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What is the Best Suitcase for Europe Travel

If you plan an air trip from the USA to Europe, the first and foremost thing is to select a viable luggage carrier for a smooth transition of your sojourn. Overlooking this critical aspect may land you in deep trouble in foreign lands. According to a BBC, UK chapter, the most popular luggage carrier for air travel in the early 21st century is the “suitcase”. Not only does the suitcase enclose the belongings conveniently, but it also helps in swift, hassle-free traveling.

best suitcase for europe travel

One must know that the luggage requirement is not universal and slightly changed from airline to airline. This blog is written to facilitate you in selecting a viable suitcase for your desired airline. The suitcase that fits up with the airline code of conduct.

Nonetheless, many airlines have accessibility to European destinations, and the whole lot cannot be covered here due to space constraints. As a substitute, our panelists have selected the top five ones. Hopefully, you would be traveling one of as these airlines as these famous aviators carry the bulk of the European travel burden from the American lands.

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Let’s Look into the Requirement of Airlines That Fly to EU

You must pay attention to airline requirement as its very first obstacle that might hit you.

British Airways

British Airways is the largest airline network for air travel between Europe and North America. Founded in 1974 and based at London Heathrow Airport, British Airways has more than 200 destinations worldwide. British Airways is considered a credible name owing to its extensive amenities. British Airways has the distinction of providing onboard meals and entertainment on a large scale.

Baggage allowance

  • Economy and premium economy class = 23 kg
  • Business class = 32 kg
  • Maximum dimension = 90 × 75 × 43 cm

United Airlines

Founded in 1926, of late, United Airlines has expanded its operations to up to 193 countries. This American airline has been the foremost traveling partner for global north denizens.

United Airlines is a supporting carrier fleet of United Express. United Airlines resumes its operations in Chicago. In addition, exclusive entertainment, service, and amenities are on par with other competing brands.

Baggage allowance

  • Economy and premium economy class = 23 kg
  • Business class = 32 kg
  • Maximum dimension = linear 158 cm

American Airlines

American Airlines has fetched third position on the list. Founded in 1930, American Airlines is continuing operations in Texas. Today, the American Airlines network has spread to 350 destinations with a full-throttle capacity of 6,800 flights per day. American Airlines has been the most sought-after airline for tourists. The airline has maintained its credibility by providing state-of-the-art services.

Baggage allowance

  • All classes = 23 kg
  • Maximum dimension = linear 157 cm (L+W+H)

Lufthansa Airlines

Established in 1953, Lufthansa Airlines has maintained its credibility owing to its top-notch service and global operations to 300 destinations. Lufthansa Airlines has 300-circa airworthy aircraft which pierce into the European and North American airwaves incessantly. The exclusive foods, beverages, and inflight entertainment are the forte of Lufthansa Airlines. If you intend to travel by this airline, you must consider the following luggage threshold.

Baggage allowance

  • Economy and premium economy class = 23 kg
  • First or Business class = 32 kg
  • Maximum dimension = linear 158 cm


Another famous airline is EasyJet. EasyJet is a British airline with accessibility to over 30 countries, including the United States of America. EasyJet planes move to and fro up to more than 1000 destinations globally. EasyJet started from scratch and has expanded its operations from continuous acquisition; today, EasyJet’s fleet count stands at 300.

Baggage allowance

Baggage allowance varies such as

  • All classes = 23 kg
  • Maximum dimension = Maximum dimension = 56 × 45 × 25 cm or linear 275 cm

Apart from the approved luggage dimension and weight, there are some universal baggage requirements for air travellers. Before selecting a suitcase, the traveller should look into the following aspects so that the final choice may not go in vain.

