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25 Best Suitcases in the UK

Are you a world traveller in search of a comfortable full-size suitcase or a tourist in search of a comfy bag in the United Kingdom? Then this guide is for you!

Travelling can be exciting or stressful, depending on how it is approached. And with the understanding that this suitcase will serve as a travel buddy for some time, selecting one requires careful considerations.

best suitcase uk

In most cases, people need their suitcase to be portable, reliable, easy to transport and to comply with airline restrictions. Consequently, it can be said that the kind of suitcase you buy will depend on how you plan to travel. There are several colours, sizes and types of suitcases, and you will need to consider their practicalities before making a purchase.

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12 Things to Consider Before Buying a Suitcase?

1. The material of the suitcase

When considering materials, we are faced with two main options – soft-sided and hard-sided suitcases. They both serve distinctive purposes; the soft-sided suitcases tend to have more space and are the best choice if you intend to fill or overfill them up. However, it is advisable to check for a waterproof lining inside the bag to help keep things dry.

Also, be mindful that these fabrics can rip though they are quite easy to repair. On the other hand, hard-sided cases are usually strong and can brace hard knocks.

However, they might weigh a ton when packed and are harder to get overstocked. They probably won’t close well if stocked with extra stuff.

2. The weight of the suitcase

The average weight of a suitcase on an economy flight is 23kg. This means that you must choose a suitcase whose weight (when unpacked) is low enough to allow you enough space for your kits.

  • Full-size cases: The weight limits for suitcases varies amongst airlines. Do well to confirm that your suitcase is not heavy or overweighted before settling off. These suitcases weigh as little as 2.3kg when empty, while bulkier options weigh as much at about 6.2kg.
  • Small-size cases: These suitcases do not typically weigh as much as the full-sized cases. Keep in mind that it is advisable to choose a lightweight suitcase so as not to lose your belongings and for a more relaxed experience when travelling.

3. Size of the suitcase

If you are planning to travel to the airport in a car or a commercial vehicle, how easily will your suitcase fit into the boot or on the bus? Will it be comfortable to carry around through crowds? When in doubts, it is strongly advised that you settle for a lightweight option as you will need a suitcase that is durable enough to brace up rough and uncomfortable situations during transit and still won’t give you backaches.

A lot of airlines do accept a piece of hand luggage for each passenger, while others will permit an additional smaller bag such as a backpack, a handbag or a laptop bag.

However, small-size suitcases sometimes referred to as cabin cases, may not necessarily fit into the cabin on your plane if you choose one too large.

4. Security of the suitcase

A lock is essential for every travel, but it is recommended for travellers to use locks with a Transport Security Administration (TSA) for travellers to the UK. These locks have the TSA logo and a universal master key, which allows the Airline Security staff access to open your suitcase for inspection without causing damage.

If the security staff cannot open your suitcase, it can get damaged in the process of forcefully opening it for random checks.

5. Suitcase handles

The most common type of suitcase handles is the telescopic handle that can be folded back when not in use. Most of these handles can be extended into different orientations and positions for users’ comfort and are retractable when not in use.

Suitcases with handles at the top and side are very practical, as the extra handles assist the towing handle which makes lifting the suitcase much easier.

6. Suitcase wheels

Not too long ago, they were only two-wheeled suitcases in the market, but times have changed, and great improvements have been made. Presently, most suitcases are four-wheeled, affording you the option to push and pull them in different directions with ease. What’s more, the wheels are most times doubled for greater stability.

Although the two-wheeled suitcases may fare better on rough or sloppy ground and seem easier to pull over passages at intersections, four-wheeled suitcases are far better.

These suitcase wheels (spinners) are multifaceted, and you don’t have to lean your suitcase to pull or tow, you just have them wheeled beside you.

7. Storage

External pockets are only found on the outsides of soft-sided cases. While they are not advisable for storing valuable items, they do offer extra space for keeping easy access items.

Internal pockets are often found in hard-sided suitcases and a few soft-sided cases.

8. Suitcase Straps

Have you ever stood at a luggage line waiting and wondering if the suitcase coming along is really yours? Having a personalized type of straps helps to identify your case so easily.

There are lots of straps to pick from, and these straps serve two major purposes:

  1. To secure your suitcase and prevent it from bursting open.
  2. For quick identification, when waiting for bags to come through the airport terminal.

9. Suitcase Scales

There are enormous charges to overweight bags, and these rates can be very steep. Depending on the airline, the prices vary within £12-15 for each kilo of overweight. All this can be avoided by checking the weight at home. It is a very good idea to own a set of luggage scales to determine the exact weight of your suitcase. 

Although the weight restrictions vary from one UK airline to another, weighing your suitcase after packing would help you decide if you are above the weight allowances. You can make use of bathe scales to verify your luggage weights.

They are outrightly not expensive but can save you money and give you more peace of mind.

10. Expandability

This feature is found in those suitcases that can be zipped and unzipped to create extra packing space. This feature is worthwhile, especially for irresistible last-minute gifts and souvenirs.

This feature is mostly found in hard sizes suitcases rather than soft-sided ones or bags.

11. The Interior Look

Some suitcases are divided into multiple compartments for organization and staying. Some have vented or meshed sections useful for separating items while others have compression straps which help to hold and pack things in place.

12. Extras

Some suitcases models come with an inbuilt combo lock that helps to secure the zips to the suitcases or a tracking device. Although this may seem useful, it could increase the cost and weight of the suitcase.

These extra features may not be very crucial but are up for consideration.

Why Should I Buy a Soft-Sided or Hard-Sided Suitcase?

best suitcase uk

Both are made with different materials and usage is the same as the major extent but there are something features that make them different.

