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3 Best Best Commuter Backpacks in the UK (Reviews 2021)

Are you a regular bicycle traveller? If so, then have you ever faced difficulties relating to what kind of bags to choose from? This is a frequent question arising in so many commuters whose mode of transport is a bicycle. Bikers and cyclists get into many issues. How to carry belongings is the most prime one, and this is the reason we recommend to use commuters backpack while bicycling. We were researching on best commuter backpack UK and find some really valuable backpacks which are listed below.

best commuter backpack uk

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1. Osprey Daylite Plus Unisex Lifestyle Pack

Osprey Daylite Plus Unisex Lifestyle Pack - grey/green (O/S)

Capacity: 20 L | Laptop Size: Nil | Weight: 0.4kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Large main compartment comes with more storage space.
  • Dual stretch mesh pockets at the side to ensure there is extra space.
  • Comfortable to carry because of the material and fabric.

Want an extremely light-weight bag? Well, this is the perfect backpack for you, which is only 0.4kg with 20 L of capacity. This makes it ultra-light, and you can carry it easily anywhere. It is an extremely comfortable bag with a breathable system

Mesh covered back panel is there to ensure that there is breathability and ventilation.

The back of the bag’s material is made of high-density mesh, which is why the fabric breathes, and you will not get warm and uncomfortable.

It also has an external hydration access pocket where there is an option of reservoir refill. There are also strips that reflect in the dark. This feature will make sure that any incoming vehicle will be able to see you in the dark. Hence it is safe to say that you can take this bike on a ride at night.

The backpack comprises great quality 210D nylon fabric, which is extremely durable and best for people who want this bag for long term use. It has multiple compartments, mainly one big pocket in which you can store your great accessories like your clothes or small books.

This multiple small compartment design ensures that you can take out any of your desired stuff whenever you need it. You can put small snacks in them too. The fabric of the bag is stretchable, which is a plus point since it will fit you perfectly with this feature’s help.

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2. Aquabourne Waterproof Backpack Commuter Bike Bag

Aquabourne Waterproof Backpack Commuter Bike Bag with Integrated LED Cycling Light & Expandable Shoe Compartment (Midnight)

Capacity: 18L | Laptop Size: 15.6 inches | weight: 1.2 KG | Waterproof: Yes to Some Extent

Key Features

  • 18-litre capacity accommodative for cyclists and bikers.
  • Chest Straps to make sure that the gear is not hanging around you on the bike.
  • Exterior webbing chains so you can lock your bag with your cycle or bike.

Aquabourne commuter backpack comes in a fantastic midnight color. This backpack is a unique solution to the problems of those cyclists out there. The gear has a capacity of 18 L, which ensures that it has a spacious environment inside. You will be able to fit every accessory of yours in there.

It has a perfect weight of 1.2 Kg, which will ensure that the bag does not get too heavy for you since that is the first concern of a daily cyclist.

It has a very stylish compact design featuring an adjustable waist as well as chest straps, which combined will make your journey quite comfortable.

The bag is made up of good quality Tarpaulin material, which is exceptionally durable and best for use in every type of weather as it is waterproof to protect your stuff even from heavy rains. The zip system in the bag is very smooth, and it is also water-resistant.

The bag also has exterior webbing chain tabs that will allow U-locks and cycle helmets to be attached. This feature will give added protection to the backpack.

The main compartment of the backpack has storage space for an approximately 15.5” laptop.

It also has a pocket specially made to store a cycle pump. The backpack also features other small compartments so that you can keep things that you readily need. The gear can also be expanded to provide another 5L of additional capacity; this is so that you can store it in your gym clothes or shop for clothes.

The exterior also has an LED light strip so that you can ride easily in the night, and people can see you from afar.

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3. Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Commuter Backpack

Thule Pack 'n Pedal Commuter Backpack, Black

Capacity: Nil | Laptop Size: 15.6 inches | Weight: 1.32 KG | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Invisibility rain cover to make sure that your belongings are secure from the drizzle.
  • Reflective screenprint of 360° so you can ride at night.
  • Features Ulock is an anti-theft feature that protects bags from burglars.

Another fine addition to the commuter backpack shelf. Thule waterproof backpack comes in black and can be used in all weather conditions with your stuff fully secure.

The backpack features have a roll-top closure system, which will not allow any heavy rain to wet your accessories. The most interesting this is that it also has an added high invisibility rain cover. This protection level can only mean that your contents will not get even a single drop of water.

The backpack has a reflective screen print of 360 degrees so that you can easily ride in the night, as this feature ensures that you will be visible from all sides.

The bag is essentially lightweight, with 1.32 Kg of Weight. It has a spacious environment which is enough to put in your books or even clothes. With a very compact design, you can rest assured that the backpack will not be falling in different directions as you ride.

It is made up of great quality material, which is Cordura-like nylon 500D. This is a very durable material that will make your bag last for a long time.

Another great feature in the bag is that it contains a system through which you can attach your helmet when it’s not in your use. With U-locks, no burglar will be able to get your stuff from your bag, as this is an anti-theft system in the bag.

The backpack has a large main compartment that can fit into a 15″ laptop. It has other side pockets and small rooms as well. With padded shoulder straps and padded back, you will love to wear this backpack!

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Issues of Commuters

The issue of a hanging backpack

Most of you out there might complain that your bag keeps hanging by the side and keeps flapping as you ride your bike. This could also be a difficult problem since the bag’s weight keeps shifting in different directions as you move your bicycle.

If you press the brake instantly and tilt sideways, this bag’s inertia will try to stop you and, you could eventually fall on a side causing physical harm to your body.

In this situation, only the backpack that stays close to you can be the right choice.

Issue of not having enough space

Another noticeable problem bicycle commuters face is the lack of space in a bag.

Some bags can carry a lot of weight; however, they are so heavy on their own that to take them is not the right solution.

To tackle this problem, it is vital to get a backpack that is accommodative.

The issue of unpredictable weather

Since these bicycle commuters travel to different places on their bikes, they also go to places where the weather is quite unpredictable. People could go camping or hiking, but the problem arises when the drizzle happens, or worse, a shower of rain happens.

In these difficult times, the commuters argue that their stuff and accessories get all wet and damaged, especially if there are books or food in it. A waterproof bag is the only solution for this kind of problem.

If the bag is water-resistant, then it might protect your stuff from drizzle or rain.

The issue of security

Everything aside, security is the number one concern for commuters. They complain that their accessories got stolen easily, and they could not do anything about it. This is because many times, you park your bicycle in a public area and need to do your work, leaving behind your things in the backpack with the bike.

Burglars look for every chance to steal something from you, which is usually the perfect moment for them.

However, if the bag has a security feature, nothing can be stolen.

All these issues need a sensible solution, and the best backpack for commuters UK provides that.

It is time to enlighten yourself about the possible options of having the best gear for your commute.


These three bags essentially present all the best features which commuters crave to see in a backpack. Since these are all made for people who commute, you will know that they are on your desired standard of suitable backpacks. Our vote goes to Osprey Europe Daylite Plus Everyday and Commute Pack.

With high-quality fabrics, these bags are a must to have if you are someone who will keep cycling for a long time.

In addition to this, their design makes them very trendy and stylish. Rest assured that if you buy one of these backpacks, you will look great in them, and they will prove their mettle as a durable backpack.

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