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3 Cheap But Durable Suitcase Sets in the UK (Reviews of 2021)

Are you searching for cheap suitcase sets UK? instead of buying suitcases one by one it much better to make a single decision and get a set of a suitcase. The suitcases usually come in the number of three. Where the smallest one can be used as cabin luggage and the other two can be used to carry you your long vacation luggage.

cheap suitcase sets uk

As Luggage cases and travel bags make an important segment of Amazon’s products, it offers its own line of Luggage under its brand AmazonBasics. AmazonBasics is a subsidiary brand of Amazon and has been offering high-quality luggage sets for many years. Its main goal was to develop highly functional luggage cases on par with all the high-end luggage set manufacturers but have a more affordable price tag.

Being a reliable and highly affordable brand, it has pleased its customers with nothing but the highest quality level. To sum it all up, luggage sets by AmazonBasics are the perfect all-rounders when it comes to affordable utility.

Flight Knight started its journey in 2019. Although it is still a relatively new brand, it has made its mark on suitcases. The suitcase sets by this brand are comfy and spacious enough to cater to customers’ needs worldwide.

If you are looking for a reliable suitcase set, you should choose from dependable and reputed companies. For your kind convenience, today we have chosen amazonbasics and flight knight suitcase sets for you. Let’s have a look.

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1. AmazonBasics Premium Expandable 3 Pieces Suitcases Set

cheap suitcase sets uk

Dimensions: 53 x 64 x 74 CM | Weight: Lightweight | Capacity: Large | Lock: TSA Built-in | Casing: Softside | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Blue, Black and 4 others

Key Features

  • Multi-directional spinner wheels Tough-quality spinner wheels that allow you to manoeuvre through the airport with ease.
  • Challenging, sturdy build — You get long-lasting material and stitching that will live through many years of use.
  • TSA-lock — TSA-approved lock on all three cases allows you to keep your belongings safe while letting you check-in quickly.

This matching 3-piece suitcase incorporates a lovely minimalist and modern style. Its tough and reliable build is excellent for people who want to keep their suitcase set for the long-term. With a 74, 63, and 53 Cm case, you get enough capacity to pack as much as you need for a long trip.

Their spacious build makes them especially great for families that need to pack-in a lot. Its firm and concrete exterior allow you to easily pack any delicate and fragile belongings without worrying about breaking or damaging them. On a good note, even if you want to transport crockery from one country to another, this suitcase set can assist you even in that.

With this set, you get multiple compartments on all three cases, which means they are also great as individual luggage cases. This means you will always have something for the long as well as the shorter trips.

Even better, all three cases come with heavy-duty, frictionless spinner wheels, which just make maneuverability easier. Because of the smooth and swift wheels, you won’t be having to deal with annoying wheel noises as you walk through a quieter place.

The bags feature thoughtfully-placed support stabilizers, so you don’t need to hold your luggage all the time. They ensure your luggage can standstill without any support from you. Moreover, the three cases feature a TSA-approved lock, which adds an added layer of security without causing any hassle during luggage check-in.

Coming to its utility, the set has two full-size zippers on the main compartment to store your smaller belongings such as medicines, makeup, or chargers. This keeps them relatively quick to locate when unpacking. Thanks to the soft-side build, the set is relatively low-maintenance and requires minimal care efforts.

If you do not have a lot of storage space in your home, then their soft build might be the right option for you as they can be stored in relatively tight and small spaces. If you are looking for comfort and durability in a single suitcase set, nothing can serve you better.

The suitcase set is pleasing to the eye that makes it all the more durable.

Take Note Inside it does not have many compartments.

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2. Flight Knight Suitcase Set

Flight Knight Suitcases Maximum for Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Case Suitcases Carry On & Hold Luggage Single and Set Options Approved for 48 Airlines Inc easyJet and RyanAir

Dimensions: Cabin 22″ + Medium 25″ + Large 29″  | Weight: Not Ultra-Lightweight | Capacity: Large | Lock: Padlock – 3 Digits Combination Lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Black, Charcoal and Rose Gold

Key Features

  • Durable built-in  Exterior, spinner wheels, and telescopic handles are made with strength and endurance in mind.
  • Storage capacity — Roomy enough for storing-in weeks’ worth of belongings.
  • ABS hardshell — You get a dense and concrete ABS outer shell that adds an extra layer of protection to your belongings from any bumps or collisions.

This hardshell luggage set packs both functionality and versatility. Built with durability in mind, these are great for people who fly frequently and want something for rough and heavy use. The bags are up for extensive and long term usage as their ABS shell is relatively sturdy and dependable. Keeping your belongings, especially gifts and delicate souvenirs, can be challenging when long traveling periods are involved. This luggage set is built with protection in mind and is therefore fully water-resistant.

Moreover, to ensure that their appearance and vibrancy does not wash away over time, the surface is also anti-scratch. This ensures a good-looking bag even after a few bumps and collisions along the journey.

The multiple pockets inside help you keep all your stuff nicely separated and fully-organized. Telescopic handles on it are great for adjusting for your height and offer an effortless pull. Because the bags are built with durability in mind, you get four heavy-duty spinner wheels that are great for any rough or rigid surface.

