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10 Best Budget Suitcases in the UK

Covid-19 has wreaked ubiquitous havoc on almost every segment of life. This reminds us of the great recession of 2008. It is also an ugly reality that pandemic has hit hard the rock bottom strata of economic society. The BBC reported massive job cuts for Brits, while independent surveys also revealed a considerable dip in average household income and concomitant purchasing power. So you might be looking for the best budget suitcase UK, here we review some best available options.

Amid pandemic, consumer behavior has turned upside down. This economic uncertainty has perpetuated a trend of cutting back expenses and hoping for alternative cheaper products.

best budget suitcase uk

The suitcase is considered an essential traveling item, and the absence of this traveling partner cannot be overlooked. While as the Coronavirus recedes, economic activities have been revivifying cautiously. This means that many potential travelers are counting on the possible options of a better but affordable suitcase.

This blog is written to help guide you in selecting a viable brand in the economical price range. Reviews of the budgeted suitcases are available below for your kind perusal. Have a look.

We advise you to read our suitcase brands review to become familiar with all the available brands.

1. 26″ Medium Super Lightweight Expandable Suitcase Luggage

best budget suitcase uk

Dimensions: 69 × 44 × 26.5 cm | Weight: 2.8 kg | Capacity: L | Lock: Nil | Casing: 600D Polyester | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Green and 23 others.

Key Features

  • A hard honeycomb frame — The strong honeycomb framing extends to a formidable formation.
  • Ergonomic design —  Bestows the optimal organizational support for the suitcase.
  • Retractable trolley system —  Retractable push-button manifolds the convenience in handling. 

According to the research study by the ergonomic design expert in SpaceTex journal, “design controls the 70% efficiency of a particular product.” The same maxim applies to the luggage genre. A well-designed suitcase brings comfort in terms of space, usage, and transportation.

ATX prioritizes the designing option while manufacturing the suitcases. The brand includes a unique feature of hard honeycomb framing that gives resilience to the suitcase. Additionally, optimal organizational support is achieved through designing the suitcase on ergonomic patterns.

The retractable trolley handle is the icing on the cake. These cutting-edge features give superiority to the ATX suitcase over contemporary brands. It is one of the best budget suitcase UK.

In sum, keeping in view the designing wonders, ATX proves to be a viable value for money product for your future voyages.

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2. Murtisol 20 inches (56cm) Carry on ABS Luggage

Murtisol 20 inches (56cm) Carry on ABS Luggage TSA Lock Lightweight Durable Hard Shell 4 Spinner Wheels Suitcase, Navy Blue

Dimensions: 43 × 26 × 69 cm | Weight: 3.5 kg | Capacity: 38 L | Lock: TSA lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell | Expandable: No | Colours: Navy blue

Key Features

  • Quick and easy scanning — The TSA lock allows TSA agents to inspect the luggage conveniently.
  • Comfy lifting — Murtisol suitcase is easy to lift because of the rubber handle and polypropylene feet.
  • Ergonomic spacing — 210D mesh zip lining and separate pockets provide the optimal spacing option for the suitcase.

More than often, the budget suitcases are for the simpleton Simmon. The suitcases lack cutting-edge features. Leave aside, the researcher economical designing. The appearance is usually dull, while the colors are not very glittery. Veteran buyers identify economic suitcases at first sight. 

Nevertheless, not all five fingers are the same. Murtisol proves to be a taboo breaker and has enlisted almost all of the high five features into the mid-range product. The over the top features include 210D mesh zip-lining, extended support for comfy lifting, TSA locking, 360° rotation of wheels, superspace, and many more.

Murtisol is a validated top brand to extend all the useful features of top-notch brands to considerably moderate spenders. Select Murtisol and enjoy both joys. 

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3. New Eagle Luggage Super Lightweight Durable ABS Hard Shell Hold Luggage Suitcases

best budget suitcase uk

Dimensions: 73 × 47 × 25 cm (M) | Weight: 3.7 kg | Capacity: 72 L | Lock: TSA lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell Plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Black and 3 Others.

Key Features

  • Metal zippers — Strong metal zippers bring about maximum support.
  • Padded interior — Organizes the luggage separately.
  • Packing straps —  Interior packing straps clasp the luggage firmly.

Economical suitcases often turn out the weaker ones, especially the zippers. The cheap buyers usually find wrangling with tangling zippers. This becomes a troublesome activity during the journey. The substandard zippers are also prone to be slashed by thieves.

