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3 Cheap Hand Luggage Cases of 2021

Hand luggage cases are like any other type of luggage case, except they give you more freedom over how your luggage is moved through the airport. With hand luggage, you don’t have to worry about waiting in the luggage drop queue and getting your luggage moved to the cargo compartment. A stylish cheap hand luggage case also add convinces when you are out of the airport. Here we list and review three cheap hand luggage cases.

cheap hand luggage case

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Why You Should Own a Hand Luggage Case?

Hand luggage means more mobility. If you carry some personal belongings that you might need during your flight, then having hand luggage helps you keep those things nearby. Your favorite toy that your kid can’t sleep without can all go into your hand luggage, and it becomes possible to keep them easily accessible throughout the flight. This is the reason we recommend buying a cheap hand luggage case for your next travel.

Hand luggage cases offer weights and sizes that are purposefully manufactured with most airlines’ requirements and weight limitations in mind. As a result, hand luggage ensures that you pack only the allowed weight and nothing more. This can be important because nobody wants to pay for the extra weight of things they did not need on the trip.

Benefits of Hand Luggage Cases

Save on luggage costs: traveling with hand luggage only will help you save on baggage costs. Most flight packages allow you to carry in one hand luggage without paying for the cargo fees. This can be especially useful when you are on a budget or traveling for business purposes and do not have many belongings to take along.

Less bulk to carry around: Hand luggage makes maneuvering through the airport swifter and hassle-free. You do not want to move around the airport with a lot of baggage, particularly when you are using public transport and might need to switch transport frequently. From the airport to the hotel and then to the airport again, carrying lighter, more petite luggage takes most of the pain away.

Saves time: Waiting to receive your luggage can be very frustrating, especially after a long, enduring flight. Because you will not need to check in any luggage, you can skip the long waiting lines next time and quickly move through the security. You won’t have to wait to collect the luggage after the flight either.

Hand luggage cases are exceptional, and they are more helpful one way or the other. Let’s move on to our recommendation and review of cheap hand luggage cases:

1. Aerolite Ryanair Cabin Luggage

Aerolite 40x20x25 New and Improved 2020 Ryanair Maximum Size Holdall Cabin Luggage Under Seat Flight Bag, (Black)

Key Features

Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 25 CM
Weight:0.45 Kg
Capacity: 20 Liters
Laptop Size: No support
Colors Available: Black, charcoal, navy blue, and wine red

Take Note

Best For — Solo travellers who did not carry any laptop or other gadgets with them as well as for those who want quick and easy to move the solution and readily accessible solution as it comes under the seat.

This handy little luggage is our first pick as it packs all the features needed for a hassle-free flight with a very reasonable price tag. It offers just the right body size that is accepted by most airlines. Also, it has a weight capacity that is compatible with the limitations of the airlines. These features make packing and airport check-ins relatively effortless.

It also offers handling options that are suitable for multiple cases. For example, you can use it as solo luggage and hold it in your hand or hang it over your shoulder. You can also use the additional strap at the back to place it with your more oversized luggage.

Different handling features can be beneficial during transport after the flight. You will be able to switch handles as needed conveniently. Moreover, the luggage is purposefully produced with long-term usage in mind and will, therefore, last for many years of frequent usage.

Having this hand luggage case means having minimal worries about its quality deteriorating anytime soon. The thick, textured material is pleasant to look at and gives the luggage an exquisite look. Its design checks all the boxes for a visually pleasing and classy build.

The oval shape at the top and the front zippers give it a modern look that is at par with most of the pricier luggage available on the market. In addition, it is available in contemporary hues such as navy blue and charcoal that make it a rather minimalist and safe purchase.

Because of its simple design, you won’t have to worry about it going out of style any time soon. The colours and design are fairly timeless and evergreen, so you can expect to use it for many years ahead.

Aerolite Ryanair Cabin Luggage is one that we recommend most in this category based on its durability, usage, and specifications.