Their tough-quality build ensures that they won’t be wearing out anytime soon, even if you are pulling your luggage along for long periods.

Coming to the capacity, The overall sets packs-in a total of 253 liters of capacity, which makes these perfect for a full-blown, week-long trip. Bigger cases offer 131 and 82 Liters of Capacity. You get a smaller, more compact spinner case with 40 Liters of capacity. The smallest case is perfect for solo luggage and cabin-approved and can be taken along a flight without the hassle of luggage check-in. You get an impressively sturdy and durable build packed with all the features you need for a relaxed and comfy journey.

Take Note Its wheels are small that sometimes stuck on even place.

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3. AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage Spinner Set

Dimensions: 56 x 69 x 79 cm  | Weight: Lightweight | Capacity: Large | Lock: Simple | Casing: Hardshell | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Black, orange and 3 others.

Key Features

  • Multiple compartments Bags incorporates numerous zippers and pockets that let you organize every piece of belonging easily.
  • X-shaped strap — Full-coverage X-strap holds your clothes in place to keep them nicely folded and separated from other contents.
  • Adjustable height handles Telescopic handles can easily be adjusted for your size with the push-button mechanism.

Sturdy, spacious and durable, this Hardshell Luggage set by AmazonBasics is the perfect all-rounder for individuals who want the right balance. With its lustrous, glossy exterior, you get an impressively classy and elegant luggage set. Built with strength and endurance in mind, the set incorporates an extra-thick ABS shell that is sturdier and more concrete than other hardshell luggage cases.

Keeping all your things well-ordered and sorted can be tricky with long-trips as you have to pack in more than manageable. You don’t want to fill your shoes with your clothes and want to keep the makeup away from your white shirts. This is where fully compartmentalized luggage like this one comes into play.

The set is great for a nicely packed-for trip. Moreover, it has a high-quality, 150D polyester pocket in the middle that sections the main compartment into half. It is one of the best cheap suitcase sets uk.

The polyester pocket is accompanied by three zippers where you can store-in all your makeup and personal hygiene products such as shampoos and moisturizers.

Having your clothes crumpled up and mixed is a common problem with heavy packing. These cases come with an X-strap that gives full coverage to your clothes and keeps them nicely folded throughout your journey.

While it’s a highly functional and durable build, it also incorporates a fairly modern and on-trend design. The textured, extra-thick shell gives the bag a very weighted and mature look, which is pleasant to look at.

Double, subtly placed zippers offer a great contrast to the plain and glossy surface. These suitcases are a great choice for anyone whether they want luggage for a week-long trip or something longer as they are impressively roomy without adding a lot of body weight.

Take Note Top handles are not comfortable, usually it pinch into palm.

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4. Flight Knight Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Case

cheap suitcase sets uk

Dimensions: 59 x 32 x 80 cm  | Weight: Lightweight | Capacity: Large | Lock: Padlock – 3 Digit Combination | Casing: Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Black and 15 Others.

Key Features

  • Lightweight — Offers space for packing for week-long trips without being extra heavy or bulky.
  • Full-size divider — The main compartment can be sectioned with a full-size divider with three pockets for enhanced organization.
  • Tough ABS case — Made to stand the test the time.

It isn’t easy to find luggage set with enough strength and endurance while also being lightweight. Lightweight and compact luggage cases often give out after a few uses and need to be replaced again. If you want to keep your burden minimal with something lightweight but do not want to compromise on durability, then the Flight Knight Luggage set is a perfect choice.

Because a reliable brand makes it, you won’t have to worry about its quality deteriorating soon. The tough ABS case is decidedly firm and sturdy and will live-through any of your heavy-packing. The anti-scratch surface is excellent for individuals who want something low-maintenance and easy to store.

If you don’t use your luggage too frequently and stay in the closet for long periods, this set is specially built for safe storage and will make a great purchase. The hard shell keeps your belongings safe from damage and clothes from getting wrinkled and crumpled-up.

Coming to the interior, the main compartments on all three cases are relatively spacious, given their lightweight. The larger compartments offer 131 and 82 Liters of Capacity, and the smaller one is not only great for additional 34 Liters of storage but is also cabin-approved.

Moreover, the bags are highly sectioned and facilitate clean and organized packing. You also get an X-strap and three-pocket divider in all three cases.

Overall, the luggage set has everything you need for a fun and relaxed journey. It gives you all the sought-after features without adding any bulk or burden to your luggage weight. Because of the challenging build, you won’t need to replace it anytime soon, and it will go a long way.

Take Note Padlocks and top handles are two things that we do not like.

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It is always better to go for a suitcase set than for a suitcase alone. Having a suitcase set will give you more options than having an individual suitcase. With a suitcase set, you can pack weeks worth of packing easily and quickly.

AmazonBasics Premium Expandable 3 Pieces Suitcase set is our first recommendation as cheap suitcase sets uk.

We have reviewed 2 of the best brands, which are AmazonBasics and flight knight, for your convenience. All these suitcases are top-notch and up to the mark. You can go for any set you like.

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