Hard-sided suitcase

A hard-sided suitcase seems to be a great choice for many travellers due to the extra peace of mind it provides when travelling. They are often used in instances where durability is desired, and most hard-shell suitcases have a strong exterior made from moulded polypropylene, polycarbonate or ABS plastic, with some using aluminium.

They are not as flexible as soft-sided suitcases, which makes them better for protecting fragile items. And although water may sip through their zippers, their body frames or shells are water-resistant. It is safe to choose a hard suitcase that will protect your valuable possessions from the wear and tear of travels, and most of the benefits it holds come from the material used in making the suitcase. These include:

1. Polypropylene

This is a great material option for long haul travels. Polypropylene is a volatile case, extracted from an oil-based plastic. It is super strong with a rigid surface as car bumpers are made from this material. It is a good and durable choice for assured peace of mind, but it is a slightly heavier option.

2. ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

The is made from plastic and a rubber compound. It is a durable option also used in helmets, and it has proven to be lighter and easier to work on than the other materials used for hard cases.

3. Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is effectively strong but lightweight. It is often used in exceptionally hard luggage, and it is also a water-resistant option. It contracts slightly to absorb impacts and offers great protection for delicate items.

Hard-sided suitcases can brace through the rough handling that travel luggage suffers over time. The latest models are lightweight with plenty of space, and most of them have an internal division for packing your belongings into sections.

However, they do not have external pockets.

Soft-sided suitcases

Soft cases are mostly made from durable synthetic materials and are also a popular choice for certain travellers. If you’re looking for a supple suitcase with space, this is a great choice. These lightweight, thick, and long-lasting suitcases are usually made from:

1. Nylon

This is a synthetic material, and it is a well-known choice for suitcases due to its lightweight and remarkable strength.

2. Polyester

This is a man-made hard-wearing fabric, made in any fashionable woven appearance. These polyester suitcases are finished with a matte or shiny frame and can withstand wear and tear.

3. PVC

This is made from vinyl sheets; PVC serves as a waterproof resilient on many fabrics and particularly suitcase edges and straps. It is very flexible and is made of polyester, nylon or a bit of both.

PVC suitcases are soft-sided with the feature of easy expandable sides for extra packing space. They tend to be less water-resistant than hard shell suitcases, but most of them have waterproof PVC linings for those travelling in light rain to safeguard their possessions.

Soft-sided suitcases usually come fitted with a couple of internal and external pockets, making them a good choice for organized travellers. But since these external pockets do not come with padlocks, it’s not advisable to hide valuables in them.

25 Best Suitcases in the UK

Here we list all the top rated and best selling brands, hopefully you can find one that suits to your travelling needs.

1. Aerolite Lightweight Hard Shell Suitcase

Aerolite Lightweight 55cm Hard Shell Cabin Luggage 4 Wheels Suitcase, Carry On Hand Travel Luggage Suitcase Approved for Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Flybe and More, Charcoal

Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 20 CM | Weight: 2.6kg | Capacity: 34L | Lock: Barrel Padlock | Casing: Hard Shell | Expandable: No | Colours: Charcoal, black and a few others.

Key Features

  • Four spinner wheels — Provide 360° manoeuvrability to the Aerolite suitcase.
  • Aero compliant — Air travel compliance of Aerolite offers hassle-free sensation for the user.
  • Ideal accommodation space — Interior compartment is bolstered by elasticized shoe pockets and a zipper divider.

A common hassle with traveling suitcases is air-travel compliance. The customer buys the travel suitcase with many fanfares, but the zeal turns out a damp squib when rejected by the emigration authorities.

The hard-earned invested money goes down in the drain, and you have to replace the suitcase with compulsion.

Aerolite has dragged air travelers out of this dilemma by introducing an optimally compliant suitcase.

Besides, Aerolite has fatigue mitigation effects, thanks to ergonomic design, agility, and aesthetics. Whether you are approaching a business meeting or a vacation trip, travel, more than often, sucks out all the positive vibes until you reach the tail end destination.

Nonetheless, Aerolite schlepping travelers are swift, responsive, and exuberant that do prefer happiness over quick greenbacks.

Take Note Nothing found not to love.

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2. Samsonite S’Cure – Spinner Suitcase

Samsonite S'Cure - Spinner XL Suitcase, 81 cm, 138 Litre, Black

Dimensions: 81 x 35 x 55 CM | Weight: 5.3kg | Capacity: 138L | Lock: Fixed TSA combination | Casing: Polypropylene | Expandable: No | Colours: Black

Key Features

  • Three-point locking system —  Enhances security of belonging during travel.
  • Household name — Samsonite S’Cure is a premium brand acquainted with the esteemed customer base.
  • Spinner trolley case — Helps in swift agility and make rolling easy.

The lion is considered the king of the jungle; mango perches the crown among fruits. Likewise, Samsonite does not need any introduction. The brand has been facilitating customers at large since donkey’s ages.

Lest this review should not be a jungle book, let’s quickly narrow down to the forte of Samsonite S’Cure suitcase.

The polypropylene casing is hard to the core. Individual experiments have proved resilience against height dropping, crushing, kicking, and exposure to scorching sunlight. Samsonite S’Cure knows that your suitcase contains the most valuable items; hence deals with the box as a holy cow.

Consider Samsonite S’Cure on your bucket list if you want to entrust your treasure trove to the age-old guardian. Samsonite is a unique joint venture of a nostalgic past and scintillating future.

With Samsonite, the user enjoys the good of both times.

Take Note Adjustable handle is not a comfortable one, and its wheels are little small that sometimes stop moving on the uneven surface.

