polycarbonate.

The brand is gaining ground with each passing day owing to its durability, organization, and clean looks.

3. American Tourister

American Tourister is a brand owned by the unconditional king in suitcase manufacturing – Samsonite. Founded by siblings Sol and Irving Koffler back in 1933, the American Tourister provides various luggage items, including suitcases for children.

The suitcases offered by the American Tourister are high-end, chic, glittering, and seeing eye to eye with the traveling child. In terms of durability, you may rely blindly on the American Tourister.

Hard Shell Children’s Suitcases

With our best efforts we shortlisted top three brands that we earlier discuss now its time to see their products.

1. Hard Shell Children’s Suitcase Disney

Disney Frozen II Anna Elsa Luggage Hard Side Tween Spinner Rolling Suitcase for Kids Carry-On Travel Trolley - 20 Inch

Dimensions: 50.8 × 30.4 × 20.3 CM | Weight:  2.4 kg | Casing:  ABS hardshell plastic/polycarbonate | Expandable: No | Colours: Sky blue (Anna Elsa texture) and two others.

Key Features

  • Features adorable characters from Disney — Disney suitcase is adorned with adorable characters of Frozen-II from Disney animation series.
  • 360° rotating wheels — 360° rotatable wheels help in maneuverability.
  • Smooth zippered closure —  Provides you with a water-tight enclosure.

Aesthetics and feels: Brandishing the Frozen-II series, the Disney suitcase is a valid aesthetic object, and the feel of the Disney suitcase is truly inspiring for the user child. The child delves into nostalgic ebbs and crests while dragging with this posture Madden suitcase.

Durability: Fraying the suitcase occurs mostly from the body and wheels; this fracturing becomes manifold when the suitcase is handled by merrymaking but reckless children. Disney has put a particular focus on both of these essential aspects and ensured iron-strong durability.

Usability: The usability of the suitcase is quite simple. The Disney suitcase is lighter and is enclosed by zippers. The Disney suitcase is easy and straightforward to use for the naive cuddly urchin.

View at Amazon

2. Hard Shell Childrens Suitcase Heys

Heys America Marvel Comics

Dimensions: 66 × 40.6 × 27.9 CM | Weight:  Nil | Capacity: 76 L | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Single comics

Key Features

  • Marvel design comics — Heys suitcase is adorned with exciting Marvel design comics.
  • 20% expandability —The children’s bag is expandable up to 20%.
  • Spacious — Around76-liter capacity can accommodate a hell of a toy.

Aesthetics and feels: Marvel characters present heys suitcase. The design and sense are inspiring for the traveling child. The child feels like a superhero landed on foreign land to save the dark sinking world.

Durability: The Heys suitcase’s durability is relatively much more robust against the reckless handling of the little minion. Heys knows about en-route bumps and crashing, so the frame is specially designed to counter all ongoing hurdles.

Usability: Children are always short of space, the long list of child’s belongings is never-ending, but the list shrinks before the spacious Heys suitcase. The lined interior and zippers grasp the luggage conveniently while the four wheels zip through the zig-zag aisles.

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3. American Tourister Disney Kids Princess 

American Tourister Disney Kids Princess Hardside Carry On Upright, 16-Inch

Dimensions: 45.9 × 33.4 × 22.4 CM| Weight: 2 kg | Casing: ABS hardshell plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Princess and five others.

Key Features

  • Princess-2 insignia — American Tourister expresses the famous animated series of Princess-2 from Disney. 
  • Book opening case —The book opening case with a mesh divider provides the optimal internal accommodation.
  • Cross straps — Cross straps clasp the placed luggage firmly.

Aesthetics and feels: The American Tourister children’s suitcase is high in aesthetics owing to the fine cartoon printing of Princess-2 characters. The child himself feels like a princess ruling the roost while schlepping the American Tourister.

Durability: ABS hardshell plastic is the most durable in the domain of hardshell casing suitcases. The case is water-resistant and shockproof; additionally, the thick glittering layer provides resilience against dirt and dust.

Usability: The book opening case provides optimal organizational and security support for the American Tourister suitcase that is handy and comfy to use and drag. The wheels are silent and maneuverable regardless of the bumpiness of the way.

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Concluding Notes

If you were puzzled about the ongoing foreign or domestic trip with the wards, this blog must have resolved the riddle about controlling the energetic minions en route.

A separate hardshell suitcase for children is an over-the-top solution and provides optimal ease.

Some major brands and products are also reviewed to give you a concise picture. The saga ends here. Have a nice journey!

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