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3 Best Cheap Cabin Size Suitcase of 2021

People become conscious of carry-on luggage whenever they plan a trip for vacation. Above all, the style cannot be compromised on a journey because it would cut a sorry figure. However, to uphold style doesn’t mean that you have to go for an expensive suitcase. You can bring style, quality, and accommodation to the plane with a relatively cheap cabin size suitcase.

cheap cabin size suitcase

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We came up with the best cheap cabin size suitcase available in the market for your kind convenience. Let’s get the review going.

1. Targus Executive Premium Roller Bag

Targus Executive Premium Roller Bag Designed for Business Professional Travel and Commuter Briefcase fit up to 15.6-Inch, Black (TBR003EU)

Key Features

Dimensions: 43 x 23 x 40  CM
Weight: 2.6 KG
Capacity: Medium
Laptop Size: 15.6 Inches
Colors Available: Black

Take Note

Best For — People who find luggage carrying rather arduous or those suffering from back problems.

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When we think of buying something to keep our goodies in place, we go for three things: style, affordability, and durability. In the Targus Executive cheap luggage suitcase, we can find all the essential considerations.

Discussing its physical features first, this suitcase is a jet black color that fits all senses and equations of how a true professional should carry his luggage. The dark tone also keeps apparent staining to a minimum, thus saving the buyer from the pain of having to go to a dry-cleaner/laundry over and over.

With a variety of compartments in various sizes specific to different categories of goodies, the Targus Roller bag is designed to accommodate all kinds of luggage. It has a large central case used, preferably for storage of clothes, snacks, office belongings, documents, etc.

It also has a workstation upfront, which can be zippered to avoid luggage spilling. The workstation pocket has strapped dividers and separate small fobs for pen-holding, mobile phones, calculators, boarding passes, card-holders, etc. These features make it one of the best cheap cabin size suitcase.

The suitcase has an additional secure laptop sleeve that is fully padded to keep the gadgets completely damage-free if that isn’t enough. The sleeve is zippered and allows approximately 16-inch screens, the dimensions being 38.7 x 2.5 x 26.5 cm.

The material used in the making is standardized for ideal quality and durability.

The cheap luggage suitcase is made of polyester that is water-resistant and fluid-leakage proof. This means that your gadgets, documents, and clothes during travel are shielded from atmospheric changes and unwanted accidents.

The cheap luggage suitcase has a moveable and adjustable trolley system along with padded gripping handles. The telescoping trolley is retractable within an almost-hidden. Wheels used in Targus Executive Premium Roller bags scream durability and reliability as they are designed to bear the strain of all kinds of luggage. You won’t worry about the wheels splitting or jamming.

The retractable carrying system is designed, keeping in perspective the comfort factor. Most luggage carriers and travellers do not want to overburden their poor shoulders while also not appreciating the idea of light-packing. For such folks, this suitcase would be a knight in shining armour.
Furthermore, some medical conditions like spinal cord injuries, slipped discs, or accidents prevent the person from putting weight on their backs. For those medically challenged people, this cheap luggage suitcase appears to be custom-built.

The suitcase comes in classic size, proving highly compatible with all kinds of travellers. It weighs 2.6 kg and which is relatively affordable compared to its versatile features and all it has to offer.

The Tragus Premium Suitcase would prove to be a strategic investment in the long run, for it is a snug fit in every sense of the word.

2. 5 Cities Cabin Approved Trolley Bag

5 Cities Cabin Approved Trolley Bag, Black, 21-Inch / 55cm

Key Features

Dimensions: 55 X 35 X 20 CM
Weight: 1.45 KG
Capacity: 42 Liters
Laptop Size: Not Supported
Colors Available: Black, Black X2, Wine, Multi

Take Note

Best For — moms and casual travels, a multipurpose bag that also can be used in all type of travelling.

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The material used for the manufacturing of 5 Cities is durable but hard-wearing, making it slightly complex to handle while travelling. Still, the Targus suitcase makes it feasible for customers to operate and use.

With Targus, you can move around and navigate to new places and cities without the hassle of standing and fixing your annoying suitcase.

