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9 Best Lightweight Suitcases in the UK

The domestic or international traveller without a suitcase is just like a fish out of a pond. Various reasons make the suitcase a must-carry item: safety, agility, usability, and accommodation. Nevertheless, almost every traveller fears the heavy schlepping that occurs because of precarious design and clumsy built-up. Interestingly, traditional suitcases are sometimes heavier than luggage itself. This is the reason today I am putting my efforts to find the best lightweight suitcase UK.

best lightweight suitcase uk

Keep in mind luggage laden suitcases become a double whammy. The heavy suitcase’s dragging is next to impossible for the minors and senior citizens. The drifter feels like taking participation in the world weightlifting championship (pun intended). 

A quality lightweight product always strikes a balanced chord. Nevertheless, for a newbie, it isn’t easy to discern the figure among cyphers. This blog is written to make some quality lightweight suitcases readily available for you.

The buyer needs to select a customized brand, fittable to the disposition and needs, from various reviewed lightweight suitcases. Let’s quickly delve into the selected lightweight bags for Brits and others.

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1. Monzana Lightweight Hard Shell Suitcase

best lightweight suitcase uk

Dimensions: 48 × 28 × 69 cm | Weight: 3.3 kg | Capacity: 68 L | Lock: Safety Number Lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell Plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Black, Blue, and Silver

Key Features

  • Rubberized wheels —  Rubberized wheels bring about 360° maneuverability.
  • Ultra-flexible material — ABS plastic does not need further elaboration in the domain of flexible synthetic plastics; ABS competes for neck and neck with steel.
  • Trolley design — Trolley shapehas been the most special design from flappers to the vicenarians of Generation Z.

Screeching, moaning, and creaking suitcases inflict mental agony on the handler as well as passers-by. This phenomenon is duly endorsed by the Cambridge research study on noise pollution. No matter how apt the suitcase is, the bothersome travelling pattern lands all the goodness into the losing end. It is the first recommendation as best lightweight suitcase uk.

Nevertheless, manufacturers have been trying hard to figure out this noise problem. There are a variety of ways of being intact to envelop the screeching sound of luggage carrying suitcases. At long last, Montana erupts out as a winner among a bevvy of contenders. The formula behind the Monzana mute suitcase is the rubberized wheel.

Not only do the rubberized wheels dumb down the awful sound, but they also boost up the maneuverability.

Suppose you are a silent travel lover with high sensational needs. Monzana’s lightweight trolley luggage mover could be the best variant to jot down your bucket list.

Take Note It’s our first preference on the basis of its lightweight nature and features. Nothing found not to love in this suitcase.

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2. Aerolite Large Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Suitcase

Aerolite Large Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Hold Check in Luggage Suitcase with 4 Wheels, 29\

Dimensions: 79 × 58 × 31 cm | Weight: 4.8 kg | Capacity: 127 L | Lock: Three-Digit Combination Barrel Padlock | Casing: ABS Hardshell Plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Five

Key Features

  • Anti-scratch finish —  Anti-scratch lamination keeps your suitcase unhurt for a long time. 
  • Sturdy aluminium handle — Aluminum is the most sought after material for manufacturing the finery of suitcases.
  • Zipped divider —  Internal zipped divider provides optimal organizational support. 

Not every trip wears down your energy, but it is always the case that, more than often, the sojourn ends up with a shabby, scratched, and roughed-up suitcase. The shoddy condition does not reveal that you are a returnee from a pleasant trip but instead betrays a mercenary, fortunately, coming scot-free from a war zone.

The shabby suitcase is in no way able to accompany you for the next trip. This scratching happens for various reasons such as rough terrain, mishandling of security officials at entry and exit points, and maybe the user’s own recklessness.

Whatever the reason, the hard-earned investment in the suitcase drains down the lane after a single or barely a couple of round trips. If the traveller keeps going on with the weary bag, this compulsion extends a bad impression to the host. Due to its ultra-lightweight nature, we give it spot on 9 best lightweight suitcase uk.