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3. AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage

best suitcases uk

Dimensions: 14.9 x 10 x 21.6 CM | Weight: 3.3kg | Capacity: 39L | Lock:  TSA digit combination (upon demand) | Casing: ABS hardshell, 150D polyester | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Four

Key Features

  • Three zipper pockets — Sufficiently hold smaller items in a organized way.
  • Scratch-resistant — Protective hard surface prevents the AmazonBasics suitcase from wear and tear.
  • Telescoping handle — That is adjustable according to your grip height.

Experience is not related to age but with exposure. In retail, what could be more experienced than Amazon? Common sense predicts AmazonBasics suitcase equipped with all the good contemporary aspects.

Furthermore, AmazonBasics suitcase might be a step ahead owing to exposure.

The unique feature noted for you in the AmazonBasics suitcase is the 15% expansion. This has become possible by designing the suitcase in a highly accommodating manner. The ergonomic design allows the customer to add as much luggage as she requires.

AmazonBasics suitcase is a perfect fit for large families. While traveling alone, the suitcase again reverts to a relatively smaller size. This could be the right choice owing to its versatility.

Take Note It seems quite shaky not sturdy but in actual its a durable product that can last for years.

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4. Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley 4 Wheel Expandable

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Alex - Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley 4 Wheel Expandable, 65cm, graphite

Dimensions: 65 x 41 x 26 CM | Weight: 4.2kg | Capacity: 74L | Lock:   Combination lock (resettable code) | Casing: ABS Hardshell, polycarbonate | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Black and Nineteen others.

Key Features

  • Cross ribbons — Interior cross ribbons hold the luggage firmly.
  • Extremely stable — Combination of two quality materials bestowed the shock and impact resistance feature.
  • Fully lined interior — Lined interior with divider pockets takes care of small items of your luggage.

If you are not a frequent traveler, there are higher chances that suitcase would be resting in the garage or cupboard. The home’s deep nooks and crannies are vulnerable to dust, mites, sunlight, and humidity. This scenario demands a stronger than steel suitcase, that is, Hauptstadtkoffer.

Hauptstadtkoffer is perhaps the only suitcase on the market that is impact and shockproof. This resilience is bestowed on the dexterous amalgam of ABS hardshell and polycarbonate.

The formation of this unique material provides longevity and superiority to Hauptstadtkoffer over contemporary brands. Not only is Hauptstadtkoffer’s suitcase more robust externally, but the rock hard case secures the luggage enormously owing to the cross ribbons.

This double service is precisely what sane customers demand from the luggage partner.

Take Note Rolling wheels are small that is a big hurdle in its maneuverability.

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5. COOLIFE Suitcase Trolley 

COOLIFE Suitcase Trolley Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage Hard Shell Travel Bag Lightweight 2 Year Warranty Durable 4 Spinner Wheels(Black, L(77cm 93L))

Dimensions: 67 x 46 x 26 CM | Weight: 7kg | Capacity: 93L | Lock:   TSA Combination lock | Casing: ABS hardshell | Expandable: Yes | Colour: Black

Key Features

  • Retractable handle — Allows the comfy gripping with adjustable height.
  • Silent spinner wheels — No screeching sounds, thanks to the 360° silent spinners. 
  • Mesh pockets — Provide optimal interior organization.

According to the WHO’s recent study, “one in three psychosis patients have morphed into mental illness because of constant exposure to reg noise pollution.” Yes! Noise is a loud killer.

You must have hurled a pitiful sight at the screeching and wailing suitcases schlepping on the walkways around travel junctions. The shaky suitcases bemoan loud of their debilitating condition.

What if you have to carry this shame case.

No way! Coolife suitcase spinner wheels are 360° maneuverable and provide a silent journey no matter how rough the terrain beneath is. Enjoy your sojourn noiseless with the Coolife durable suitcase. The silent killer could be a great and unique choice.

Take Note Other then black, gray and white else are fast colours that you may not like.

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6. Kono Lightweight Suitcase

Kono 20 inch Cabin Suitcase Lightweight ABS Carry-on Hand Luggage 4 Spinner Wheels Trolley Case 55x40x22 cm(Black)

Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 22 CM | Weight: 2.5kg | Capacity: 38L | Lock:   TSA combination lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Six

Key Features

  • Lightweight — Kono suitcase is feather-light to handle. 
  • Trip partner — Over-the-top qualities make your short and long trips memorable. 
  • Push-button telescopic handle —  Push-button telescopic handle enhances the grip.

Just close your eyes for a while and imagine a suitcase. A bulky luggage factory jingles up in mind. When the word suitcase comes, you secondarily think of hefty schlepping and excessive sweating. Sometimes the suitcase itself becomes more solemn than the luggage put herein.

This double whammy is excruciating for the foot marcher.

Kono’s suitcase has presented a solution by introducing the suitcase with a gross weight of only two and a half kilograms; the suitcase can efficiently hold luggage up to 38 litres. Not a bad deal at all. This means the hitchhikers have to drag only a couple of kilograms more in addition to the luggage weight.

Besides, the value is also shot down by the swift manoeuvrability of the 360° spinning wheels.

There is no hard labour with the Kono suitcase, and the brand is best for ladies, children, and infirms.

Take Note It’s perfectly designed and manufactured without any loophole.

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7. Cabin Max Velocity Expandable Suitcase

Cabin Max Velocity Cabin Suitcase Expandable Carry on Luggage (Black)

Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 CM | Capacity: 40 + 10 L Casing: ABS Hardshell | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Nine

Key Features

  • Versatile — Cabin Max is a versatile brand that holds aesthetic and accommodation needs. 
  • Organized travel — Best organization makes Cabin Max a well-known brand among the air hostess’ fraternity. 
  • An expandable — Alluring suitcase is expandable up to 20 per cent.