  • Know the luggage restrictions: Before leaping towards packing, the wanderer must ask the help desk or visit the airline’s website to learn about the luggage restrictions beforehand, i.e., size, weight, shape, and build. This will help you with easy accessibility and placement of suitcases in the overhead bins.
  • Select a suitcase that is sound from the legs and mind: Yes! We mean a suitcase with durable, silent wheels and telescopic handles, the air travel is an excruciating one, and the visitor has to walk far and wide. This hardship can only be mitigated with the help of quality supporters.
  • Select TSA approved lock or no locking: Security checks have become rigid with each passing day due to recurrent waves of terrorism; the potential traveler must select a TSA approved locking suitcase or go for simple click locking. Sans TSA locking, the trip will be mired in frequent irritants en route.
  • Consider the hard exoskeleton: Air travel is not a sidewalk on the rosy way. The suitcase is frequently exposed to tossing and schlepping. From security checks to conveying onto the luggage belt, the bumps are common. Hardshell exoskeleton minimizes the effects of shock. However, if you are a soft casing lover, you must go for the pure polyester material.

We have picked three top brands for review that comply with most air travel protocols; the suitcases are selected after due diligence and considering other secondary aspects.

3 Best Suitcase for Europe Travel

While following all of the above information I select three products that you can buy to pack most of your stuff.

1. AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage

AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage 20

Dimensions: 37.8 × 25.4 × 54.8 CM | Weight: 3.3 kg | Capacity: 39 L | Lock: NA | Casing:  Hardside | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Black and three others.

Key Features

  • Scratch-resistant finish — The hardshell scratch-resistant finish does not fade away earlier.
  • Telescoping handle — Telescoping handle adjust to the different physiques.
  • Fully lined interior — The fully lined interior brings about optimal organization.

AmazonBasics’ rugged hardshell travel suitcase is up for grabs with a special scratch-resistant finish. This finish enhances the longevity of the suitcase. Plus, an Amazon Basic suitcase with four durable wheels to boost up transportation.

The interior of AmazonBasics is fully lined up while the dividers provide the optimal grasp; this prevents damage to the luggage during air travel. The telescoping handle is a significant boost to the overall usability of the suitcase.

For a coming up air travel, AmazonBasics, under Amazon’s auspices, could prove a viable brand owing to the highly competitive nature of contemporary suitcase manufacturing brand names.

View at Amazon

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20

Dimensions:  55.1 × 36.8 × 21.5 CM | Weight: 2.8 kg | Capacity: Medium | Lock:  NA | Casing:  ABS hardshell plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Purple and thirteen others.

Key Features

  • Air travel compliant — The dimension and size of Kenneth Cole are compliant with most British airlines.
  • Molded corner guards — Four molded corner guards prevent the suitcase from fracture.
  • Self-repairing zippers — The durable zippers repair automatically in case of accidental tangling.

The durable and hard shell suitcase by Kenneth Cole is a beautiful suitcase for air travel and is available in around fourteen colors. The best part of the Kenneth Cole suitcase is free 360° moving that relieves the wrist’s strain.

Also, the interior garment restraint straps are the best holder of your luggage against rough bumps. Whenever you open the suitcase, the luggage is found firmly placed. The retractable push-button is an overlapping layer of the goodness of Kenneth Cole. This feature helps ease frequent security checks during air travel. In sum, Kenneth Cole is a value for money traveling suitcase in the mid-price range.

View at Amazon

3. Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack

Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack, Bandana, 17-Inch

Dimensions: 33 × 25.4 × 43.1 CM | Casing:  Polyester | Colours: Pink

Key Features

  • Side mesh panel — The side mesh panel allows the convenient placement of the water-bottle.
  • Sturdy in-line wheels — The sturdy in-line wheels ensure swift transportation.
  • Awesome dotted design — The dotted chic design of Rockland is a special edition in travelling bags.

Rockland traveling suitcase is a nifty dotted item to cater to the frequent air traveler’s luggage needs. The dotted design is available in a variety of designs to satiate the aesthetic taste buds.

However, organizational support and durability are up to the maximum level. This rolling backpack is equipped with a telescoping handle and side mesh panel to entertain the usability and safety requirements.

A mesh panel stands guard against accidental spills. Since 1998, the Rockland is a well-known suitcase brand among children and elders owing to its quality manufacturing and economical price tag.

View at Amazon

Final Words

Air travel becomes easier when you don’t have second thoughts about the baggage you carry, and this only happens when the luggage is enclosed in a reliable suitcase.

The above blog has elaborated on the nitty-gritty of air travel with references to popular airlines. The traveller needs to adhere to and enjoy a safe and sound journey. Adieu!

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