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3 Best Childrens Suitcases in the UK

Travelling with children is an acid test for every Briton. The little minions romp, tease and interrupt the guardians all the way long. Children are capricious and require different items frequently en route. At the same time, the placement of luggage into the family suitcase brings an extra toll to the ring leader. So how to counter this problem as the same naughty dwarfs are the most adorable creatures. Who can deny the unconditional love of parents for their children?

childrens suitcases uk

A Rational SolutionDo read this advice if the kids are not roaming or sneaking around (privacy issues). If you cannot convince the children, confuse them. The children must be given their separate kids-grade suitcases to handle the very luggage that belongs to them. This provision would make them responsible and give ease in accessibility and overall travel. This is the reason today we are discussing childrens suitcases uk.

Children’s stuff is stylish but different so let the beans place their belongings apiece.

This review blog is written to aptly cover the dark and bright sides of some of the contemporary kid-specific suitcase brands. So here you go!

We recently review cheap trunki suitcases which are ideal for small kids you might like their bright colours.

1. Karabar Hard Shell Cabin Carry-on Polycarbonate Suitcase Hand Luggage

childrens suitcases uk

Key Features

  • Air protocol compliant – Air protocol compliance with most British airlines eases in traveling to and fro.
  • Waterproof – Karabar suitcase prevents accidental spills seeping deep into the suitcase.
  • Three-digit combination padlock – The three-digit locking saves the kid’s valuables from theft.

Children sometimes behave like water-guzzling and splashing monsters, this disposition manifolds en route. Who, on the earth, could prevent the surrounding from over-encompassing droplets.

If you are going to buy a separate suitcase for your fledgeling child, always consider a waterproof one such as Karabar.

Karabar durable PC plastic material saves the luggage herein from accidental and intentional (very often) spills. The outer surface may depict dystopia, but the inner placed valuables enjoy maximum protection.

Fit for – Karabar is fit for the rowdy battalion of the kid’s company. The scratches, screeching, and bumps do not impact the firm surface of the suitcase.

The Karabar suitcase also supports the travel protocol of many of the British airlines while the three-digit combination lock prevents untoward accidents.

Balloon and Eiffel Tower – Karabar is sightseeing long before reaching the actual sightseeing places. The user interface is highly entertaining, and the kid relishes dragging along the travel partner.

At long last, the Karabar suitcase is available in an affordable price range with distinctive qualities such as waterproofness, spacious compartment, and ergonomic design. Have a must-try!

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2. 18″ Children Dinosaur Rolling Suitcase


Key Features

  • Dinosaur trademark – The glittering print of the dinosaur pushes the kid into prehistoric wonderland.
  • Swift spinners – Here the kid goes in a buzz! Thanks to the super quick spinners.
  • Immense size – All the child’s belongings can conveniently be corralled into the cartoon box.

British children have been force-fed with the courageous stories of giant, tiny, or naughty dinosaurs. This recurring phenomenon has sketched a fantasy-filled map into the little minds. Our children love everything related to dinosaurs such as the fine life-size print of dinosaurs on the Sondre kid-suitcase.

The Sondre suitcase has a fantastic exterior depicting the roaring dinosaur. Having a Sondre suitcase is a fun ride for a baby in arms.

Besides interactive interaction, the Sondre suitcases are also comfy and user friendly. The suitcases are spacious enough to corral the data of the kid while swift spinners give a fun ride to the little master.

Matching with – If you have taken personality tests of your kind on the Myers-Briggs MBTI scale, the suitcase matches the INT personality types. Kids with more incredible imagination and profound ingenuity would love to cater to the new suitcase. One of our panellists has done the empirical validity of this position on her child. Interestingly, the result matches!

The Sondre Fantasy World suitcase is the right travel partner, thanks to quality manufacturing.

Every part is finely built after due deliberation and care.

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3. Slimbridge Kids Cabin Carry-on Hand Luggage Suitcase

childrens suitcases uk

Key Features

  • Barcelona Lilac flower pattern – Slimbridge suitcase is adorned with a pleasing Barcelona Lilac flower pattern.
  • Lightweight construction – The polyester feather-light build relieves the feeble child’s body of strain.
  • Optimal organization – Boost the ease of handling and lugging.