An attorney is the other half of personality; belongings also shadow your character, while the most eminent factor during your travel is the suitcase you are dragging. A shabbily built suitcase puts a wrong impression on the hostess.

A famous veteran businessman aspired to the audience in a private meetup, “your good entry on the mind of the customer is the 99% call to the final business deal.”

Cabin Max is an aesthetically designed suitcase for business trips and typical travelers.

The suitcase is equally beneficial for both short domestic and long international trips. Cabin Max upholds the beautiful looks with firmness and efficiency.

Buying the Cabin Max suitcase is a win-win situation. An esteemed customer will not be on the losing end.

Take Note It will not protect your fragile items when used with expansion.

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8. American Tourister Holiday Heat – Spinner Suitcase

best suitcases uk

Dimensions: 44 x 27.5 x 67 CM | Weight: 20kg | Capacity: 66 L | Lock: Three-digit TSA lock | Casing: Softside | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Pink and Petrol Green

Key Features

  • Sportive look — Inspired by the summer elan.  
  • Spacious front pockets — Features a couple of spacious pockets to accommodate the luggage. 
  • Cross ribbons grip — Cross ribbon gripping clasps the luggage conveniently, with no concomitant fear of shaking.

If you are well acquainted with the travelling genre products, you must have observed that the non-inclusion of the organizational trait into the travelling suitcase creates a menacing hill out of a mole. No matter how pleasing the suitcase is, in the end, the customer becomes detected owing to the floppy handling of the very task of accommodation.

American Tourister is an American brand that gives vital importance to the organization. The suitcase offered by this company has a variety of pockets and pads to manage the luggage effectively. Separate corners of the discrete items are mentioned.

The spacious dimensions, couple of front pockets, and cross ribboning are unparalleled.

Most of the customers using the American Tourister suitcase expressed positive feedback and gratitude. The positive customer response is collected by data mining avenues that cannot be mentioned in the review due to privacy issues.

American Tourister could be the best facilitator for reckless travellers. Please do not miss out on precious items en route.

Take Note Quality of its aluminum extender bars is not as good as it should be.

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9. it luggage World’s Lightest Urbane 2 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase

it luggage World's Lightest Urbane 2 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase, 75 cm, 72 L, Black/ White Two Tone

Dimensions: 68 x 43 x 23.8 CM | Weight: 2.4kg | Casing: Tensile | Expandable: No | Colours: Thirteen

Key Features

  • The tough fibreglass structure — Rigid fibreglass structure bestows resilience to the product.
  • Flat interior — Flat packaging interiors without piping provide maximum space.
  • Wide handle — Extra-wide handle provides ample support to move the suitcase in whatever direction you want. 

Harnessing cutting-edge technology is not just an art but a prerequisite in this 21st century. “It Luggage” has leveraged its satchel with the Himalayan rigid fiberglass structure. This unique structuring is performed by bolstering the flat interior without piping. The fixation of the wide handle also optimizes the It Luggage suitcase.

The fiberglass structure is a unique pattern to design luggage items. This technology was first tried to accommodate the extra hard luggage; no matter how hard the luggage is, the shoves and hits do not impact an iota on the It Luggage suitcase’s casing.

If you are a frequent traveler and your luggage type is unconventional, try this untraditional boxing of It Luggage. It Luggage assures safe, easy, and swift transportation.

Take Note Full-length extender bars sometimes stuck when you try to close them.

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10. DK Luggage Starlite Lightweight Suitcases

DK Luggage Starlite Lightweight WLS08 Medium 24" Suitcases 4 Wheel Spinner Black

Dimensions: 68 x 44 x 26.5 CM | Weight: 2.5kg | Capacity: 68L | Lock: Combination padlock | Casing: Polyester | Expandable: No | Colours: Black, Blue and Purple.

Key Features

  • Spinning wheels —  Four-wheel spinning bestows the optimal manoeuvrability to the suitcase.
  • Telescopic push-button handle — The grip of the DK Luggage suitcase is iron-strong thanks to the telescopic push-button handle.
  • Hand weary material — Polyester material prevents the tearing from bumps and pushes.  

More than often, the hard-earned money is wasted ruthlessly when you buy a suitcase and the way tumbles rip your suitcase apart. The abode of frequent air travelers becomes a graveyard of suitcases. Would you still like to pile up the junkyard with the new additions?

Try a durable brand: DK Luggage offers suitcases built with hand-weary polyester material. This durable material helps in standing out against the bumps and pushes of the sojourn.

A substantial number of airline staffers are not kind enough to handle your luggage with kids’ gloves, if not all. Instead, the indifferent handlers handle the suitcase cold-blooded.

DK Luggage could prove a viable solution to bear rough handling and durability needs.

Take Note Not sturdy enough for rough use especially its wheel base.

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11. Adventurer 3 Piece Luggage Suitcase Set

Adventurer 3 Piece Luggage Suitcase Set - Hand Luggage + Medium Suitcase + Large Check in Hold Luggage, Lightweight, 4 Spinner Wheels, TSA Combination Lock, ABS Hard Shell, Extendable Handle, Black

Dimensions: 41.5 x 24 x 64 CM | Weight: 2.5kg | Capacity: 65L | Lock: TSA combination lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Black

Key Features

  • Ideal storage space — Geezy suitcase provides maximum space to cater to all of your luggage.
  • Enhanced security —  TSA lock combination extends the maximum security feature to the suitcase.
  • Retractable handle — Helps ease the schlepping of the luggage box.  