Well, the odd scratching problem cannot be eradicated wholly. Care is far better than cure, but the problem can be mitigated to the minimum levels using the Aerolite scratch-resistant laminated suitcase. Aerolite’s lightweight suitcase keeps your suitcase in shape and resists accidental scratches.

Aerolite also cares about externalities, such as handles and zippers. The handles are made up of scratch-resistant aluminium, while the quality material is used in zipper formation.

In sum, the Aerolite reliable suitcase keeps glittering until the very end of the travel tunnel.

Take Note It comes with small when that are good on uneven place, sometimes create rolling problem.

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3. Villagio Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage

best lightweight suitcase uk

Dimensions: 56 × 37 × 28 | Weight: 3.2 kg | Capacity: Nil | Lock: TSA Combination Lock | Casing: Polycarbonate | Expandable: No | Colours: Aqua and Black

Key Features

  • USB port — Villagio incorporates the gadgets’ well-being by providing instant charging solutions.
  • Anti-theft zippers —  Solid zippers cannot be cut down by a knife.
  • The lower carry handle — Extended lower carry handle provides variety in maneuverability with the different styles.

Theft is a common occurrence during travel; the thieves’ main target is the luggage you carry. At the same time, the Damocles sword of pilferage keeps looming over the traveler throughout the journey.

Villagio brings a sigh of relief to the potential victim by incorporating the suitcase’s cutting-edge theft-control features. First, the zippers are manufactured qualitatively as no outside piercing force could cut through them. Slashing the zippers is the typical modus operandi of thugs at large. You can place the Villagio suitcase wherever you want, regardless of security fears.

Second, a unique port is provided to charge your gadgets sans taking the valuables outside. Commonly, the devices on charge-mode are picked up by sticky fingers. This means it is aptly dealt with by the Villagio anti-theft, lightweight suitcase.

If you are stepping out to a disturbed region and the travel guidelines are not very heartening, you must take proactive measures by adopting the Villagio suitcase.

Take Note Suitable for techy people while its design is not suitable for serious business.

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4. MERAX Suitcase Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage

MERAX Suitcase Lightweight Hard Shell Luggage Travel Bag 4 Wheels 2 Years Warranty 20/24/28 (24", Purple)

Dimensions: 65 × 42 × 24 cm (M) | Weight: 3.3 kg | Capacity: Nil | Lock: Combination Lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell Plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Blue and Purple

Key Features

  • Robust but silent spinners — Merax suitcase swivel on the mute but highly agile 360° rotatable spinners.
  • Superior packing interior — Ergonomic interior designing accommodates the luggage at full throttle.
  • Push-button opening — The push-button opening enhances usability.

During a live reality British TV program, the celebrities, prone to travel, were asked about the first thing they look into while buying the travel suitcase. The majority answered “usability.” Well, usability and weight of this product was the main reason among durability to consider it as best lightweight suitcase uk.

Yes! Usability is not a little thing to overlook. If the suitcase is not compatible, then the customer cannot take the full benefit of it. You must have observed a common phenomenon when the user can not place the luggage according to the suitcase’s capacity. This either happens because of the incorrect specification or mostly due to a lack of placement awareness.

This is why designers put special emphasis on the easy design and comfy usage of the suitcase. Not every customer has a terrific IQ to learn the intricacies.

Merax lightweight suitcase is designed while keeping the “usability” maxim in mind. The suitcase is easy to open and shut thanks to the push button, easy to organize given the superior interior designing, and easy to travel because of silent 360° spinning wheels.

Take Note  It’s wheels and their base is not strong enough but still can last few years.

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5. AmazonBasics Hardside Luggage Spinner

best lightweight suitcase uk

Dimensions: 68 × 46.5 × 29 cm (M) | Weight: 4.2 kg | Capacity: Nil | Lock: Nil | Casing: ABS hardshell plastic | Expandable: Yes | Colour: Burnt Orange and 4 Others.

Key Features

  • The 150D polyester interior — the 150D polyester interior is reliable to the core.
  • Four double spinner wheels – there would not be any fumbling en route given the installation of the four dual spinner wheels. 
  • Fifteen percent expandability — AmazonBasics suitcase can magically be bloated up to 15 percent in the hour of need.

