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5 Best Large Suitcases in the UK

Carrying a spacious suitcase is far better than juggling with too many suitcases during the journey. Empirical data reveals that accompanying various baggage types snowballs into a Frankenstein monster at the very end of the trip. This is why large suitcases with optimal accommodation are gaining popularity with each passing day. Nevertheless, an important point must be kept in mind that a large suitcase does not connote the bulky suitcase but a large capacity. Today we are discussing the best large suitcases UK.

best large suitcases uk

These large suitcases are sometimes lighter than the small suitcases, thanks to cutting-edge material and ergonomic technology.

Suppose you are going on a business, holiday, or a spontaneous trip with the family. Besides, the luggage requirements are higher. It would help if you considered buying a viable large suitcase to accompany the journey. For your convenience, we have cherry-picked some of the best bags valuing the quality and price. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty.

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1. Tripp Dove Grey World Large 4 Wheel Suitcase

best large suitcases uk

Dimensions: 30 x 53 x 77 cm | Weight: 4.1 kg | Capacity: Large | Lock: TSA lock | Casing: Propylene | Expandable: No | Colour:  Dove Grey, yellow, and black

Key Features

  • A strong but lightweight — Tripp suitcase is feather-light compared to the size.
  • Soft, durable material — Propylene is a long-lasting material for suitcase manufacturing.
  • Sleek look — Tripp suitcase is a top chic brand.

Most of the customers shy away from large suitcases owing to the fear of clownish depiction. Potential customers dread the scenario when they become the laughing stock for all and sundry.

However, this fear is not ungrounded. In the past, beauty has been, more than often, the first casualty of space by suitcase manufacturers; the market was brimming with the simple trunk like mammoth elephant suitcases. Travelers carrying a large suitcase would depict an unprofessional and immature look. This situation compelled the buyers to shift towards buying the high-end chic suitcases. Nonetheless, again, the capacity problem kept lingering.

After bouts of deliberation and constant research, some nifty large suitcases finally arrived in a market that maintains an equilibrium between substance and choice. Tripp is one of those newly-emerged suitcase blessings.

The suitcase is available in a variety of colors, while the design itself is aesthetically built. That convince us to give it first spot as best large suitcases uk.

Your business and professional tours could accompany Tripp. Simultaneously, the long luggage list of holiday tours can easily be assimilated into this spacious suitcase. This elephant luggage carrier is up for sale at an affordable price tag. In sum, if you want to have a cake and eat it too, Tripp is for you (commercial poetry).

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2. Kono Large Suitcase Hard Shell Travel Trolley

Kono Large Suitcase Hard Shell Travel Trolley 4 Spinner Wheels Lightweight Polypropylene Check in Luggage with TSA Lock (Black,76cm/100L)

Dimensions: 76 × 49 × 30 cm | Weight: 4.1 kg | Capacity: 100 L | Lock:  TSA lock | Casing: Propylene | Expandable: No | Colour:  Black, green, pink, and turquoise

Key Features

  • Scratch-resistant textured finish — The textured scratch-resistant body helps in a long-lasting glow.
  • Zipped divider — Brings out an optimal organization.
  • Silent spinner wheels — No screeching sounds when schlepping the Kono suitcase, thanks to silent wheels.

Large suitcases are prone to accidental scratches and fractures. A little breakage may drain down the entire investment spent on the suitcase. This awful incident happened with the customers’ time and, finally, discouraged them from buying the large bags.

A consumer pattern accumulating the agency name WiData concluded, “a nosedive plunge was observed in large suitcases amid the mid and late 90s because of early retirement of material.” This call to the junkyard is not a censure to the manufacturers but the en-route accidents. In case the suitcases would not turn to dust; still, there were noticeable scratches that happened to appear after each bump. The suitcases’ life was relatively reduced while the beauty would cut short just after a couple of trips.

Kono sensed the issue and tried its level best to mitigate the bottleneck. This empathetic vibe spurred Kono to launch a stream of large suitcases that are resilient against bumps and mishandling. The brand image itself was enough to give this product a spot on the best large suitcases UK.

The shiny surface of the Kono suitcase keeps glowing throughout the usage because of its ergonomic beauty design. The suitcase does not seem older, and the customer presents a playful and lavish look to the onlookers and hosts. 

If you are bogged down in the beauty dilemma, and your abode is the graveyard of scratched and cracked suitcases, Kono must wear the mantle this time. Kono may prove your lifetime luggage partner with an ever scintillating demeanour.

