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3 Cheap Trunki Suitcases in the UK

If you are a parent, you have probably heard about a Trunki suitcase from your other parent friends. There is no doubt that Trunki has become one of the most talked-about and recommended suitcases for kids. There are also chances that you have already seen many sweet and colourful Trunki cases being rolled around the airport. Let’s move forward to find a cheap trunki suitcase UK that can satisfy your needs.

cheap trunki suitcase uk

All parents want to teach their kids a thing or two about packing and luggage as they grow up. If you have tried your luck in getting your kids to handle their bags, then we don’t need to tell you how hard and frustrating it is. They are still new to the concept of luggage responsibility. You will need something sweet and colorful to get your kid to pay attention finally. This is where Trunki’s suitcases come into play.

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What is a Trunki Suitcase?

Trunki is like any other durable and functional luggage except that it’s a ride-along. It trims off the boredom attached to regular, grown-up luggage cases.

Carrying your children’s luggage and your children’s luggage makes traveling feel more like a chore than a pleasurable experience. Nobody likes to haul around a bunch of luggage.

Now, if that was not unfair enough, you also have to manage your kids all the time. This problem is only furthered when you have a child to carry. Parents fell in love with the Trunki because it is an all-rounder. It gets your kids to do their packing and carrying. Plus, it also let’s you pull your kids along on a fun ride as they can remain seated in their luggage case.

In 1977, Rob Law came up with a new design for suitcases for a university competition. He won for his thoughtful design of compact kid-friendly luggage. Since then, Trunki has been alluring parents and kids worldwide with its attractive and lively designs.

Good and Bad Things About a Trunki Suitcase

Just like every product trunki suitcases also have some positive and negative sides like:

The Good Things

Capacity for Long Trips and Big Toys: Most standard Trunki Cases come with at least 18 Liters of capacity, which is more than enough for storing many pairs of clothing. Trunki also understands that there are some toys kids can’t live without. It incorporates a very spacious build into the house with as many toys and teddies as your kid wants.

Small and Light for your Kid: It’s a no big brainer that kids have minimal handling capacity and strength. No parent wants their child to bulk up on some heavy luggage that will leave their little fingers swollen at the end of the day. The 18 Liter Trunki case only weighs around 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs), which is close to what regular fabric luggage weighs around.

Ride-along for Less Burden on Parents: Thanks to the sweet and comfy Saddle on these suitcases, you won’t have to worry about having to carry your child. You pull the bag along with your child to make the journey less exhausting.

Designs that kids love: Trunki comes in hundreds of designs from sweet animals like giraffes, zebras, unicorns, cute vehicles, and cartoon prints. All these designs make it incredibly appealing to kids and make them excited about their luggage and packing responsibilities.

The Bad Things

Not mountable: It’s safe to assume that kids aren’t very dependable and will change their minds then and now. When you are talking about long trips, your kid will eventually get tired of pulling the luggage. It can be tough to manage when your child is not willing to haul it along anymore when you don’t have a mounting option.

A bit limited for tall kids: Even though the bag is designed for kids up to 6 years old, the bag’s size can still be limiting for tall kids. It’s only good for little kids and might be exhausting and frustrating for a taller kid. Your child’s shoes can also wear out quickly. Also, continually riding on it by pushing through the feet is also not fun after a few minutes.

3 Cheap Trunki Suitcases in the UK

Below we list and review three best and cheap trunki suitcases.

1. Trunki Hello Kitty Ride-On Suitcase – Pink

cheap trunki suitcase uk

Key Features

  • Ride-along design — You get four spinner wheels and steering horns that let your kid sit and stroll on top of the suitcase.
  • Comfy saddles for seating —  Case comes with a comfortable and roomy saddle that allows kids to ride-atop for hours.
  • Horn grips Add an extra layer of stability and support to ensure your kid doesn’t fall.

Packing isn’t always fun and can cause a lot of panic and pre-trip anxieties. This problem is only multiplied when you have to pack for your kids as well. Finally, transcending into giving your kids more freedom and autonomy over their luggage can incredibly relieve parents. However, it’s no good idea just to let kids be in charge of everything when packing.

If you want something safe and kid-friendly, a traditional luggage case wouldn’t do the job.

