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10 Best Suitcase Brands in the UK

Every kind of travel needs packing. What can be the best option for packing purposes other than a suitcase? But which suitcase is the best? You probably cannot set your heart on every suitcase that is available on the UK market. You must select a brand that has a reputation, so you are not disappointed in terms of suitcases. Here we list 10 best suitcase brands UK.

After an in-depth analysis, we have come up with the ten best brands in suitcases. Each brand has a remarkable history, and each one will serve you best in terms of suitcases. Let’s explore the beautiful manufacturers of suitcases in the UK market.

best suitcase brands uk

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1. TravelPro

A popular maxim goes by, “actions speak louder than words”. TravelPro brand is itself an action-packed travel movie. The name reveals the amenable disposition of the brand towards the fraught traveller.

Incepted some thirty years ago, the TravelPro brand has been hitting the roads with creme-de-la-creme luggage carriers. The forte of TravelPro is quality manufacturing. However, the brand has upheld the finesses in manufacturing of every part of the luggage carriers, especially the suitcase.

The feeble facets of a suitcase include the zippers, wheels, and casing. In the same vein, TravelPro has focused on all these aspects with diligent care. This is why the brand has reached the zenith of sales with customer satisfaction.

In addition, TravelPro focuses on the rigorous traveller’s needs as there were and are a few contenders in the market who are meeting the overarching needs of frequent travellers. The basic travel requirements of a rigorous traveller are durability, agility, compliance, and trust. All the useful features have been mustered under the roof of TravelPro. The vacuum provided the TravelPro to snatch market share and rule the roost. 

Here are some of the best suitcases that are available by this brand.

2. American Tourister

American Tourister is an American suitcase manufacturing brand, established in 1933, to cater to the needs of American travellers. Owing to a variety of good aspects, the brand gained popularity over time and expanded its network to 90 countries. Of late, American Tourister has been a roaring brand all over the globe.

The dream of the founder Sol Koffler was to build a super hard suitcase. This ambition-cum-venture cost him all of his life-saving. Fortunately, the results were terrific. The remaining vision ahead of American Tourister gave it an upper hand over all the rival brands.

American Tourister was the most significant innovator by the 80s and 90s. In 1993, the fortunes of the American Tourister glitter manifold went unifying with the Samsonite. This historical event laid the foundation for the world’s largest luggage alliance. American Tourister claims to be the largest brand in the world of luggage, especially in suitcase manufacturing.

The forte of the American tourist is durability. The same motto urged Sol Koffler to use the moulded material first for luggage designing. This innovative distinction is also a feather in the American Tourister’s adorned cap.

Overall, the suitcases of American Touristers are chic, high-quality, durable, and viable. The dream of Sol Koffler comes true.

Here are some of the best suitcases by this brand.

3. Tumi

If you are a frequent traveller, you must have seen the Tumi suitcases going seamlessly on the luggage conveyor belts. Tumi is not a new kid in the town; the brand was established in 1975 by Charlie Clifford. The birthplace of Tumi is New Jersey while the company, of late, is working under the domain of Tumi Holdings Inc.

Tumi is a local name for a traditional knife; the agility and swiftness of Tumi inspire the brand. Tumi suitcases provide piercing travel support to travellers thanks to their universal air protocol compliance and ergonomic design to fit in the overhead and other compartments.

The quality of Tumi does not require further elaboration. This is the awesome high-tech design that helped Tumi to expand the user base to almost all the strata of the society. Interestingly, the price tag of the Tumi suitcases is not very exorbitant.

Only those brands leave their footprints which have a distinctive feature to brandish. Tumi attributes its success to the recyclable material innovation. The products by Tumi are built to last long while this recyclable feature is a global repair network. Tumi suitcases are built up of finely picked biosecure and eco-friendly options.

Have a look at some of the best suitcases by Tumi.

4. Briggs and Riley

Richard Krulik laid down the foundation for Briggs and Riley travel ware in 1970, in the NY, United States, with a motif of lifetime customer support provision to esteemed buyers. However, this change brought about a more positive facelift to the overall efficiency of Briggs and Riley.

Not only does Briggs and Riley’s brand extend the lifetime follow-up but in certain circumstances reimburse the damages caused by any airline. The ownership of the company changed on the eve of the 21st century. In 2010, Briggs and Riley celebrated their 40th anniversary with wheeled suitcases. During these 40 years, Briggs and Riley’s network has been expanded to around 27 countries.

Briggs and Riley is the only suitcase brand that is offering an unconditional lifetime warranty. If the suitcase gets damaged, Briggs and Riley will repair it instantly without any bureaucratic red tape delay. The brand does not ask for past receipts and purchasing proofs as Briggs and Riley identify their suitcases. Interestingly, hardly any case of damage comes before the brand.

The scenario is a shining verdict on Briggs and Riley’s success. Confidence speaks volumes of high-quality material and design. The suitcase by Briggs and Riley may need a little more investment at the start, but in the long run, the brand proves a cost and time-efficient solution. Briggs and Riley’s suitcases are recommended for quality lovers.

Some best suitcases by these brands are.

5. Samsonite

Samsonite is the oldest brand competing as a forerunner in suitcase manufacturing. A luggage salesman established the brand as a test trial; he named the brand on his son Simon. The test trial turned into a lucky charm, and Samsonite came out as the most reliable and trusted brand of all time.

Nevertheless, going through many transitions, liquidity, and bankruptcy, one thing is crystal clear – the quality. No matter whoever was at the top seat, the Samsonite never compromised on quality. The suitcases offered by Samsonite are reliable and fit to be used for long travels. Samsonite, owing to its global outreach, considers travel protocols.

