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5 Best Women’s Backpack for Work in the UK

As per a recent report published in the Guardian daily, “female participation in the mainstream workforce has risen to 76% in Great Britain.” This surge demands the need for an influx of women-specific but work-grade products. Women’s backpack for work is a distinguished item that every British woman would love to carry while stepping out to win bread and butter. Today we are discussing the best women’s backpack for work uk.

best women's backpack for work uk

Remember, not every backpack is meant for a working woman. Here, the major women’s work-related requirements and their solution through a viable backpack are jotted down to facilitate the other half in picking-up a better backpack.

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Placement of Gadgets

Mainly, women are not performing blue-collar jobs with shovels and hammers. Instead, women have to carry gadgets. A laptop or iPad has become a must-to-carry item, just like face masks. Taking electronic gadgets at hand exposes the looming threat of dysfunction or theft.

Backpack solution: Trendy backpacks have spacious pockets to accommodate the laptops herein.

Organization of Bits and Bobs

Working in an office is entirely different from working at home, where everything is accessible. Forgetting a small item can cause a continuous irritant for you throughout the day.

Backpack solution: Work backpacks have separate placements for little-but essential items like water bottles, cards, and keys.

Aesthetical instinct

Women are more beauty conscious than men. This is not a random slur but is a well-funded research study by SurveyMonkey. Sans backpack, women have to carry many things in different polythene shoppers, bags, or rag sacks, such a despicable scenario for the fancy lady. Aesthetical instinct remains the same even when it comes to best women’s backpack for work UK.

Backpack solution: Women-specific backpacks are designed in a variety of aesthetic designs. Not only does the nifty bag envelop the belongings, but it also shines the personality of the lady in her arms. 


Looking professional is a desire of every working woman, be it the corporate sector or menial jobs. Professionalism helps the lady in elevating the organizational hierarchy.

Backpack solution:Wearing a smart backpack extends a professional first impression to the boss and peers. Besides, you need not borrow small items from colleagues; that is an unprofessional way of handling work-life.

Theft – a Dark Taboo of Work-Life

No matter how many rungs of the civilization ladder have been climbed by humans, theft is persisting at the workplace. Besides, the crowded aisles and dark lanes enhance the risk of losing the lady’s valuables.

Backpack solution: Backpacks for women have hidden, or overt password locks to make the item super secure. Additionally, the substantial material is a vanguard against slashing and fraying.

The reader-lady must have understood the primary requirement and the backpack solution. Five viable backpacks for working women brands have been reviewed to make buying more convenient for your kind perusal.

3 Best Women’s Backpack for Work UK

Initially we consider more then 30 products and after careful review we only shortlisted five, which are listed below with our review.

1. Himawari Laptop Backpack Travel Backpack for Women

best women's backpack for work uk

Capacity: 18 L | Laptop size: 15 inch | Weight: 0.6kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Spacious backpack – Himawari spacious backpack accommodates all the essentialities related to work.
  • USB port design – built-in USB port provides an avenue to charge electronic gadgets.
  • Eco-friendly canvas – canvas material is waterproof, biosecure, and eco-friendly.

The Himawari backpack for working women is a one-in-all solution to cater to work needs. The forte is the USB port, which does not keep the woman low on charge. Himawari is a multifunctional organizational bag to entertain all belongings in deep, spacious pockets.

Himawari is a durable canvas bag, and our top recommended best women’s backpack for work UK.

The waterproof quality makes it resilient against accidental spillage. At the same time, the price range is suitable for the bourgeoisie. Also, adults and tweens could carry the backpack comfortably.

The pink and navy scintillating combination of the Himawari backpack is itself a design wonder. The bag is pleasing to the onlookers. In comparison, the ergonomic design is the icing on the cake. Himawari could be an excellent mitigating backpack for work-related women’s worries.

Take Note – Absence of charge port is the only drawback that we find.

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2. SUPEASE Vintage Slim College School Laptop Backpack for Women

SUPEASE Vintage Slim College School Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port for Women Men, Green

Capacity: 25L | Laptop size: 15.6 inch | Weight: 0.77kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Nylon fabric – fabric material is easy to clean and durable to the core. 
  • Exquisite design – shiny buttons, unique zippers, and trendy logos; all are the exquisite formation of Supease.
  • Padded shoulder straps – soft shoulder straps reduce the burden on the shoulders.

If you are a vintage lover, do consider the Supease backpack for women at work. Every part of the gear is a design wonder, be it buttons, zippers, logos, or pockets. The Supease pack has optimal organizational skills, and the segregated compartments are allocated for the different things-type. Owing to the pleasant vibes, the backpack could also be gifted to your loved ones.