A few suitcases are efficient enough to accommodate the large luggage size in a small space. Normal suitcases, whether they become much bulky or shoddy when stuffed with the maximized load capacity.

If you are travelling with the family, then the Geezy suitcase is an ideal choice for you. With a lightweight of only two and a half kilograms, the Geezy suitcase can cater to the optimal load capacity.

The ideal storage capacity is only the other half; the second-best half of a model suitcase is security.

Geezy comes as a winner on this front too. A TSA lock combination securely protects the luggage. These both useful features are up for sale in a reasonable price spectrum. Geezy suitcase cares and cures.

Take Note Their outer surface is not ideal for stacking, they slip a lot.

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12. Super Lightweight Expandable with Wheels Luggage

24" Medium Super Lightweight 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage Expandable with Wheels

Dimensions: 66 x 42 x 28 CM | Capacity: 68L | Lock: Three-digit combination lock | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Four

Key Features

  • 20% expandability — Portends the accommodative features of FlyMax.
  • Thirteen large pockets — The maximum organization are exacted because of 13 large pockets.
  • Durability — FlyMax is a durable brand and never betrays en route.

The traditional design of flat inside suitcases has been debilitating at a rapid speed. The novice suitcases demand more and more pockets and folders to accommodate the different items distinguished.

The organizational need became incumbent due to the influx of gadgets and relief into the human’s life.

FlyMax understands this phenomenon, and the new model suitcase by the Flymax brand is equipped with not a few, not a couple, but complete 13 pockets. Pockets vary in size and dimension to hold a variety of objects.

Furthermore, the FlyMax suitcase can be expanded up to 20% of its original size. This privilege helps FlyMax stand out against contemporary brands. In terms of efficiency and agility, FlyMax rules the roost.

Take Note Do not overpack this suitcase as its zipper is not stronger enough to hold pressure.

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13. Steve Madden Luggage Expandable Softside Suitcase 

Steve Madden Luggage Large 28" Expandable Softside Suitcase With Spinner Wheels (Rockstar Black, 28in)

Dimensions: 71 x 45 x 33 CM | Weight: 4.5kg | Casing: Polyester | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Eight

Key Features

  • Delicate design — Steve Madden’s suitcase is built up in an exciting and alluring theme.
  • Dual handles — The top and side handle provide double support. 
  • Durability — Robust design of Steve Maiden’s suitcase makes it super strong.

Travelers prefer the different aspects of the suitcase. Some love the durability, while others yearn for the looks. If you belong to the latter segment, then do consider Steve Madden’s suitcase.

Steve Maiden’s suitcase is ergonomically designed aesthetically, while the colour variety goes as far as eight. Steve Maiden’s suitcase is a perfect match for the beauty conscious revellers. Steve Maiden’s suitcase is pleasing and alluring to the onlookers.

An old Korean adage goes by, “beauty without consciousness is an evil.” Steve Maiden’s suitcase does not let this beauty turn ugly and instils other useful features into the smart road satchel.

The suitcase has string zippers, spacious pockets, durable polyester material, and above all, a duo of handles to drag and drop the luggage box conveniently.

Overall, Steve Maiden’s suitcase is a value for money treasure for potential customers.

Take Note It’s small and shaky wheels is the biggest concern, and we do not like the placement of wheels.

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14. EONO Essentials Lightweight Suitcase with 4 Wheels

best suitcases uk

Dimensions: 55 x 35 x 20 CM | Weight: 2.5kg | Capacity: 32L | Lock: Three-digit combination padlock | Casing: ABS Hard Shell | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Three

Key Features

  • Zipped compartments —  Brings organizational harmony.
  • Intelligent locking — Three-digit intelligent locking system maximizes security against theft.
  • Aluminium handle — Sturdy aluminium handle helps in rolling the stock smoothly. 

An aero study reveals, “the major reason for luggage misplacing during air travel is the fraying and broken handles.” The handles are often reported to be broken, and this unfortunate incident renders excruciating mental agony to the traveller.

Eono suitcases are designed keeping in view this in practice problem that rears the ugly tentacles time and again to haunt the exuberant traveller. The handles of Eono suitcases are made up of pure aluminium. The aluminium alloy is a good resistance against the sweltering heat and pushes and jerks.

Besides, the aluminium bestows a comfy grip and enhances maximized agility. Eono claims that the handle will not break until or unless the suitcase itself is discarded.

if your dream product depicts, as reliable zippers, intelligent locking, and ergonomic gripping. Eono suitcases could be the ideal product in an affordable price range.

Take Note It is an ideal design, you surely enjoy your purchase.

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15. Tripp Banana Holiday 6 Large 4 Wheel Suitcase

Tripp Banana Holiday 6 Large 4 Wheel Suitcase

Weight: 3.9kg | Lock: TSA integrated lock | Casing: Hardshell polypropylene | Expandable: No | Colour: Yellow

Key Features

  • A holiday trip specific — Tripp luggage suitcase is a holiday-specific brand to relish the most of your lavish moments. 
  • Global security system — Integrated locking is compliant to be inspected by security officials of more than 650 destinations.
  • Recyclable material — A few brands are environmentally conscious; Tripp is one of them. 

If you step out for relishing the holidays, a common occurrence becomes a party spoiler. These are the frequent security checks at different air junctions. In worst-case scenarios, the noncompliant suitcase locks are forcefully broken by the security authorities.

Tripp luggage has efficiently accommodated this hassle by introducing a global locking pattern. The TSA integrated lock is accessible to our 30 country officials and up to 650 air junctions.