At the same time, the casing and externalities such as wheels, zippers, dividers, and folders are made up of top-notch material. This is one of the best suitcase brands UK.

Samsonite has a nostalgic attachment with the old loyal customers, and still, they feel comfortable with the Samsonite. Samsonite is a reliable option if you want to see the term “quality” as the first and foremost choice on your life checklist.

Check out the best suitcases by Samsonite.

6. Aerolite

In the domain of novice products, Aerolite is considered the most efficient suitcase brand. Aerolite started its operations in Great Britain a couple of years back. Since then, Aerolite has been plunging the rungs of the success ladder with each passing day. The good thing about Aerolite is that it knows the complexities of travelling. Aerolite suitcases are designed after thorough research, and every aspect of the sojourn is covered aptly.

From stepping out of the home to again stepping in, the Aerolite entertains all the phases of a traveller’s life. The ergonomic design of the Aerolite suitcase helps in the comfy and organizational accommodation of the luggage. Luckily, most of the Aerolite suitcases are expandable and provide extra space for additional luggage. The 360° rotatable wheels help in swift agility while the travel compliance clears all of your travel worries.

In the staying phase, the Aerolite brands facilitate the sojourner by guaranteeing round-the-clock protection thanks to the barrel padlock and TSA locks. Amazingly, these cutting-edge features are available in a viable price range. Aerolite is aware of the latest changes in air protocols, so this brand is recommended for first-time travellers.

Some best suitcases by Aerolite

7. Flight Knight

Flight Knight is a UK-based luggage brand that resumed operations from London. Over a variety of luggage items, the distinction of Flight Knight luggage items is the suitcase. The suitcase is also the main operational product of Flight Knight.

In addition, Flight Knight is a forerunner suitcase manufacturer in European markets. The brand was initiated to counter the exclusivity of bigwigs in the domain of suitcase manufacturing. Furthermore, Flight Knight has successfully defended its stance and has been providing all the apex features, incorporated in exorbitant price-tag products, in a moderate price range. The well-built suitcases are shipped for free all over the UK.

Fortunately, the brand does not compromise on quality and uses the best of the best material in suitcase manufacturing. This is why suitcases by Flight Knight are considerably longer-lasting, even then some of the high-end luxurious items. Last but not least, Flight Knight is designed ergonomically and compliant with the air travelling protocols.

The target segments of the Flight Knight suitcase are lower and middle economy class; however, top-tier buyers are also shifting sands towards flight Knight. The Flight Knight brand is for those buyers who want the best outcome for their investment. Meanwhile, who could be more cost-effective than the Flight Knight?

Have a look at the best suitcases by Flight Knight

8. Antler

Antler, a British company, has been famous for manufacturing and styling exclusive luggage ranges since 1914 and is located in London, UK. John Boultbee Brooks stepped into the field of business with Antler and rounded up the world of passengers, travellers, vacationers and explorers with a convenient yet styled statement luggage line.

Antler is all about customer satisfaction, quality and value. They ensure the best quality contemporary luggage to support the rough, long and strenuous journeys which leave troubled and ill-shaped suitcases behind to use for the next time.

Antler suitcases come in a large variety depending upon the size, design, space, and colour etc. These suitcases have excessive pockets, a well-built and rigid structure. Also, the suitcases have sturdy, stable bottom tyres and steady primary holders for customer convenience to support erratic and tiring journeys.

Though the brand is physically operational in Britain, it still strives to maximize customer satisfaction by facilitating its customers as much as they can. They maintain customer loyalty by providing you with a massive 10-year warranty and free returns to ensure the best service and brand value.

In addition to that, the brand also offers free shipment of ordered suitcases to any corner of the world. Your affordable dream travel bags are just a click away. Therefore grab the opportunity as soon as possible before you regret missing it.

Some of the best suitcases by Antler are

9. Timberland

Timberland has its feet engraved deeply in the market as a manufacturer of footwear, becoming its prime product for other leading brands. Initially was founded in 1952 by Nathan Swartz and then with passing years became a paramount name in the world of business and expanded its product line with watches, clothes, and travel supplies etc.

Timberlands being earth keepers have their prime focus on manufacturing products that are eco-friendly and support the outdoor lifestyle. With multipurpose pockets, sturdy tops and side holders, robust designs, imperishable spinning wheels and so much more, Timberland ensures durability and strength of its suitcases.

These suitcases come in primary colours to make them available for anybody and everybody. The bags are an embodiment of timberlands’ unique work. Timberland centres its efforts on manufacturing something that facilitates travel on wooded trails, streets, bumpy or turbulent rides etc.

Here are some of the best suitcases by Timberland.

10. Kono

Kono is a leading brand when it comes to suitcases. It’s been serving travellers for ages and has its name imprinted boldly when it comes to travel luggage.

Kono suitcases are best known for their sleek and posh look primarily. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and are lightweight. The hard outer body is stain-less and pressure resistant. Therefore, they can be easily carried for longer trips by roads, boats or airports etc.

Also, these suitcases come with inbuilt dividers and organizers, which save the consumers from the hassle of not packing essentials due to fewer space options. They are manufactured using concrete as well as vibrant and attractive looking colours that instantly grab the attention of everyone. Here is the one that i like most.


Uk is a big market but few brands enjoy a great reputation in suitcases. For your kind assistance, we have enlightened you about the best suitcase brands in the UK. So the nest time, you think about buying gear, make sure you choose sagaciously.

Here we list all the brands which are major players as best suitcase brands UK. Hopefully our resources help you to find a suitable suitcase for your travel trip.

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