5 Stars caters to their customers by presenting them with the option of choosing from a range of many concrete and monochromatic colours. The use of such opaque backgrounds suggests that the product is stain resistant.

The Carry on suitcase is not water-resistant, so it won’t keep your inner items safe when drizzle or rain. This is not the case with the Tragus executive premium suitcase. It is water and moisture-proof, thereby keeping the stuff inside safe. Five cities is very capacious but lack organizers. It is based on a front pocket to carry passports, documents, other travel essentials, and one massive compartment to bring clothes and shoes, etc.

On the contrary, Tragus executive suitcase has an organizer with strap dividers, one padded laptop sleeve, and what not to carry as much stuff as one wants to.

Despite being capacious, it is not recommended to carry laptops and other expensive gadgets since it’s not padded from inside, thereby increasing the chances of potential damages. The travel executive suitcase is practically unperishable and flexible to use, but the Carry on Suitcase must be handled with care and caution.

Also, the Carry on suitcases can be accompanied by several airlines such as British Airways, easy jet, etc. They are not as travel friendly as the Executive suitcase. It is a versatile option on our list cheap cabin size suitcase.

The finishing of the 5 Cities Cabin Approved Trolley Bag is not ideal. It lacks supreme quality, which is found in the Travel Executive suitcase, giving the Carry on the bag a rugged look. Because of this, one can say that the product in question might not be long-lasting and lacks performance goals.

3. Adlereyire Trolley Bag Cabin Luggage Bag for Laptops

Adlereyire Trolley Bag 35-55 Liters,Lightweight and Waterproof Roller Bag Holdall with Wheels Functional Cabin Luggage Bag for Laptops up to 17" (Color : Blue, Size : 48 * 28 * 30cm)

Key Features

Dimensions: 54 x 31 x 34 CM
Weight: 2.6 KG
Capacity: 35-55 Liters
Laptop Size: 17 Inches
Colors Available:Blue, Red, black, purple

Take Note

Best For — People with moderate luggage on business trips/vacation.

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Adlereyire Trolley suitcase is not only capacious, but it also has two gripping handles for the sake of versatility in carrying style. The adjustable telescopic trolley handle is made to withstand with remarkable resilience the tests of various modes of transportation.

The interior is airy, and the suitcase itself is pretty lightweight. The compartments are all zipper style and do not let the luggage inside displace an iota. However, when it comes to productivity, then it is no match for our first pick.

The material used is a combo of nylon (exterior) and polyester(interior), leakage-proof, and shock absorbing. Hence one won’t have to worry about the luggage moving around inside the suitcase or getting damaged. This not only saves the goodies inside from weather extremities in the environment but also sucks up the impacts of a bumpy trip.

But with all these upsides comes the compromise of general texture. Adlereyire Trolley Bag feels rough against the skin, making it prone to wear and tear, getting stuck in uneven surfaces, lose knitting/threads, and general discomfort while using. On the other hand, the outlook of Targus Executive Premium is relatively smooth with no roughened up edges, no fear of the stitching coming undone under strain, and no loose threads which might pave the way for tearing.

Adlereyire’s suitcase comes in a range of four colours: red, blue, black, and purple. Undoubtedly, it wins the variety factor. But keeping colour neutrality and professionalism in view, an office worker won’t appreciate a purple-coloured trolley bag on a trip.

In case you like to buy verstile luggage bag then its a best product in cheap cabin size suitcase category. 

Targus Premium chose a universal colour that goes hand-in-hand with every personality type, proving to be an “all-rounder.” One doesn’t have to think whether the colour of the suitcase looks too unprofessional. Cutting it short, Targus Premium has it all.


Travel bags, if chosen and bought wisely, can equally make your trip or ruin it entirely. Therefore, keeping our readers’ concerns in mind, we bring to your attention the three most recommended items for travel bags, more specifically suitcases that are notoriously easy to carry and handle.

Among all these, the one that stood out the most in terms of quality, affordability, reliability, and other vital factors is none other than the Targus Executive Premium suitcase. No doubt cheap cabin size suitcase can save you a lot.

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