With a Tripp partner, you travel far and wide without any fear of security scanning hurdles.

Total secure environmental protocols provide this optimal security. Tripp uses polypropylene material that is recyclable and biosecure. Tripp could be a beneficial and value for money product for your holiday ventures.

Take Note It’s not for everybody but ideal for short two to three days trip. Not recommended for tall people.

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16. Briggs & Riley Suitcase

Briggs & Riley

Lock: TSA lock | Casing: Hardshell virgin polycarbonate | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Red and five others.

Key Features

  • CX expansion — Helps increase 22% packing capacity.
  • Speed buckle hanger — Fitted inside the Briggs and Riley suitcase holds the garment suit firmly. 
  • The 70/30 top lid — 70/30 top lid opening gives a sensation of a traditional suitcase on the rack.

Suppose you are a tech gig and have been inspired by sci-fi fiction movies. Briggs and Riley have come up with the state-of-the-art, cutting edge consumer suitcase. The aspects that make Briggs and Riley stand out among the sisters’ products are CX expansion, speed buckle hangers, 70/30 top lid.

These features are achieved after rigorous data mining and critical analysis. After optimal leverage of the latest technology, the user bestows a standing ovation on Briggs and Riley. 

Briggs and Riley depict its suitcase as a high-end product but is available in a budgeted range. The product is value-for-money and could prove your reliable travel partner sans any second thought about the substitution.

Take Note This is an excellent product that deserve five star.

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17. KEPLIN Lightweight Wheeled Travel Bag Suitcase

best suitcases uk

Dimensions: 54 × 35 × 20 CM | Weight: 1.35 kg | Casing: Nylon, polyester | Expandable: No | Colours: Black/Purple

Key Features

  • Corner blade wheels — The two corner blade wheels prevent skidding and accidental slips.
  • Fittable into overhead compartments — Keplin suitcase is a specification-conscious product that fits comfortably into many airlines’ overhead compartments. 
  • Tear-resistant material — Nylon and polyester amalgam is a bulwark against the wear and tear of the way.

Accidents don’t just happen on roads between crashing vehicles. If you are frequent air travelers, you must have observed the luggage accidents. Yes! This happens more often in aisles of travel junctions, whether it be the airport, bus terminals, or tourist places.

Oft-occurring luggage accidents happen because of shoddy manufacturing by second-tier suitcase manufacturers. Travelers are left dismayed by the broken suitcase and have to buy expensive stop-gap suitcases on an emergency basis.

Keplin assures first-rated performance by incorporating the suitcase with the corner blade wheels and unique tear-resistant material. The corner blades minimize the risk of en route skidding and slipping up to 95%.

If you are looking for a safe and secure brand, you must consider Keplin as your first travel partner.

Take Note You cannot role it at it’s own, its a trolley. Moreover it base is not strong enough.

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18. dEXEb Hardshell Luggage with Built-in TSA Accepted Combination Lock

dEXEb Hand Cabin Size Approved - Lightweight 55cm 2.6kg Hardshell Luggage with Built-in TSA Accepted Combination Lock and 4 Silent 360° Wheels - Olive Green 20 inch - Black Friday Deal

Dimensions: 55 × 35 × 21 CM | Weight: 2.6 kg | Lock: TSA accepted combination lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Astral blue and olive green

Key Features

  • Polished handle — The refined handle of the Dexeb suitcase prevails as a nifty sensation.
  • Silent 360° wheels — No bemoaning en route, thanks to silent 360° wheels’ placement.
  • Fully lined interior — The fully lined interior bestows the optimal organizational support.

If one asks for the essential facet of a travelling suitcase, the answer will not be more different than the unanimous verdict by the social media survey e-bot “SurveyMonkey.”

The poll suggests that up to 80% of the potential customers are looking for better organization in a suitcase. Suitcases are meant to accommodate the luggage, and all the scintillating vibes go in vain when the primary function of accommodation is not executed at par.

Dexeb realizes the importance of good organization.

The brand is offering the suitcase with a fully lined interior. The interior ergonomic organization is neatly designed with dividers, mesh pockets, and zippers.

If you are a traveller with high luggage requirements, then you must opt-in for the Dexeb suitcase.

Take Note Colours limitation is a only drawback here.

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19. Karabar Hard Luggage Suitcase 

Karabar Hard Cabin Carry-on Hand Luggage Suitcase Bag 55 cm 2.5 kg 35 litres 4 Spinner wheels, Grantham Black

Dimensions: 55 × 35 × 20 CM | Weight: 2.5 kg | Capacity: 35 L | Lock: Three-digit combination padlock | Casing: Waterproof ABS Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Black and Brick

Key Features

  • The Aluminum telescoping handle — Extends the maximum agility to the Karabar suitcase.
  • Cabin approved — The Karabar suitcase is accepted and approved by the maximum airlines of the UK, the US, and Europe.
  • Waterproof — Feature keeps your invaluable luggage unhurt even after wading through the pacific.

As per a report by the Guardian in January this year, “one in three luggage loss is because of rain.” The downpour is anathema to travel. Unfortunately, the high-five tourist destinations also lie in monsoon regions.

Karabar suitcase is designed explicitly for travellers intending to step out for the rainy regions.

The waterproof variant of Karabar leaves your luggage scot-free under the bursting clouds. The luggage also remains safe under accidental slippage and seeping during the stay.

Another exciting feature of the Karabar suitcase is cabin-compliant. The suitcase is fittable to most of the cabin compartments of the airlines.

In sum, the Karabar suitcase is an excellent budgeted choice for your humid travel.

Take Note It’s not Flybe approved for hand luggage while its accepted on large number of other airlines.