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3. Aerolite Large Super Lightweight ABS Hard Shell Travel Hold Check in Luggage Suitcase

best large suitcases uk

Dimensions: 73 × 56 × 31 cm | Weight: 4.8 kg | Capacity: 127 L | Lock: Three-digit combination barrel padlock | Casing:  ABS hardshell plastic | Expandable: No | Colour:  Charcoal, silver, and rose gold

Key Features

  • Ideal storage space — 127 L absorbs massive piles of luggage conveniently.
  • 360° manoeuvrability — The fitted wheels are 360 degrees rotatable.
  • Efficiently handling — Push retractable button handle brings ease in handling.

Schlepping large suitcases is not child’s play. This effort requires the sweat and blood of the laborer. However, the Herculean task could be eased up by boosting the secondary supporters such as wheels and handles. If the wheels of the suitcase are maneuverable and smart enough, the transportation becomes relatively comfy.

Aerolite’s large suitcase version was launched, keeping in view the very facts of transportation. Aerolite knows that the wheels and handles bear most of the luggage burden. This is why Aerolite uses the best of the best rotations in its suitcases. The Aerolite suitcases are fitted with 360° rotatable, highly maneuverable, and rotatable spinners that double up your journey.

If your upcoming travel would require a lot of to and fro, you should consider Aerolite. Aerolite is easy to drag and move with a fantastic capacity of more than 120 liters. Here you go!

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4. Rock Ever-lite 78cm Large Softside Luggage Lightweight Four Wheel Suitcase 

Rock Ever-lite 78cm Large Softside Luggage Lightweight Four Wheel Suitcase Charcoal

Dimensions: 78 × 48 × 31 cm | Weight: 2.5 kg | Capacity: 89 L | Lock: Nil | Casing: Softside | Expandable: No | Colour:  Black, Charcoal, Navy, and Purple

Key Features

  • Soft side construction — Rock suitcase makes it comfy to lift and drag.
  • Glide wheels — Gliding wheels provide maximum agility.
  • Corner piping protection — Corner piping protection saves from accidental scratches and breakage.

Large suitcases are prone to early fraying and detachment. The cause could be anything such as the placement of sharp objects inside or the outside piercing effect. Whatever the reason is, the outcome comes out next to disgusting. The customer deprives of all the charm and goodness of the suitcase in an instant.

The rock suitcase brand has aptly tackled the situation by inserting a conventional piping feature with a blend of modernity into its suitcase range. The corner piping around the large suitcase of rock prevents fraying, damage and scratches. The piping is also pleasant to taste buds’ aesthetics and provides a fashionable sensation to the suitcase.

Besides piping, Rock also has a distinctive feature of soft side construction. This ergonomic design boosts the usability of Rock to the Zenith. This is most lightweight suitcase on the list of best large suitcases uk.

If you want to stay clear of travel fraught with lurking dangers, do take a proactive approach and consider Rock’s suitcase to be elegant, protective, swift, and durable.

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5. Timberland Boscawen ABS Luggage (Large, Graphite)

best large suitcases uk

Casing: ABS hardshell plastic | Expandable: No | Colour:  Graphite, Navy, and Silver

Key Features

  • Elegant look — The sleek looks of Timberland fascinate your journey
  • Ergonomically designed — The ergonomic design gives organizational support.
  • Swift traveling — Timberland is easy to move because of quality fitted wheels.

Every suitcase brand has its reasons to buy, their compelling reasons. The forte of different products makes them alluring. On the flip side, every brand has its taboos and dark sides. Some brands are excellent in one aspect, and the bright side is promoted at full throttle, but the loopholes are identified only after usage, and obviously, after buying. There is not a thing that exists like free lunches.

Quite a few brands maintain moderate behaviour and equip the suitcases with every good in a reasonable way. Timberland is a shining example at hand. Timberland encompasses all the brilliant aspects of contemporary brands. These best large suitcases UK are durable and long-lasting we recommend it as a one-time investment.

The design is ergonomic, glances are nifty, while usability is durable. Overall, the Timberland suitcase is a competitive quality suitcase designed to support extended luggage needs.

If you seek a quality product, then compare and contrast Timberland with others. However, the price tag is slightly higher, which is compensated by the retention of quality at each faucet. When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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Fetch the Boarding Ticket!

The suitcases above are some of the highest-rated bags under the domain of a large suitcase type. Each one was picked owing to its forte, and that strength and concomitant notes are also discussed at length. The blog’s ultimate goal is to enlighten you about making a sound choice for your large luggage needs. We listed above only the best large suitcases uk.

You may pick any of these viable suitcases considering your personal preference and gut feeling. Knock them dead!

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