Not every budget suitcase is below par, and many brands offer value for money products such as the suitcase offered by Baggage World. Baggage World suitcase’s forte is metal zippers with lifetime durability. The zippers are free from glitches and hitches. We recommend it on the basis of its quality as a best budget suitcase uk.

If your budget is low and you want to make the most of your money, then you must consider Baggage World for your expedition. 

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4. Travelers Club 20″ Chicago Expandable Spinner Carry-On Luggage

Travelers Club 20

Dimensions: 51 × 33 × 28 cm | Weight:  Lightweight | Capacity: Large | Lock: Nil | Casing: Hardshell | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Rose Gold

Key Features

  • Telescopic handle — Travelers Club provides easement in handling.
  • 360° single spinner wheels — 360° single spinner wheels prevent accidental skidding and slipping.
  • Refreshing colours — Golden rose colour is relishing and attractive to the onlookers.

Ouch! A little bump on the way may turn the traveller’s suitcase upside down, and the trolley accident may also spoil invaluable luggage enclosed herein. Low price suitcases are usually made up of substandard terms. However, one should remember that compromising the wheels’ quality invites the pandora box of en route skidding and slipping.

Travelers Club is offering a quality designed suitcase at a very reasonable price range.

The wheels are rotatable to 360 degrees. The 369° agility gives the suitcase resilience against accidental bumps. The suitcase cannot be slid down. The useful features of the Travelers Club do not end here; this quality product is embedded with a telescopic handle that avoids the strain to the forehand. If your destination is not a developed utopia, you must consider the Rosy golden Travelers Club’s suitcase as your travel partner.

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5. Flight Knight 8 Wheel TSA Lock Hardcase

best budget suitcase uk

Dimensions: 55 × 35 × 20 cm (S) | Weight: 3.1 kg | Capacity: 34 L | Lock: TSA Three-Digit Combination Lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell Plastic | Expandable: No | Colours: Orange and 12 Others.

Key Features

  • Airlines’ compliant — Flight Knight suitcase is compliant with almost 109 airlines.
  • Eight wheels — Provide the maximum agility to the suitcase.
  • Push-button — Push-button opening enhances usability.

What could be more heartrending than losing your suitcase at the very start of the journey? This happens when the traveler is carrying a non-compliant suitcase. For a budgeted buyer, this loss is a tragic one. Many hurried shoppers overlook this specific option while looking for an economical suitcase.

Never drain the whole suitcase to save a few cents. There are many travel compliant suitcases are available in a modest price range.

Flight Knight suitcase is offering an aero compliant suitcase in a budgeted range. The suitcase is compliant with over 100 global airlines, while the ergonomic design could easily fit into the overhead compartments. Air protocol compliance saves travelers time and energy as security officials get the suitcase cleared in a jiffy.

If you are planning a trip overseas and unsure about the air protocols’ intricacies, you must tread safely. Flight Knight suitcase is the most cost-effective luggage solution. It is a top-rated and best budget suitcase UK.

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6. METZELDER Mineo Expandable Hard Suitcase

METZELDER Mineo Expandable Hard Suitcase

Dimensions: 65 × 40 × 28 cm | Weight:  3.7 kg | Capacity: 66 L | Lock: TSA lock | Casing: ABS Hardshell Plastic | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Black

Key Features

  • The Integrated rain cover — Metzelder suitcase is enclosed with a waterproof rain cover.
  • Expandable suitcase — The expandability enhances the accommodation of extra luggage.
  • Honeycomb effect appearance —  Honeycomb effect appearance instils a perpetual shine to the suitcase.

The exterior is the other half of the suitcase. No matter how efficient, a suitcase with a shabby look always leaves a bad impression on the host. This is a typical market observance that the cheap suitcases are identified from the looks. The champion brands brandish their forte of jiggle and glitter with awesome looks.

Metzelder has successfully countered this problem by blending a high-end face into the suitcase. The honeycomb effect appearance daubs a shiny layer into the bag. This lamination stays intact with time and does not fray up easily. This lamination is not restricted to beauty; the Metzelder suitcase is also waterproof. The downpour, a common issue for the traveler, does not harm an iota to the enclosed luggage of the Metzelder suitcase thanks to the rain-resistant sheet.

If you are a lover of high-end products, but the budget does not allow you to fly high, Metzelder could be the best available choice.

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7. 24″ Medium Super Lightweight 4 Wheel Suitcase Luggage


Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 66 cm | Weight: NIL | Capacity: 68 L | Lock: 3 Digit Lock | Casing: Softside | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Pink and 3 others

Key Features

  • 360 mobility The suitcase’s smart and beautiful design helps move it in 360 motion quickly.
  • Multiple extra pockets Outer part of the suitcase includes numerous pockets that can be used to keep essential things like a mobile charger, beauty products, hand frees, etc.
  • Lightweight Made with lightweight material, which helps you keep more stuff without paying luggage charges to the airport authorities.