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20. Merax Lightweight Hard Shell 4 Wheels Travel Trolley Suitcase 

best suitcases uk

Dimensions: 56 × 39 × 21 CM (S) | Weight: 2.5 kg | Capacity: 37 L | Lock: Three-digit combination lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Black and 4 others.

Key Features

  • Elegant embossed pattern — Elegant embossed design prevents scratches. 
  • Three-level telescoping — Best way to manoeuvre through confined spaces.
  • Footloose ideal suitcase — Merax is a suitable brand for frequent air travellers thanks to optimal protocol compliance.

A few suitcases are available in the embossed pattern. Merax is one of them. Although the embedded embossed design is not a universal but purely a personal choice. However, for glitter lovers, the scintillating surface of the Merax suitcase is available in five attractive colours.

The looks of Merax are pleasing, and the suitcase stands out among the bland luggage boxes. Aesthetic lovers incessantly crave the elegant pattern of the Merax. This pattern is embossed in a reliable ABS hardshell casing; this means no way of fading with time.

The icing on the travel cake is a three-level telescoping handle. The handle can be adjusted according to the demand of the scenario or the specification of the handler. Merax is the best beauty choice for your holiday trip.

Take Note Not a good one for stacking, it may break, only recommended as hand luggage.

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21. Travelpro Crew Versapack Max Carry-on Exp Spinner, Jet Black

Travelpro Crew Versapack Max Carry-on Exp Spinner, Jet Black

Dimensions: 23×15.5×10 CM | Lock: 3 dial TSA | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Black and four others

Key Features

  • Suitable for long flights The jet black color is suitable for long flights.
  • Expandable To accommodate the belongings a little more.
  • Eight magnetic spinner wheels For easy spinning.

TravelPro Luggage suitcase comes in a jet-black colour. It has a dense design which enables it to be carried easily on long-distance flights. The suitcase is fitting for carrying a massive amount of luggage since it has properly organized compartments.

It is a 21-inches carry-on suitcase that can further expand to 23 inches. Inside the case is a zip-in organizer system, which can be removed. You can put various stuff in it, especially your creased clothes.

The pack also has a built-in USB port and a separate compartment specially made to store your power bank. You can store your laptop in a guarded compartment on the exterior of the bag. The laptop pocket is profoundly padded, so your laptop will not be damaged.

The suitcase is exceptionally smooth to run. Its spinner system has eight magnetic spinner wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and are ultra-durable. It also has a power scope handle, which has a good contour grip. The handle’s height can also be easily adjusted to the way you want.

The zipper system of the bag is sound as it is specially engineered to be of long-term use. Supra zipper heads are built in a way that can resist pressure and damage. The suitcase also comes with a side handle for your convenience. Lastly, it is made up of ballistic nylon, which is very high-density and has a dura guard coating that can easily resist stain.

The suitcase also contains corner arms and skid guards for added protection.

Take Note Ideal design that will definitely serve you as your travelling companion for many of coming years.

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22. Kenneth Cole Reaction Expandable Suitcase

best suitcases uk

Dimensions: 30″ H x 21.5″ L x 13-15″ D | Weight: 11Lbs | Casing: ABS | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Rose Gold and 6 others.

Key Features

  • Self-repairing coil zippers Ensure durability and long term usage.
  • One hand use 41 inches tall suitcase is suitable to carry with one hand.
  • Suitable for elders Because of the protective exterior.

Kenneth Cole’s suitcase comes in a beautiful rose gold colour. Being lightweight, you do not have to pay for the extra weight at the airport. It is 28-inches and can easily fit in almost all your travel stuff.

The suitcase has 8-wheels which can smoothly spin in multi-directional motion. Even though it is spacious, you can quickly expand the suitcase up to 2 inches to fit in the remaining stuff.

The suitcase has a compact design and has a lot of compartments. Also, the interior of the bag is tear-resistant. The bag also contains many interior compartments, zipper pockets, an elastic shoe compartment, and a garment restraint panel. These all ensure that you can organize your stuff in any way you want.

The suitcase has a modern looking and chic exterior. It also has corner guard reinforcements for added protection. The handle is specially designed ergonomically so you can easily hold it in your hand.

The bag’s zipper system is fantastic since it contains self-repairing coil zippers that do not break under extra pressure and run very smoothly.

Take Note It’s a quite good product but you many not find colour of your choice.

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23. Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage

Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Mint, Carry-On 20-Inch

Dimensions: 20 x 13 x9 | Weight: 7.5 Lbs | Casing: ABS | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Mint Pink and 34 others.

Key Features

  • Thirty-four available colours Make this suitcase a viable option for almost everyone.
  • Strong ABS material Ensures extended use.
  • Pleasing to the eye — The suitcase has immense aesthetic value because of its mint pink colour.

This Rockland bag comes in a mint pink colour. It is a carry-on suitcase which is approximately 20 inches. It is astonishingly lightweight, making it best to take on prolonged flights.

The suitcase is made up of a high-quality ABS material, which ensures that it works for you for a considerable time. With its superior quality double spinner wheels, it can run in any direction.

The ergonomic telescoping handle is made up of aluminium. Aluminium ensures that you have a steady grip on the handle. The handle also has a push-button, making it easier to adjust to the size you want.

The suitcase comes with multiple compartments inside. It has a mesh zip pocket in which you can put your small stuff. Also, the suitcase complies with the requirements of the major airline companies.

Take Note A ideal product that thousands of user love to use as travelling companion, A one time investment.

