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5 Best Anti-Theft Bags in the UK to Protect Your Belongings

Theft is a real issue, and it can exacerbate a lot during the sojourn. There is no guarantee that no one is going to steal from you just because you’re on a plane. Smart people know how to work their way through a journey with anti-theft bags. Today we are discussing anti-theft bags UK.

The wonderful thing about the anti-theft bags is the security feature. Having such a bag means having the desired security for your luggage.

anti-theft bags uk

To save time and provide your convenience, we have selected some of the best anti-theft bags. Let’s have a look at these beautiful pieces.

We also recently published a post on anti-theft handbags that are popular in the UK, which are known best for females.

1. Sling Bag Crossbody Chest Shoulder Anti Theft Travel Bag for Men Women

anti-theft bags uk

Capacity: Nil | Tablet size: 7.9-inch | Weight: 0.23 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Inner hidden pocket inside to place your most valuable items.
  • A 7.9 inch iPad can fit in easily through this bag.
  • Good zippers that won’t rust with usage.

This Mrang bag can be your savior in many situations. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. While its design is made in a way that can be as close to your body as possible, it suits its purpose as an anti-theft bag. It comes with multiple compartments, but since this is an anti-theft bag, you can store your most necessary lightweight items.

It has three main pockets; the first pocket is large enough to fit in a mini-iPad of approximately 7.9 inches. If you do not want to store a tablet, you can also store it in any of your small diaries.

The other two pockets can be used to store your car keys and mobile phones. It also has another compartment closed by a magnet to be used as a snap phone pocket. The bag comes with a hidden inner pocket used for your most valuable items, like your credit cards, or to store cash. It comes with an efficient zipper system so that you can smoothly put in your items and remove them with no time to waste.

The bag is made up of high-quality polyester material, which makes it very durable. Simultaneously, the bag’s stitching is exact and useful to be used anywhere and for a long time. The bag’s material is water-resistant as well.

The bag comes in a light grey colour, and its design is made so that anyone can use it, be it a boy or a man. Also, there are a lot of multifunctional characteristics. This is best among anti-theft bags UK.

You can take it while going shopping or for a morning stroll.

Take Note You cannot fit your laptop in this one, space limitation is a concern.

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2. KORIN Design FlexPack Pro -Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-theft Travel BackPack

anti-theft bags uk

Capacity: Nil | Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: 1.65 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Triple anti-theft protection for an added layer of security.
  • Laptop placement is possible and you can place a 15.6-inch laptop easily.
  • Insulated pouch for added comfort.

This korin backpack comes in an amazingly compact design and features some of the best anti-theft bag measures. Most anti-theft bags do not give you much space in them, but this bag is scientifically engineered to give you space and quality. You can store in a 15.6-inch laptop and your notebooks or any other stuff you might have.

It has a pouch insulated and can be expanded to your desired size; you can easily access this pouch. The bag’s chest strap is magnetic, which is an added advantage. It will automatically close without you having to try, making it very convenient in situations with little to no time.

The bag comes with specific anti-theft features. The bag’s zipper system is explosion proof so any burglar wanting to puncture your chain will likely end up failing too. It also has a wire lock made up of metal, which is also retractable.

The lock can bear up to 50Kg of strength, which is quite a lot.

The bag has space to store your power bank, and it has a separate USB port so that you can charge your device at your convenience. It is made up of high-quality fabric and is also mostly padded to provide you comfort.

The bag will stick with your back as soon as you wear it so that you will notice if anyone slightly touches your bag from behind or tries to damage it. It also comes in black with touches of grey here and there.

This can be used by men who work in offices or even by university students.

Take NoteBecause of the mature look, it is liked mostly by men.

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3. Anti Theft Tote Bag

Tote Bag, Shoulder Bags, AMBER & ASH Travel Laptop Backpack for Women Men Adjustable Strap Backpack To Toe Water Resistant Anti Theft College Computer Bag Fits 13 Inch Laptop and Notebook - Red

Capacity: Nil | Laptop size: 13-inch | Weight: 0.56 Kg | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Adjustable straps can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Proximity is an added feature that will stay close to your chest to prevent theft.
  • Water-resistant The polyester material is not waterproof but water-resistant.

Amber and Ash’s backpack is a fine example of comfort and security. This all-purpose bag has a lot of compartments for you to store your stuff in. It comes with the main compartment to put in your daily accessories like your notepads or mobile phone. It also has a separate laptop compartment that can fit into an approximately 13-inch laptop.

You will find this bag very spacious and suitable for your needs. It also has a hidden anti-theft pocket at the rear of the bag that can store your valuable items like your car keys, credit cards, or cash.