Interior fraying is a common occurrence with the suitcase. Amazingly, this deterioration is not limited to the cheap products considered substandard, but the high-end bags are also reported to build the faults.

This happens as the brands give maximum attention to the outside designing and durability. Who, on the earth, could deny the importance of the optics. Sweet summer children go for the looks and then bemoan the suitcase’s faults at hand.

Nonetheless, AmazonBasics rushes into a suitcase foray to salvage the interior fraying. Pure 150D polyester builds up the AmazonBasics suitcase’s internal organization. Of late, the most resilient material for suitcase’s interior design. This assures no early fraying, cutting, or slashing.

The AmazonBasics suitcase could be expanded up to 15 per cent upon demand. In short, the AmazonBasics suitcase is a viable choice for brand-conscious and budgeted buyers.

Take Note Designed perfectly, nothing found shaky in this products.

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6. Flight Knight Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Case Suitcases 

Flight Knight Lightweight 4 Wheel ABS Hard Case Suitcases Cabin Carry On Hand Luggage Approved for Over 100 Airlines Including easyJet, British Airways, RyanAir, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates & Many More

Dimensions: 55 × 35 × 20 cm | Weight: 2.9 kg | Capacity: 34 L | Lock: Three-Digit Combination Barrel Padlock | Casing: ABS Hardshell Plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Burgundy and Thirteen Others

Key Features

  • Maximum compliance with the air protocols — Flight Knight suitcase is compliant with over 100 airlines, including bigwigs like Emirates and British Airways.
  • The rugged, water-resistant outer —  Outer shell is fully waterproof and moist repellant.
  • Anti-scratch body —  ABS induced anti-scratch body secures the suitcase from early withering. 

According to an informal social media survey, frequent air travellers vented out their two significant suitcase related travel worries, first air compliance, and second safety of luggage against the external environment. The poll was brimming with the same sort of complaints from different angles, tones, and tenors.

Flight Knight might have gotten the whiff of this survey as the offered suitcase caters to both of the issues aptly. Flight Night suitcase is compliant with over 100 airlines; hardly any airlines reach this protocol compliance pinnacle. Furthermore, the Flight Knight suitcase is manufactured with rugged ABS material.

The exterior of Flight Knight is scratch and moist resistive. Hence, the suitcase is saved from exposure to a hazardous environment. This best lightweight suitcase UK can satisfy your needs well.

Flight Knight’s nifty suitcase is available in an affordable price range accessible to the British middle-tier social class.

Take Note  It’s not east spinner.

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7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds Hardside Spinner

best lightweight suitcase uk

Dimensions: 75 × 53 × 29.7 cm | Weight: 4.3 kg | Capacity: Nil | Lock: Nil | Casing: ABS hardshell plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Black and thirteen others

Key Features

  • Nifty design — Kenneth Cole Reaction is a reputable brand with scintillating facets.
  • Upright posture — The proper posture is attained by assembling moulded side feet.
  • Fast travel — Multi-directional tires bring maximum agility to your sojourn.

Schlepping a suitcase is not easy; this becomes more difficult when the traveler is dragging the suitcase fully laden with the luggage. Ergonomic science has empirically proved that the whole luggage weight’s focal point lies on the bottom, mostly fitted with the wheels.

Hence if the wheels are adequate, then the luggage weight could be reduced considerably. Kenneth Cole Reaction suitcase is attached with the highly maneuverable and swift wheels, rotatable up to 360°. The durable wheels of Kenneth Cole Reaction are also skid and slip resilient. The spinning minions also resist accidents on rough and slippery terrain.

If you plan a journey to developing countries, you must consider a suitcase with rock-hard wheels such as a Kenneth Cole Reaction suitcase. The wheels will not betray you high and dry.

Take Note  Absence of trustworthy lock is a serious drawback of this suticase.

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8. Rockland Safari Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage

Rockland Safari Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage, Magenta Leopard, Carry-On 20-Inch

Dimensions: 33 × 22 × 51 cm (M) | Weight: 2.7 kg | Capacity: 38.3 L | Lock: Nil | Casing: Polycarbonate / ABS hardshell plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Magenta Leopard and Eight Others.

