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3 Best Hand Luggage Backpacks of 2021

best hand luggage backpack

Most people do not like carrying around a massive suitcase while travelling. A colossal bag or luggage is also not a good idea for cabins. Hand luggage backpacks are small in size, but they keep everything in the right place. Also, they are easy to carry and manage. To assist you in an accommodative way, we have come up with the best hand luggage backpack available in the market.

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1. High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack

best hand luggage backpack

Key Features

Dimensions: 51.99 x 38.00 x 5.33  CM
Weight: 0.99 KG
Capacity: 36 Liters
Laptop Size: 17 Inches
Colours Available: True Navy, Black and 4 Others

Take Note

Best For — Laptops and carrying other stuff in the same bag due to its massive capacity. 

The High Sierra best hand luggage backpack has what we look for in a shoulder-carry. The backpack is the personification of durability, tensile strength, and capacity. It is comfortable to carry and lightweight on itself.

The hand luggage backpacks come in a classic ashy/steamy black colour, starting with its unique colour and elegant style. The painting itself is pretty unisex and suits almost all personality types.

Sierra is accommodative for a brooding businessman, a hyper teenager, a sophisticated lady, or a rowdy college student. This backpack is for everyone.

Talking about capacity, High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack has a wide variety of different-sized pockets and compartments designed for all kinds of luggage (large, small, or tiny) to be fit in. Incorporated in this design is a mesh beverage pocket on one side. The side keeps your water bottle/beverages at a close distance and frees your hands from an unnecessary load.

The backpack also provides a range of multiple pockets within a premium organizer, which can fit smaller objects like mobile phones, calculators, notepads, pens, snacks, etc. A key fob is also separately sectioned for the safe and easy putting in and retrieving room/locker/house/car keys.

Those thinking the backpack is still short of pockets have a zippered accessory pocket with a USB port.

The High Sierra Swerve also has side compression straps to adjust the thickness/puffiness of the bag. This feature is useful for those with variable luggage on different days of the week but wants to accommodate it all without changing gears.

Talking about comfort, the material used doesn’t compromise the load-carrying ability and the ease-to-carry. The back panel is fully padded for maximum support to avoid hunching over the carrier due to overload.

The shoulder straps are strongly-built and padded to prevent unnecessary digging of the straps into one’s shoulders. Shoulder straps are adjustable as well to get the backpack to fit like a glove.

A backpack is a built-in zipper style, which averts any chances of luggage spilling. The zippers are strong and durable.

After detailed analysis, the High Sierra Swerve best hand luggage backpack comes out victorious in every sense.

2. KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack

KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack Stylish 15.6 Inch Computer Backpack with Hard Shelled Saferoom RFID Pockets Water-Repellent Sturdy School Daypack for Work/Business/College/Men/Women (Dark Blue)

Key Features

Dimensions: 45.97 into 29.46 x 22.35 cm
Weight: 2.64 pounds, 1.19 kg
Capacity: 25 Liters Aprox 
Laptop Size: 15.6 Inches
Colours Available: Dark Blue, and 2 Others 

Take Note

Best For — stuffing small things because of the versatile options in compartment sizes. It can serve in multiple ways, can be used during travel and ideal companion for students too.

Kroser Dark Blue has a unique tone, which proves fruitful in preventing visible staining due to the colour. It also gives one the edge of comfort with style. The thick zippers secure the backpack to the fullest by avoiding the zipper’s risk of getting dysfunctional/stuck/detached and not letting luggage spillover.

Kroser’s backpack is known for its versatility in compartment sizes. It has a main compartment with a zippered divider; and a multi-organizer pocket with a key fob that allows almost the whole house to fit in, talking metaphorically.

It also has a micro-fleeced lined accessory pocket, not to forget the computer tablet sleeve it comes with. It is one of the best best hand luggage backpack.

The factor of comfort is the top priority, like in a High Sierra luggage bag. The shoulder straps are padded and incorporated into the suspension system to take off some load from the carrier’s shoulders.

The back panel is also fully padded. Kroser has a sternum strap, which is its distinctive feature. This also helps provide extra support as this backpack’s capacity is 40L and is the most capacious among the three, which signifies that it carries more luggage.

The only drawback is that it can become an obstacle for the carrier due to the load. This problem is solved by the sternum strap, which transfers some weight to the anterior of the carrier’s body and maintains an erect posture by averting any chances of hunching over.

The backpack has a gripping hand strap which is padded for the sake of variety in carrying style.

Like sierra, this backpack has no USB port and weighs more. However, our first backpack has a lot more capacity than this one and scores many in terms of aesthetics. Although cheaper than a first-hand luggage backpack yet in terms of productivity, Sierra is taking the lead.

The Kroser Laptop backpack emerges victorious in being affordable yet not compromising quality/durability.

3. Clas Ohlson Rucksack Backpack Cabin Luggage

best hand luggage backpack

Key Features

Dimensions: 35×21×49 CM
Weight: 0.62 KG
Capacity: 35 Liters
Laptop Size: Nill
Colours Available: Red & Black Design

Take Note

Best For — Causal travellers who need to carry hand luggage on long haul flights.


This Rucksack or Casual Backpack is all you need to take for hiking and long tiring journeys. It is customized, especially with polyester, to ensure the bag’s softness and smoothness and comes with two side net pockets to carry bottles and umbrellas, etc.

But it’s not as capacious as a high Sierra Swerve laptop backpack, which can be used to pack multiple items.

In this casual rucksack, we have three compartments that can be used for various purposes. One of these compartments has an inbuilt organizer, which will help keep the stuff organized and neat. It has a padded back panel to help the customers carry with ease and comfort.

Though it is sturdy, with strong adjustable shoulder straps and a padded grab handle, the shoulder straps are not thick enough to carry more weight like Sierra. However, it’s lightweight compared to the first product, but it is not recommended to take heavy stuff.

The rucksack has a capacity of 35L, which is pretty accommodating to everyday luggage. But the bonus points are taken away by its weight. The rucksack weighs only 0.6 kilograms hence proving to be rather feather-light as compared to the other two. It is new but a stylish addition as well as durable so we give it a spot on our list of best hand luggage backpack.

For those who want something that barely manages to fit everything inside and does not become too hefty to carry, you can stop your sifting because this should be your pick.

Apart from this, the backpack does not come with any USB port like Sierra. It’s also smaller and less spacious than the Swerve laptop bag, which is big enough to support a 17 inches laptop while keeping it safe and secure.

Rucksack backpack has an additional water tube and headphone grommet and is cheaper than the Swerve laptop bag, but our winner’s standard quality justifies its slightly higher price.


The High Sierra Swerve Hand Luggage backpack is discussed and juxtaposed explicitly against other locally popular brands in question. The review would give you a detailed analysis of the three products in terms of usage, quality, and features.

Among the three, we recommend the High Sierra Swerve best hand luggage backpack because it’s spacious, high-quality, sleek, steam black in colour, and appealing to eyes. It can be carried out for travelling, hiking, vacations and professional dealings, etc. It’s easy to carry, affordable, and is of trusted quality! 

Make a wise choice, and invest smartly, keeping your preferences, purpose, and priorities in perspective.

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