The design is made so that it will stick close to you as soon as you wear this bag. It will not just hang by your side. This is an added feature which will protect it from burglars since you will immediately know if the bag is touched or not. The shoulder straps of the bag can be adjusted to your needs.

The bag is made up of fine quality polyester material, which is water-resistant but not waterproof. With its fabric and leather zipper system, you can expect the bag to be very durable and easily remove and input your items.

It comes in a beautiful maroon color and is suitable for anyone who wants to go for a walk in the park, go shopping or even hiking as such.

Also, it can be used for professional purposes as well. Whoever will wear it will look very modern and stylish since that is the thing about this bag, it has an all-in-one quality; it will give you security, comfort, and beauty.

Take NoteThe material is water-resistant but not waterproof, so you have to be careful with the spillage.

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4. YCRCTC Anti-theft Bag Men Laptop Rucksack

anti-theft bags uk

Capacity: 20-35 L | Laptop size: 15.6-inch | Weight: NA | Waterproof: No

Key Features

  • Padding the shoulder straps are padded to provide you with an extra layer of comfort.
  • Anti-scratch is another valuable characteristic of this bag.
  • A velvety pocket to place the laptop effectively.

This anti-theft backpack comprises excellent quality fabric, which is anti-scratch and cannot be easily cut, which is an excellent fit in the anti-theft category of bags.

The bag has a lot of compartments with the main pocket. The main pocket has hidden zippers inside so that you can keep your most valuable belongings inside without the fear of theft. There is also a hidden pocket at the back where you can store precious things, but you could frequently require them, such as your credit cards or cash. These hidden pockets inside the bag ensure the maximum amount of safety.

The bag can store a laptop of approximately 15.6 inches. The laptop pocket is shock absorbent and has an elastic band. The inside of a laptop pocket is made up of velvet that ensures that your laptop does not get damaged in any way.

The bag is also very lightweight and has very high-quality curved shoulder straps that can adjust to your needs.

The straps are also padded, and the back of the bag’s material is breathable. These features allow the bag to be used on long hike trips without getting a shoulder ache. Since these features allow the bag to stick to the user after he wears it, the bag becomes safe from burglars as well. It comes in a chic black color and can be used for official purposes as well.

Another exciting feature in the bag is that it has strips on the front that reflect in light, so anyone who is a frequent traveler at night views their best choice for an anti-theft backpack.

Both men and women can use this bag since its design works best for each.

Take NoteStrap adjustments can be a minor issue if you use the backpack for the first time.

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5. Shepretty Women’s Anti-Theft Backpack

anti-theft bags uk

Capacity: Nil | Laptop size: Nil | Weight: 0.5 Kg | Waterproof: Yes

Key Features

  • Waterproofing is the added feature to make this bag concrete hot.
  • Two side pockets — to store your smaller accessories like keys and cash.
  • Multi-purpose It can be used for camping and hiking.

This Shepretty bag is very stylish and chic while providing you with the best anti-theft features on the shelf. It has one main compartment with enough capacity to store your iPad, notebooks, or mobile phone. It also has two small side pockets for storing any small accessories. The bag’s best feature is that it is very spacious from inside and that the main compartment of the bag is situated in the back.

This feature is unique because no one will reach your zipper to damage it and open it since you will be wearing the bag and the pocket will be close to your back. The strap of the backpack can be adjusted to your needs and comfort.

With this bag, you can go shopping or even hiking, or you can even take this bag where there are crowds of people because this bag’s anti-theft feature is so perfect that no one will be able to steal your belongings.

You can carry this bag as a backpack or your shoulder bag; it looks good both ways and can protect your stuff in each way. The bag’s inner material is made up of good quality polyester, which makes it durable. Simultaneously, the outer material is made up of high-quality oxford fabric, which makes it waterproof and easy to clean.

You can use it in the rainy season as well as while going on hiking or camping trips.

Any woman who wears this bag will look very chic because of its aesthetic design and appealing colors.

Take NoteBecause of the bright color, it is more suited for women.

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We cannot initiate our journey without our smaller belongings, including mobile phones, laptops, cash, and other accessories. Simply because of the danger of theft, we cannot go on a journey without our valuables. The best thing is to act smarter and get yourself a bag that has an anti-theft feature.

We have reviewed some of the most beautiful anti-theft bags. Getting any of the bags means getting an additional layer of security and protection while on a journey. Get yourself the one that best suits your needs related to travel and protection. Our recommendation goes to MRang bags.

We wish you a safe journey.

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