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3 Cheap Large suitcases in the UK

With a plethora of suitcases on the market, it can become increasingly frustrating and draining to find one that perfectly matches your needs. Things only go downhill from there when you are also on a budget.

You can’t even contemplate the idea of buying an expensive suitcase when you have all these travel expenses to account for.

Cheap large suitcases UK

There are many luggage suitcases with all the fanciest of features and durability longer than human-life. But all these things become only a dream when you take a look at the price tag. Fortunately, just like you, we have been there as well.

For this reason, we refined a list of suitcases that are exactly what you need to keep both your costs and packing stress minimal.

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Best Alternative to Expensive Luggage

A simple answer to an expensive suitcase could be an inexpensive suitcase. However, when you want something as good as an expensive, higher-end suitcase the “cheap” factor alone would not do the job. You would want something with the same level of sophistication, style, and dependability that you find in more expensive ones. This is where the more affordable brand names come into play.

METZELER, New Eagle, and Flight Knight are some of the most well-known brands and are loved by many travellers around the globe. They offer the looks and aesthetics that you would find in a more high-end bag, and you also get the reliability of these names.

If you want something you can entirely rely on, then their suitcase might be the most affordable option for you.

Why You Should Own a Cheap Suitcase

  • It covers all the basics: While suitcases on the cheaper side are not the most well-equipped with techy features, they are great for basic travelling needs. Many brands solely focus on providing value at affordable prices.
  • Dependable build quality: Like the higher-end suitcase manufacturers, you will also easily find an old, well-established brand name producing affordable luggage. Contrary to what one might think, affordable brands pack the same level of durability and reliability that you would find in a more pricey one.
  • They are great for Occasional flyers: You can find many suitcases that offer endurance and strength over frequent travels and rough usage. All these features revolve around frequent and extensive travellers. You don’t need all these features if you are an occasional flyer. You can save on more than a handsome amount by opting for a much cheaper suitcase.

1. METZELDER TRIOMPH Elegance Hard Case

METZELDER TRIOMPH Elegance Hard Case Brute 1 Year Guarantee (Blue (Blue), L - Large - 106L - 75x51x31cm - 4.2kg)

Key Features

  • TSA Lock – With the TSA lock your valuables remain safe throughout the journey, whether you actively monitor your luggage or not.
  • ABS Hardshell – ABS hardshell is something you can entirely depend on when packing heavily.
  • Smooth wheels –  4 spinner wheels that are swift and sturdy to keep you moving and productive all day long.

There is a lot that goes into consideration when purchasing a suitcase. While all brands are great at providing durability, style, and functionality, the price factor always precedes everything. You could find that perfect luggage with all the features, but not everyone’s budget can allow the price tag it comes with.

It’s hard to get your hands on a real steal that’s affordable yet reliable. What makes this luggage stand out is that METZELDER does not disappoint in the affordability department.

You get a relatively budget-friendly, large capacity suitcase. Nobody wants a suitcase that will burst open when travelling or one that is hard to pull around. This can be a common problem with luggage cases on the cheaper side. METZELDER luggage impressively solved this problem as well.

With uncompromising quality ABS hardshell and the sturdy zippers, you can remain ensured that your luggage remains fully closed and secure even when packed to the fullest.

Frequent travellers know that the best luggage is only the one that suits your particular needs. You would want something good for a myriad of situations.

And that is why we love this suitcase as it incorporates four swift and smooth wheels. They are great not only for the smooth floors at the airport but also for the challenging and bumpy public transportation. Overall, when you want everything packed in one product, the METZELDER suitcase luggage is an all-rounder. You get affordability, durability, and also manoeuvrability in this one.

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2. New Eagle Luggage ABS Hard Shell Hold Luggage Suitcases 

Key Features

  • Super Lightweight – This one minimizes your luggage burden with its 4.3 Kg weight.
  • Lots of capacity – Impressively roomy and accommodating interior let you pack in for weeks as well as for your family.
  • Durable Build – A relatively durable build that will allow you to use it as frequently and extensively as you need.

“Durable” and “lightweight” rarely make a mutual appearance. Walking long distances while hauling your luggage makes travelling more exhausting than it needs to be. You especially do not want something bulky when it comes to business events as you have to save your energy for the better things. This is what makes New Eagle luggage so unique and loved by frequent travellers.

You get lightweight, large-sized luggage for only 4.3 Kg of weight along with a durable build. The case is constructed with a dense and sturdy ABS shell that will live-through the bumps and collisions along the journey. Its price tag might be very affordable for many, but that doesn’t mean its functionality should be discounted. You get more than you would expect a cheap luggage suitcase to have.

It features a reasonably roomy design, four spinner wheels, and a TSA-approved lock, making all parts of your journey quick and hassle-free.

Along with all these features, the suitcase looks almost identical to any of the bigger, more expensive brands.

Overall, it is especially great for people who are only starting to travel for a living and are trying to keep things modest. Even better, It’s also great for families who travel with many children because you can pack-in a lot for long-week trips.

Keep your cash saved to spend later when you finally reach your destination by opting for this cheap yet dependable luggage suitcase.

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3. Flight Knight Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Case

Flight Knight Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Case Suitcases Maximum for Lufthansa & Air Canada Compatible with 35 Airlines.

Key Features

  • Anti-scratch – Scratches won’t work on this one.
  • Water-resistant exterior – Your valuables and devices such as laptops or tablets remain safe from any spillage with a water-resistant exterior.
  • Multiple compartments and pockets – Plenty of freedom over-ordering and organizing your belongings as you want.

Large suitcases can be meaningless without organization and storability. Of course, you would want more organization and orderly storage when you are packing more than usual. A large suitcase means packing for weeks which translates into too many clothes and belongings to manage along.

The Flight Knight suitcase excels in that department. You get multiple compartments and pockets to keep all your stuff in place and more comfortable to locate. Even better, a full-size mesh zipper let you store all the smaller things. For example, medicine, makeup, and phone chargers can remain nicely sorted.

This can be a life-saver as these things get misplaced so frequently when travelling.

When you’re not equipped with the right suitcase, half your time can be used upon packing and unpacking. This can become an even bigger problem when you are a frequent traveller or travel for a living.

For individuals that want to do the packing and unpacking in a breeze but also keep things budget-friendly, this one might be a perfect choice. The suitcase is also packed with lots of room as it allows up to 131 Liters of Capacity without adding too much weight. This makes it great for families and heavy-packers as well.

All these features, compartments, affordability, and capacity make it an all-rounder for people with more than one type of travel needs. You can use it for your solo week-long travels and also for foreign holidays with family.

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Our first pick is our favourite because of its all-rounder design. You get more features than you expect, which makes it one of the best alternatives to expensive cases. It nicely packs durability and affordability, making it great for frequent travellers.

Our second pick, the new Eagle Suitcase, is no less either. It incorporates a roomy design making it the perfect choice for families and long-week trips.

Finally, our third pick does not lag behind any big name brands either; the Flight Knight is one of the most trusted and loved luggage brand and has offered a stylish yet affordable product as always.

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