2. 5 Cities Improved Ryanair Under Seat Cabin Holdall

5 Cities 40x20x25 New and Improved 2020 Ryanair Maximum Sized Under Seat Cabin Holdall – Take The Max on Board!

Key Features

Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 25 CM
Weight: 0.4 6 KG
Capacity: 15 Liters
Laptop Size: No Support
Colours Available:Black, Grey, and Navy Blue

Take Note

Best For —Solo travellers and Pregnant Mothers to carry on quick to access things.

5 Cities is fully padded, sturdy and robust luggage is our second pick for the cheap hand luggage cases. It is padded from all four sides and has a firm and sturdy body that gives it a solid and concrete structure compared to the other products in this list. The solid structure allows for more orderly storage and helps with efficiently organizing your belongings. The padded area also works as an extra layer of protection as it doesn’t crumble the things inside it.

The bottom is also padded, which gives it the balance to stand still under the seat and helps it avoid falling. Luggage without any padding can wrinkle the clothes and also transfer more shock to any electronics and other sensitive materials such as glass or delicate gifts. The padding on this luggage ensures that this problem is eliminated.

While the unique structure offers a lot of utility, its rectangular body design, along with the large conspicuously placed zippers, do not make it as much of a visually appealing choice as our first pick. Therefore, this one does not strike the right balance between style and usability as our first choice. However, it has additional features, such as water-resistant, which means it will shield your clothes and electronic devices in case of any spillage.

The luggage includes multiple zippers and compartments, which will help you organize all your belongings more orderly. You can access things more efficiently and be able to unpack quickly. In addition, it’s made with a durable blend of nylon and polyester, which keeps it reasonably resistant to damaging tearing, just like the first pick.

Moreover, it has a good quality build, ensuring that it will be in good condition even after years of frequent usage. This thing is familiar with our first pick.

3. Ryanair Small Cabin Shoulder Flight Bag 

Ryanair Small Second Hand Luggage Travel Cabin Shoulder Flight Bag Fits 40x20x25 (Hearts)

Key Features

Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 25 CM
Weight: 0.3  KG
Capacity: 20 Liters
Laptop Size: No Support
Colours Available: Black and 4 more prints

Take Note

Best For —  Moms with kids who need to keep stuff under the seat that they might need several times during a flight.

Our third pick is ideal for individuals who want hand luggage that can be used on multiple occasions. Because of its fairly fashionable design, you can use it in your daily life as well. This makes it equal to our first and secondhand luggage cases.

The bag can be used as a storage bag for your baby’s clothes and toys, as well as a gym bag to keep all your underwear and gym clothes in. It offers the same storage capacity as our first choice. However, the quality and level of sturdiness are not at par with it. Nevertheless, this can be a good choice when you only want hand luggage for a short time and don’t plan to use it long-term.

The design of zippers and handles is also similar to our first choice; however, this one does not offer a shoulder pad at the shoulder strap. For this reason, carrying it on your shoulder can be painful, especially if you have a lot of things in it—one of the most affordable on our list of cheap hand luggage cases.

The luggage is made of a thick and sturdy material and is relatively textured, which means there is a low chance of it ripping or tearing from places. In addition, the minimal padding in it can be a plus point for individuals who want to store things that do not have a very uniform shape, such as toys, feeders, hairdryers or water bottles, etc.

If you prefer to have one spacious compartment rather than many smaller compartments and zippers inside, then this luggage case might be the right choice for you.

Final Words

Aerolite Ryanair is our favourite pick for the cheap hand luggage case as it combines all the necessities and additional features that one can need for a calm and trouble-free flight. In addition, it offers the colour variety that our runner-ups lack.

While the other luggage on the list is also very sturdy and durable, our third choice lags in material thickness and density. It is mostly a good option for light use, such as packing children’s clothes or underwear. You should consider our first pick if you want luggage that can live through more massive and rough usage.

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