Sometimes you look for a suitcase that can give solutions to all your luggage-related problems. Well, Flymax is the complete solution to all your problems.

Imagine you are out of town and your luggage bag is broken. What would you do? Instead of repairing the old gear, you should go for this one as it is budget-friendly. Also, Flymax provides all the premium features that any other expensive suitcase provider offers.

Moreover, you will not look bad while carrying this suitcase; it has a refined look that can catch anyone’s eyes. Another good thing about this suitcase is its weight and space combo that correctly gives you the ultimate experience. Also, it is lightweight and has lots of space.

If you are one such person who is looking for a long-term solution, then nothing can be a perfect choice but this best budget suitcase in the UK.

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8. Aerolite Large Super Lightweight 4 Wheel Spinner

best budget suitcase uk

Dimensions: 81 x 48 x 30 cm | Weight: 2.98kg | Capacity: 105 L | Lock: 3 Digit Lock | Casing: Softside | Expandable: Nil | Colours: Black and Grey

Key Features

  • Best quality zips The zips used are of premium quality to keep your belongings safe and sound.
  • Easy to carry Very easy to move due to the handle grip and smooth wheels design.
  • Ultra-lightweight   Extra lightweight, which makes it different from the other products.

We have all been into a situation where airport staff are pointing us out to carry extra luggage. At that point, we realize the value of even one additional gram. Well, Aerolite lightweight spinner’s best budget suitcase will help you reduce the weight of your luggage. Aerolite can give you an experience that no other brand can offer.

Another thing that always bothers us is the style of our expensive luggage that is now old. However, with the help of this stylish suitcase, you can change your bag while saving money as it is not costly.

In case you want more luggage without compromising the quality and weight of the product, Aerolite might be the best option available on the market.

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9. 24″ Medium Super Lightweight 4 Wheel Suitcase


Dimensions: 42 x 28 x 66 cm | Weight: Medium | Capacity: 68L | Lock: 3 Digit Lock | Casing: Softside | Expandable: Yes | Colours: Navy and 4 Others

Key Features

  • Built-in lock — To enhance your things’ security, this suitcase has a three-digit security code.
  • Elegant design The design is the perfect blend of beautiful look and handling.
  • Extra capacity — The suitcase’s design is expendable, increasing the capacity by at least 20 Liters.

Do you ever wonder if even one thing inside your suitcase goes missing, how would this affect your travel? Well, most of us ignore this fact while buying a suitcase. Still, it is crucial to understand that our things’ security is the primary purpose of buying a suitcase; otherwise, luggage can be adjusted in a plastic bag. This best budget suitcase UK is durable and long-lasting.

24 Medium is specially made to keep all your things safe with its three-digit lock and fully secure design. All the useful features of this suitcase at the standard price is something we should never miss.

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10. DK Luggage Starlite Lightweight WLS08 Medium 24″ Suitcases

best budget suitcase uk

Dimensions: Nil | Weight: 2.55kg | Capacity: 68L | Lock: Padlock | Casing: Softside | Expandable: No | Colours: Navy and 2 Others

Key Features

  • Spin friendly The material incorporates a trolley stand and spinning wheels.
  • Elegant look Vivid colour contrasts on the suitcase complement its outlook while fascinating people with aesthetic sense.
  • Withstands prolonged use — The genuine polyester and hardwearing material help the bag withstand rough and prolonged use.

People getting irritated with large suitcases are not new anymore. You will hear a plethora of problems people suffered while travelling. Imagine the plight of a colleague who had lost the bag at the airport or has carried the large suitcase to the 5th of the hotel. However, this might not be the case with DK Luggage Medium-sized 24 inch suitcase.

This suitcase comes in ultra-lightweight with cabin-compliant luggage dimensions. So, luggage lost at the airport has no chance. Moreover, the trolley stand it incorporates will also not allow you to carry it on your shoulders. In short, what it guarantees is security and comfort.

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Don’t cost your arm and leg; go economical!

You must understand that not all useful features are attached to the exuberant high-end products from the above-detailed review. Instead, many sincere sellers offer the ditto copy of the same exclusive products in a mild price range. Our top recommendation of best budget suitcase UK has all that you need in your travel companion.

The only effort is a little research and identifying the legitimate sellers among the money hunters. Well, research work is also done for you, and some of the value-for-money suitcases are listed above. You need to select a viable option. The choice is yours.

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