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3 Best Aluminium suitcases in the UK

What are aluminium suitcases, and what makes them different? Is a question that we address today and look for the best aluminium suitcase UK.

Aluminum suitcases are pretty much on-trend nowadays. They were a sign of luxury set back in 1950s. They are made from Aluminum material, slightly more massive than other suitcases, and exceptionally durable.

The aluminum suitcase can be used for jobs and people that travel a lot. They provide a high-tech appearance that can give a professional look like an amateur.

aluminium suitcase uk

If you are a consistent traveler, you will need one aluminum suitcase. It will protect your luggage and is going to last many trips.

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Aluminum Suitcases are Better than Fabric Suitcases

Some people get fabric suitcases too. However, the main difference between fabric and aluminum suitcase is that when fabric suitcase gets damaged, it does not look so good. The fabric gets ripped.

On the other hand, the dents or scratches on the aluminum suitcase would not look as bad as torn fabric.

Aluminum Suitcases are Long-Lasting

The main reason one should get aluminum suitcases is that they are long-lasting. Before you look into buying one of these, know that these bags are a long-term investment. They are an investment into a more sustainable and higher quality suitcase. 

If we need a bag to withstand a nuclear war, the aluminum suitcase would be one of the front-runners (pun intended).

Aluminum Suitcases are not Prone to Damage

In addition to their long lastingness, Aluminum suitcases have additional weight. They will get all kinds of dents, scratches, and ding and yet would stay fresh. The more the dents, the better you have traveled.

The good thing about these aluminum suitcases is that they get better with age.

Why are Aluminum Suitcases Expensive from the other Bags?

Aluminum suitcases are not budget-friendly. These are expensive but for all the right reasons. With a standard fabric suitcase, you may get budget-friendly for the short term, but eventually, you will have to replace it. On the other hand, aluminum lasts for years. There are so many good things about an aluminum suitcase that makes it a viable option for you.

Suitable for Delicate Items

Aluminum suitcases are perfect for breakable items. You can trust these suitcases for all your delicate belongings because of the presence of aluminum. They provide better security than other soft-sided bags.

Aluminum Suitcases are the Master of all Trades

When you are traveling to harsh areas, the standard suitcase will not withstand the pressure. Aluminum is a very road happy suitcase.

While traveling on a plane, you would not need to worry about your luggage. It would be safe inside of aluminum luggage. If you are traveling to wet climates, the aluminum suitcase may prove more resistant to water leakage and moisture than other suitcases. The bag’s tight fit and the best quality seal would prove to be a valuable trait of an aluminum suitcase in a wet area.

Aluminum Suitcases are Super Stylish.

Style is another benefit of aluminum suitcases. The aluminum bags remained trendy years after years. If they want to stand out in the crowd, the professional travelers can get it customized in many colours as per their need.

1. ALEON 21″ Aluminum Carry-On Hardside Luggage

aluminium suitcase uk

Key Features

  • Extra durable Pure aluminium is used while manufacturing this suitcase. This adds durability and elegance to its design.
  • TSA approved lock For added security of your belongings.
  • Spacious It can hold multiple things safely.

Sometimes a little mistake can turn your happy trip into a sad one. Well, if you want multiple happy travels, Aleon 21 inch aluminum hard-side suitcase is the best option. The most attractive feature of this product is its design and outlook. So if you like to attract people towards you, this might be another way as the color and finishing of this suitcase is extremely fine and classy.

Moreover, the combo of extra-space and easy handling makes it more unique.

This suitcase has TSA approved locks that will provide security to your belongings kept inside to make you feel relaxed. Most people hand carry a bag to be sure of security, but you don’t have to worry about your stuff’s safety with this product’s help. All you need to do is to pack all the things together and lock your suitcase.

Aleon hard-side suitcase saves your clothes from getting wrinkles and has some extra space in the corner as well. The suitcase has internal dimensions of 17.6 x 13.7 x 8.7. Also, it has a perfect weight that is just 10.6 lbs.

Although this suitcase has multiple other benefits, the bag’s best feature is that it makes you feel relaxed. It is an excellent suitcase to carry along for long and short trips. Also, the aluminum makes it trustworthy and easy to use for a long time.

The aluminum suitcase is pleasing to look at and likely to catch travelers’ attention at the airport.

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2. TUMI – 19 Degree Extended Trip Packing Case Large Suitcase

TUMI - 19 Degree Extended Trip Packing Case Large Suitcase - Hardside Luggage for Men and Women - Matte Black

Key Features

  • Four 360 spinning wheels –  wheels of the are unique as they revolve in 360 direction, which adds comfort to the handling.
  • Perfect portions – zip dividers are there to separate one thing from another
  • Trendy look – All black with a touch of aluminum makes it perfect for the hard side suitcase lovers.

Imagine if you are sitting in a waiting lounge of an airport. What do you think? What would people notice when they first see you? They will surely notice what type of luggage you are carrying. Your luggage always cast an impression and there is nothing wrong to want to have a good one.

To cut a perfect figure, you need to carry something like Tumi 19 degree extended large suitcase. The suitcase has an all-black trendy look not make everything looks good around you.

Moreover, it comes in with four 360 spinning wheels that add comfort to its trendy look. It rolls away smoothly, keeping all the stuff inside safe and sound.

Another good thing about this product is its zip portions used to keep the laptops, tablets, mobile phones, clothes and other stuff separately. This means you don’t have to mess up everything just to find one single item inside your suitcase.

Finally, it has internal tie-down hangers that help you keep your formal clothes such as coats and suiting pants in original condition without folding them. This thing alone makes this suitcase available option for long travels.

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3. Suitcase XYDBB Large Suitcase Aluminium Alloy Suitcase 

uitcase XYDBB Large Suitcase Aluminium Alloy Suitcase Travel Traveling Trolley Rolling Hardside Carry On Suitcase 29" Silvery

Key Features

  • Rolling wheels For a smooth spin on the airport.
  • Pure aluminium Makes this suitcase suitable for an extended period of time.
  • Resistant to rough use – Durable enough to tolerate extreme weather. 

We all have partners to take care of us but have you ever wondered how important it is to have a travel partner that never leaves your side in any condition? Well, if you are searching for a suitcase that never leaves your side, then XYDBB large suitcase is the best option.

If you are travelling by train, bus, or aeroplane, this suitcase will provide you with the best durability and safety features. Even if you use it roughly, the premium material used to manufacture it will still shine like a new one. it is one of a durable aluminium suitcase uk.

Moreover, four rolling wheels give your things a smooth ride when you are dragging them with you. The wheels are made with anti-rusting material that helps you to move it fast and accurately.

Lastly, this suitcase’s handle is made with extra strong material that helps you carry it with perfect grip while climbing any stairs or when the floor is uneven.


It is always better to invest in something good than replacing the ordinary stuff over and over again. The moment you invest in the right suitcase is the moment you heave a sigh of relief.

Aluminium suitcases are the best because they last longer than the other suitcases. The material does not rust and can handle rough surfaces. For your convenience, we have reviewed three of the best aluminium suitcases. Pick the one you like.

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