Key Features

  • The Safari theme —  Rockland suitcase invigorates an exciting sensation. 
  • Compatible pockets —  Mesh zippers and elasticized pockets are the organizational wonders in the suitcase domain.
  • Telescoping handle — Relieves the handler of strain and fatigue.

When the rejoicing picnickers step out for a picnic, everyone goes banana. Your attire, mood, and contours all go into party mode, so why not the suitcase.

There are a few suitcases that are customized to a specific event; Rockland is one of these. Rockland issues a host of holiday-specific suitcases. Holiday, -specific suitcases have their taste; such as spacious pockets for accommodating the swelling luggage size during the trip and ergonomic organization for nestling the souvenirs and artistic gifts.

The holiday-specific theme of Rockland suitcases is Safari. Also, more than nine colours are offered in the Safari range, hence providing a spacious room for selecting a viable suitcase for your holiday trips. This is the most recommended product for girls as the best lightweight suitcase UK.

Rockland suitcases are aesthetically built to fascinate onlookers. At the same time, the subtle safari pattern depicts Rockland as a pure fashionable option. Rockland satchel allures children, tweens, and veterans alike. The safari theme does not look odd or weird.

If you plan a holiday trip deep into a tourist resort, then one must consider the Rockland suitcase. Rockland will rock your voyage.

Take Note  We love to recommend it for girls only.

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9. it luggage World’s Lightest New York 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase

it luggage World's Lightest New York 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase, 80 cm, 83 liters, Evening Blue

Dimensions: 80 × 46.4 × 26 cm | Weight: 2.4 kg | Capacity: Nil | Lock: Nil | Casing: Tensile fabric | Expandable: No | Colours: Evening Blue and a Dozen Others.

Key Features

  • Abrasion Proof —  High tensile material is fully abrasion-proof.
  • Fiberglass framing —  Without piping means lightweight and lifetime longevity.
  • Wheel superiority —  Superior wheel control of It Luggage is exacted by constant R&D. 

Quality manufacturing is not just an open and shut case, where the brand assembles and doles out the particular set sans any second thought. In reality, profitable brands always manufacture the item after considerable deliberation and empirical research. This is why a few leading lights sway the whole industry, whatever the niche is.

“It Luggage” belongs to the same coveted club. The suitcase offered by It Luggage is produced after a well thought out strategy. So what are the research features that justify the hefty pre-manufacturing investment of time and resources? Some of the key takeaways are:

  • Usage of tensile over the overly-used ABS plastic furnishes resistibility galore.
  • Fiberglass framing is a unique idea of accommodating the maximum Luggagee in minimum space.
  • Wheel superiority is a distinguished option.
  • Ergonomic design is both an organizational and aesthetical support.

Well, there is a long list that could not be detailed owing to space constraints. Summing the review up, ItLuggagee is a prior brand built upon scientific lines, and you must opt-in as a reliable solution to your travel needs.

Take Note  It’s a large solution that might not be suitable for every type of trips.

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Let’s hit the road

To counter this heaviness issue, lightweight suitcases are gaining ground. Lightweight suitcases have become the talk of the town owing to easy handling and placement. The weight of the suitcase can conveniently be drawn down by constant research and development. The introduction of cutting-edge technology and material has revolutionized the modicum of designing sturdy but light suitcases. However, one should bear in mind that the lightweight does not compromise quality or design.

We hope that the detailed review of different lightweight suitcases will have enlightened you. Everyone is a universe in itself, and one product does not fit all and sundry needs. Before the final choice, one must read the data set and forte of the specific suitcase. Let’s hit the road with full confidence.

Monzana Lightweight Hard Shell Suitcase is our first preference; it’s not only the wight that we consider to vote in favour of this suitcase. We consider overall built quality, especially the rolling easiness and material, lock and usability. It’s an excellent product which is designed and manufactured with care.

Please consider our full review before making a final choice for best lightweight suitcase UK.

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