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3 Best Extra Large Suitcase 80 to 90cm

Packing is a must for travel but not every suitcase can be accommodated for every kind of packing. Extra-large suitcases are lovely because they can accommodate spacious travel needs.

Extra-large suitcases are getting popular all around the globe for all the right reasons. People nowadays have so many things to carry with them while they are travelling to any other city or country. Previously when extra-large suitcases were not introduced, people used to pack extra bags with them. Now, as the world is getting smarter, people prefer to do smart packing, which means all the stuff in one bag.

extra large suitcase 90cm

Therefore, families and individuals planning long trips always go for one or two extra capacity suitcases to avoid the hassle.

When we travel, our requirements differ. It’s like men have different things to pack while women have other requirements. Having an extra large suitcase will allow you to pack family requirements in one bag. Nowadays, even friends going on a long trip pack things together to save them from the hassle.

On the contrary, kids have different requirements as well. Therefore, Extra- large suitcases are made for such people who are either planning a very long trip or a standard trip with their families.

Before moving forward for extra-large suitcases you may like to read about the suitcases made for business travel available on the separate page.

Things an Extra Large Suitcases Can Carry

Planning a trip is easy but packing for a trip is not. In case you are traveling with family, everyone is going to pack different things. An extra large suitcase is always accommodative and makes a viable option for family vacations.

Essential items to carry on an extra large suitcase

  • Passports and ID cards (if travelling outside the country)
  • Documents ( such essential files that you might require anytime)
  • Clothes
  • Suits (if your suitcase is hard-shell)
  • Cigarettes ( some extra-large suitcases have a special place for them)
  • Stationery, Undergarments, Shaving kit and trimmer
  • Perfume, Shampoo and soap
  • Keys, First aid kit, Maps and Towel
  • Mattress pad (if you are allergic to certain things)
  • Medicines
  • Sanitizers and Masks
  • Makeup ( some regular stuff like foundation, concealer, lipsticks, balms and mascara )
  • Toiletries
  • Pads ( sanitary pads )
  • Cosmetics
  • Gifts for friends and family

For Kids You May Require

  • Toys
  • Clothes
  • Pampers
  • Food ( dry milk)
  • Feeders
  • Wipes
  • Shoes

Types of 3 Extra Large Suitcases?

Three types of suitcases are the talk of the town.  

1. Hard-shell Extra- large suitcase

These suitcases are made with a hard exterior. Most of these suitcases are made with graphite or metal. However, the primary thing that these suitcases do is to protect the items kept inside.

The hard exterior of these suitcases takes all the burden on itself to keep all the things stored inside safe and sound. However, these suitcases are mostly heavy, and they do take more space compared to any other Extra-Large suitcase.

Apart from everything these suitcases mostly look good and they are more durable.

2. Softshell extra-large suitcase

These suitcases are not made for the protection of sensitive things but compared to the hard shell luggage; it can store more stuff as it has multiple pockets in it. Moreover, they can easily adjust anywhere, and they take less space compared to the hard shell suitcases.

4. Leather suitcase

These suitcases are made for people who love leather. They are mostly made on order, and they offer multiple things that no other suitcase can offer. However, they are a bit more expensive compared to the materials mentioned above. 

Things to Look for in an Extra Large 90cm Suitcase

Before purchasing an extra-large suitcase, you must look into specific necessities.

  • Capacity – is one of the main things. When you are searching for the extra-large suitcase, the storage should be enough for at least two persons packing.
  • Material – It depends on you, what type of material you want. If your belongings are sensitive, go for the hard shell suitcase. However, if you want extra storage for clothes, go for the softshell bag.
  • Security – When you are buying an Extra large suitcase give primary importance to the security. If there is no number lock on your suitcase, that means your belongings are not safe inside. Bags are in cargo, and there is a probability that someone will open it if there is no lock on them. Looking for TSA approved lock suitcase will help you in many ways.
  • Wheels – The ideal extra-large suitcase should have for 360 degree moving wheels in it.
  • Compartments – there should be more than two compartments so you can easily arrange your things in it. And you don’t have to take everything out to find one item.

Best Extra Large Suitcases

Here are our recommendations, we select these pieces to share with you after due diligence.

1. American Tourister Eclipse Softside Spinner Luggage

American Tourister Eclipse Softside Spinner Luggage (Black/Blue, 20 inch)

Key Features

  • 600D Polyester Material – is extremely durable.
  • Winner in Capacity – an ideal choice for family trips.
  • Matching Rubberized Zippers – along with beautiful purple colour exterior.

Packing for the whole family is a cumbersome procedure. More than that, carrying two suitcases can be straining as well. In this situation, one needs a suitcase that is accommodative enough to cater to the packing needs of whole family. American Tourister is all you need in this situation.

American Tourister is the best option because it is an extra capacity suitcase. It has all the essential features that you want in your bag when you are planning a long trip.

As it is designed giving primary importance to the storage capacity. You can keep multiple things in it safe and sound. Moreover, the things you keep inside it will be safe because of its durable 600D Polyester exterior.

Also, your clothes and other items will correctly adjust in its compartments. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings.

Also the suitcase has the matching zippers that give the luxurious feel to the users. The beautiful blue colour also adds to its desirability.

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2. SWISSGEAR Hardside Spinner Luggage

SWISSGEAR 7739 Trunk, Hardside Spinner Luggage, Carry-On - White

Key Features

  • Split case design – to offer more accommodation for packing.
  • Locking telescopic handle – aluminum locking telescopic handle save the user from typical locking and unlocking
  • Beautiful look – eye-catching colour combination and refined look make it attractive.

There is a misconception that extra-large suitcases are not attractive. However, this product of Swiss Gear is a perfect combination of enormous storage and elegant look. You can store multiple items in it because of its split case design.

The aluminum telescopic handle adds to the durability and offers handle lock. Also there are rose gold wheels that adds to the overall aesthetics of the suitcase.

Swiss Gear is easy to maneuver throughout the airport because of the spinner wheels. Also the look makes it a winner in extra large suitcases.

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3. Steve Madden Designer Luggage

extra large suitcase 90cm

Key Features

  • Extra light weight – with the spinner wheels.
  • Compressible – softshell exterior allows it to compress and adjust in cargo easily.
  • Smooth wheels – allow easy dragging.

Softshell suitcases are best for long trips because of the easily adjustable feature. With Steve Madden suitcase, you get extra space due to extendable compartments. The wheels are easy on spin and allow easy dragging of the suitcase throughout the airport.

Moreover, the extra side pockets are another fantastic feature which allows you to keep some different things with you while you travel.

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Final Words

A suitcase is an investment. Therefore it is good to for it only once. An extra large suitcase is the best travel investment you can make. A detailed extra large suitcase analysis has been given. We hope it helps you choose the best one.

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