Major chronic issues arise out long before adolescence, and the cause is usually stressful physical activity caused by frail bodies.

Putting this language, children must only entertain the lighter luggage carriers, if required.

A suitcase carrying a kid may sound gentle and chic, but the conscious parent must consider the weight of the suitcase too.

Slimbridge has focused explicitly on this genre and released a kid-specific suitcase with a low weight of less than one kilogram. The size limit is exceptionally safe and sound for the travelling kid.

Children can easily carry luggage 15-20% of the total body weight. This is a commonly accepted maxim among the medical fraternity.

Slimbridge kid-grade suitcase is built on Barcelona’s Lilac flower pattern, a completely exquisite edition of fine printing.

Moreover, this kid-specific lightweight suitcase is also a complaint with the British and international airlines’ travelling protocols. The slim kid with the Slimbridge feels like flying into the clouds. 

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4. Peppa Pig Unicorn Suitcase for Girls

Peppa Pig Unicorn Suitcase for Girls, Kids Trolley Hand Luggage with 2 Wheels, Practical Carry On Suitcase, Children Toddlers Travel Bag with Pink Unicorn, Gifts for Girls Boys Age 3 +

Key Features

  • Height adjustable – The adjustable handle resizes with the growing physique of the kid.
  • High-quality cartoon printing – On the cover, Peppa Pig is seen swimming with unicorns, ice cream, rainbows, and flamingos.
  • Strong base – The concrete base prevents the fear of breakage.

The biggest hurdle for the little travellers is the aptly handling of the suitcase. Sometimes the small palm does not fit into the handles, or many times the wheels are swift enough to keep abreast with the quick paces of a little marcher. Mishandling makes the suitcase a whammy instead of a blessing for the kid.

Peppa pig suitcase has tried to mitigate the hurdles up to virtual ground zero. Such as the adjustable handle can be stretched up to 70cm to cater to the different heights of the ever-growing bodies. At the same time, the strong spinning wheels are smart enough to maintain the pace. Easy stow handle, interactive design, spacious compartments are some other kid bolstering features.

Meet with Peppa pig – Peppa Pig is a comical, iconic brand ambassador who plays with the kid when all sleep.

Overall, Peppa pig is a quality brand with, amazingly, a very low price tag. Selecting the Peppa Pig suitcase is a win-win situation.

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5. 16 Inch Kid’S Suitcase On Wheels Children Trolley Luggage

Key Features

  • Classy matte finish – The elegant matte finish beautifies the charm of the TTZY children’s suitcase.
  • Four stunning colours – Variety is the spice of suitcase life, proven aptly by TTZY.
  • Silent wheels – Children themselves are noisy enough, so the wheels are dumb.

Not all the kids are boisterous and rowdy; some are meek and amenable. TTZY suitcases are for the clam-loving kids who want to drag the suitcase with all the serenities of life.

TTZY incorporates the four TPE premium silent wheels that sojourn exceptionally on the rough and smooth terrains. The brand claims to have won a durability test of 20 kilometres, much enough for the dwarf steps of the fledgeling traveller.

The wheels of TTZY produce, sometimes, only a paltry sound of fewer than 20 decibels. The dragging of the TTZY kid-grade suitcase does not perturb the serenity of the surrounding environment.

Other useful aspects of this silent traveller include ABS polycarbonate material, four dashing colours, a three-tier lock handle, a zip compartment, and optimal organizational support – the perfect recipe for exuberant travel across the globe. All these good aspects hardly adjoin in one single item, TTZY is not an exception.

TTY is designed soberly. The ethical design is pleasing to the onlookers and wins the hearts and minds of every passerby. Furthermore, the economical price tag of the TTZY kid-grade suitcase makes it accessible for lower and middle-income British families. The purchase does not make a hefty dent in the not-so-deep pocket of the guardian.

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Kids won’t take responsibility for anything unless you teach them how to. A boisterous kid is not a pleasant sight on an aeroplane. The best way to make your kid responsible for himself is to get him luggage of his own.

Some of the unique kid-grade items were presented above to make a rational decision before stepping out with the children at hand.

The significance of children’s suitcases has already been elaborated at length, and panellists feel it suffices to quote that travelling with kids and having a common luggage carrier would push you to step into a live landmine. Select a separate suitcase to keep the baby and yourself happy.

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