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24. DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hard+ Hardside Luggage

DELSEY Paris Chatelet Hard+ Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Champagne White, Checked-Large 28 Inch


Dimensions: 27×17.5×11.5 | Weight: 10.8 lbs | Capacity: Large | Lock: 3 dial TSA | Expandable: No | Colours: Off white and 2 others.

Key Features

  • Polycarbonate shell — Extremely resilient to cracking or breaking.
  • Easy Rolling Because there are four spinner wheels.
  • Unique brake system The front two wheels can be locked so no one can spin the suitcase away.

Delsey Paris Luggage suitcase comes in a chic champagne white color. It is approximately 28 inches in size and is spacious enough to carry almost everything you want. It is made up of high-quality material, which is known as a polycarbonate shell. The material makes the bag extremely durable and difficult to crack. Suitcase is mostly of this polycarbonate shell material with accents of faux leather, which gives it a stylish and modern look.

Delsey has four spinner wheels that have a stable base and can roll and run in any direction smoothly. For security, Delsey has a security lock, which is a 3-dial TSA approved. It also has a great braking system where two front wheels are locked while you are not moving it. This prevents the bag from moving away and crashing into something.

Delsey has a lot of compartments mainly pockets which have web straps so that your items do not move.

Lastly, the suitcase comes with a tracking device, which is a plus since you can easily track the location of your bag if it is lost at the airport.

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25. SwissGear 25 Inch Spinner Luggage Swissgear Suitcase

best suitcases uk


Dimensions: 26.25 x 16.75 x 11 | Weight: 9.5 lbs | Capacity: Large | Lock: No | Casing: Softside | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Black and 7 others.

Key Features

  • Reinforced handles Makes the lifting very easy and secure.
  • Two front zip compartments Helps to organize and maintain things in the last minute.
  • Easy gliding Support to roll easily on the crowded airport because of 360-degree mobility.

A suitcase is never about one person. Mostly a family buys a suitcase so all the belongings can be accommodated beautifully. The best thing about Swiss gear suitcase is its spacious nature. It is accommodative for men woman and children belongings.

The 360-degree manoeuvrability ensures the easy pulling and pushing in the crowded airport. Also, this suitcase has splendid packing efficiency.

Sometimes we need to put things in a suitcase in the last minute. For this reason, the suitcase has two front zip compartments to arrange things in a better way. There are reinforced handles at the top, side and bottom to make sure that the lifting of the suitcase is easy.

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Tips for Buying Quality Luggage in the UK

Here are some proven tips you should take into account after considering the factors highlighted above.

1. Choose the Right Bag for the Right Occasion

There are a ton of suitcases and bags to choose from in the market, and you shouldn’t be in a hurry to pick a product that’s just okay or barely good enough. A good enough suitcase may not be the right choice and owning the wrong suitcase means that you might end up overstuffing the case if it’s too small, or carrying a big case with nothing in it.

The right kind of suitcase depends on the length of your trip as well as the items needed to be conveyed for the journey. It is advisable to own a variety of suitcases which comes in different sizes for different purposes. However, if you want to buy suitcases, it’s is very practical to consider the kind of trip you would likely emerge on.

If you travel for an average of 3 to 5 days, it will be a good choice to get a 23” to24” medium-sized suitcase. If you are travelling for a weekend, you should get a small-sized suitcase – an 18” to 20” case will be very suitable

2. Buy Your Suitcases from Companies that Offer Good Customer Service

A lot of people forget to put this into consideration as most people who buy suitcases do not consider how important customer services is. Do take note of how long the company has been in the business of selling suitcases.

It is advisable to buy from a company that has long been in the business, so they do not disappoint you. Buying cheap suitcases from a chain store might not get you a lot in terms of customer service as you might not have a contact number or contact emails for inquires and calls.

3. Make Sure the Suitcases You Intend to Purchase Comes with a Guarantee

It is very important to confirm that a product you intend to buy comes with a guarantee. This proves that the product will be in good working condition for a long time. Since some people can be rough on their suitcases, opting for a company that has a guarantee on their products assures buyers of product longevity.

Another good thing about having a guarantee is that you have someplace to send the suitcases to for it to get repaired if it gets damaged before the guarantee elapses without spending extra fee for a replacement or repair.

4. Read Reviews About the Brand or Type of Suitcase You Want to Purchase

When choosing a brand of suitcase, it is nice to surf online on sites such as Amazon or the company’s website to check out what people are saying about the product.

However, it is advisable to view reviews objectively. You can read them but understand that most reviews are left by people who are in total appreciation of the products or those who are totally against it.

5. Check the Country Where the Luggage is Made

It is a known fact that certain countries are better at making certain products. A good example is German knives which are very popular in the cooking industries. A suitcase made in China under the supervision of Italian leatherworkers might turn out to be the best suitcase you need.

Also, a locally made piece from the USA could last you a long time. Do research to examine the tiny details of the suitcase you wish to buy

6. Examine the Zippers and Other Compartments

Pay close attention to the zippers; do they sit even? Are they easily closed and opened? Is it in good conditions? Are they free from holes or gaps? Also check out the handles, locks and straps.

Make sure the suitcase is in good condition before purchase.

7. Make Sure Your Suitcases Allow Personalization

A lot of people want to own suitcases that can be customized or personalized. It gives them that special feeling, and it makes for great history as it could be passed on through generations, making it a family possession.

It is also nice to choose suitcases from companies who provide varieties of colours as it is easier to recognize a customized suitcase amongst a group of other suitcases.

Wrap Up

I spend a lot of time in exploring and evaluating the above-listed suitcases. I am a frequent traveller, and because of this, I used from above-listed brands and found them trustworthy. In the very start, I share my recommendations you can trust on any one from that list.

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