This Hello Kitty Trunki Case packs all the essential features that you need to get your kids to take some responsibility when traveling. Trunki has been well-known for being one of the best luggage makers for kids. It has been thoughtful enough to make the luggage ride-along, which is just what your child needs.

Thanks to the four fixed wheels and two horn grips, your kids get to ride and steer their luggage case whenever they need it. We all know that kids can’t hold their luggage all day long with those tiny hands. Unlike us adults, kids don’t have that level of endurance and strength and therefore need a break. This is why we love this Trunki case; it solves the core problem of traveling with kids.

The ride-along feature can only never be enough to accommodate all your travel needs. You have tons more to think about and consider. Kids need a little packing space and organization too. Trunki has been able to recognize this need and does not fall short of capacity, even if it’s a kid’s luggage.

Its spacious and roomy design makes it perfect for packing multiple pairs of clothes and any toys that your kid wants to carry along.

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2. Trunki The Original Ride-On Trixie Suitcase

Trunki The Original Ride-On Trixie Suitcase, Pink by Trunki

Key Features

  • Durable and sturdy — The polypropylene exterior is impressively sturdy for frequent and rough usage.
  • Secure, lockable latches — You get latches on both sides, which ensures protection of the contents within and keeps the case safe from bursting open.
  • Lots of Capacity — You get 18 Liters of Capacity, making it great for week-long trips and storing chunky winter clothes.

The second pick is another Trunki suitcase that comes with the reliability and durability aspect of the brand. Many luggage manufacturers often leave out the severe factors when it comes to kid’s luggage. If you go around looking for durability, capacity, strength, or even a trustworthy build in a kid’s bags, you are bound to be disappointed.

Behind all the fancy and glittery features, they offer an open suitcase empty of any viable features. This Trunki case is built with a thick and sturdy polypropylene material that will hold all your child’s favorite belongings without breaking at the worst times.

This can mean so much to parents as we already know how harsh and careless kids can be with their luggage. The Trunki suitcase is up for any rough handling that kids are accustomed to.

Besides cute and alluring looks, you also need something secure. When traveling, especially with your luggage packed to its fullest capacity, your luggage is always at risk of bursting open.

This is even more true for kids who pack-in too many toys.

All parents can use a little assurance and guarantee that this won’t happen. Parents love the Trunki case all around the world because of this security aspect. You get two lockable latches that keep your luggage tightly-packed throughout the journey.

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3. Trunki The Original Ride-On Terrance Suitcase

cheap trunki suitcase uk

Key Features

  • X-Shaped strap — An X-strap offers full coverage to your kid’s clothes and also their toys to keep them in their place.
  • Cabin-approved — You won’t need to check-in your luggage and can move through airport security quickly with the Cabin-approved size.
  • Kid-friendly build It has a soft rubber trim at the edges and around corners, making it safe for little ones to carry.

While we are already convinced about the utility and relief of a Trunki suitcase. It is still worth the while to discuss all its features just for informed decision-making. We believe the main appeal and strength of all Trunki suitcases is freedom and the fun it provides to kids, but it has more to offer.

This Blue and Orange Trunki Suitcase is like every other on the list and comes with an X-shaped strap that gives full coverage to your child’s belongings. This strap is also called the “Teddy Bear” seatbelt by the brand as it is spacious enough to hold a big teddy bear in its arms.

Because of this strap and an internal pocket, you as a parent can remain assured that your kid won’t have a messy packing that would mean more unpacking labor for you. Speaking of labor, who likes to wait in long lines to get their luggage checked-in? No parents with lots of kids to manage.

Trunki did not spare any rigor and solved this problem too. Their kid-friendly suitcase is also cabin-approved so you can move through the airport quickly and easily.

Moreover, the compact body can be stored under the seat and also in the overhead bin.

All these features are great, but because we are talking about kids’ luggage, the build and safety should not be overlooked. The bag incorporates an impressively child-friendly build.

By that, we mean that the chances of your kid hurting themselves with its opening, closure or handling are low. You get a soft rubber trim at the edges which means it’s safe for little ones who are only getting used to the concept of a luggage case just now.

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If you are worried about your kid packing, it is time to get him or her a Trunki suitcase. A Trunki suitcase will instil a sense of travelling in your kid. Next time you are travelling with your child make sure that you get yourself a nice Trunki suitcase.

The three best Trunki suitcases have been reviewed for you, for your assistance.

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