Besides exquisite design, the Supease backpack is durable and viable to be used for prolonged times by teenagers and adult working women. The segregated placement helps the user in quick browsing. Additionally, the soft padded straps relieve the strain from the shoulders by up to 30%.

The bag is highly valuable for the ladies having back pain issues. It is a top-rated option on our list best women’s backpack for work UK.

Supease comes up with a universal soothing green colour. The green colour is a natural heat absorbent and keeps the user cool and dry. Suppose backpack is a value for money product and is affordable for middle-class families.

Take Note – Everything is padded that few users might not like.

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3. Kinmac Wine-Bohemian Waterproof Laptop Backpack 

best women's backpack for work uk


Capacity: Large | Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: Lightweight | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Lightweight canvas – lightweight canvas material is lighter and washable.
  • Fashionable daypack – designed aesthetically and competes with all cutting-edge fashion trends. 
  • Comfy sensation – comfy touch bestows a relieving sensation on the wearer.

The Kinmac Wine-Bohemian backpack is the durability. The gear, probably, becomes your life partner until superannuation. The canvas material is durable but lighter than the pigeon’s feather. At the same time, the comfy pockets could hold all the necessary items for the work, including a 15.6-inch laptop.

The backpack can be used as a hand purse, daypack, or school bag.

Kinmac Wine-Bohemian is easy to use and clean at home. A simple machine wash rejuvenates the look of the canvas backpack. Every Monday, you go to the office with a scintillating backpack. The work backpack is affordable for the lower and middle-class segment.

The design of the lucky backpack is simple but aesthetically soothing. The gear is available in a variety of colour choices. While the user specification is universal, it can equally be carried by children, adults, and pensioners.

Take Note – Not recommended for for heavy loading.

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4. Miss Lulu Ladies Fashion PU Leather Backpack

Miss Lulu Ladies Fashion PU Leather Backpack Rucksack Shoulder Bag (Black)


Capacity: Large | Laptop size: Nil | Weight: 0.8kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Anti-theft – drawstring closure covered by a flap prevents theft in crowded places.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps – of Miss Lulu’s backpack caters to the contours of all physique types.
  • Internal slip pockets – A couple of internal slip pockets nestle the important cards conveniently.

Miss Lulu’s work backpack is a fashionable product to hold A4 size notebooks and related little items. The backpack is not meant for the lady carrying a variety of belongings. The reduction in size is not lopsided and equally balanced by the comfy handling and elegant design.

Miss Lulu’s backpack is available in a single black colour and the same number of PU leather. A nifty gear could be a good gifting option for your special lady.

Miss Lulu’s backpack is light and can be worn in a variety of styles. The ideal user segment of the gear is adults carrying nifty items. Miss Lulu is a fashionable product for elegant lovers.

Aesthetics is the forte of Miss Lulu’s backpack for women at work. Amazingly, the price threshold is comparatively low and could easily be fetched by the budgeted buyers.

Take note – Unsuitable for blue-collar lady workers.

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5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Abbey Jet Set Large Leather Backpack 

best women's backpack for work uk


Capacity: Medium | Laptop size: Nil | Weight: Lightweight | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Brown PVC material – of Michael Kors backpack prevents spillage.
  • Scalable – thanks to the agile straps.
  • Top zip-around closure – The full zipper secures work-related belongings efficiently.

If you are a simplicity lover, Michael Kors is for you. The Michael Kors backpack for women at work is a brown PVC but quality built. The top zip-around closure secures the items in a relaxed manner. The interior walls and anti-slip pockets stand this product out of contemporary brands.

Michael Kors is adjustable to all the body contours thanks to the scalable straps. This feature makes the backpack user-friendly. The brown sack is a high-end product and is well suited to the elite and upper class.

The look for Michael Kors is not exciting at all. This brand focuses more on substance rather than design. Michael Kors backpack is feasible to be used by teens, adults, and elders, while children are not recommended to carry this abbey bag.

Take Note – The simplicity might be bland for some aesthetic lovers. 

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It’s time to Step Out for Work

The blog was purely written to enlighten the hard-working lady regarding picking up a sane backpack for work. A good backpack provides the lady ease, confidence, boosted morale, and on the other hand, saves from hassles, wastage of money, and disorganization. A best women’s backpack for work UK eliminate all the hassles and keep a working woman relax. Himawari Laptop Backpack is our top recommendation for working women.

A little research and consideration would save the lady from unnecessary travelling and administrative hassles. Fingers crossed!

All the backpacks we reviewed for working women are top-notch. Yet Himawari has taken the lead because it can be used by all age groups and designed explicitly for the bourgeois.

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